Van Trackers &
Theft Protection

Fleet Geo’s built-in asset tracker helps you keep track of your fleet at all times and - among other solutions - warns you of suspicious activity. Discover how to protect your fleet against thievery.

How Vimcar van trackers work.

With our van tracker device you can see, at all times, where all of your fleet vehicles are and if any are where they shouldn’t be.

For added security, you can create a Timefence based on your fleet’s working hours and a Geofence around the parameter of your offices. Vimcar’s van trackers can then notify you when a vehicle is unexpectedly leaving the office, outside of business hours.

Beyond theft protection, there are various solutions Vimcar can offer your business.

Van tracking
Van tracking
Fleet tracking as a fleet management solution
Fleet tracking as a fleet management solution

Why asset trackers are important.

Tens of thousands of vans are stolen in the UK every year, costing businesses £16,000 annually - plus unwanted hassle and time.

You should be able to not only keep track of your fleet vehicles, but also track any expensive assets they may be carrying.

Van trackers give managers of fleets the ability to quickly respond to theft alerts and give them peace of mind when making high-cost deliveries.

Real customers using Vimcar’s asset trackers.

KA Page Groundworks is a medium-sized business based out of St. Ives. Their fleet is essential to drive employees to customer appointments and, crucially, to transport their cargo.

The Company Director, Keven Page, decided to install Vimcar’s asset tracker, Fleet Geo, into his Fleet. He can check in second that all of his vehicles are where they should be. And, should the worse happen, he can instantly pass on the relevant GPS coordinates, from the asset tracker, to the authorities.

“It addresses the security of our vehicles: Fleet Geo tells us where the vehicles are all the time and we get notified, should the vehicles leave an area.”

Kevin Page
Company Director, KA Page Groundworks

Discover all the solutions Vimcar customers have been provided with through Vimcar’s van trackers:

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Van tracker cost:
What to consider.

When considering van trackers’ costs, you must look at the supplier's hidden costs and the return on investment in the long term (which stretches beyond anti-theft).

Returns on investments include:

  • Van theft prevention (van theft costs £16,000 annually, on average)
  • Saving on fuel through route optimisation and vehicle misuse management
  • Serving more customers, and making more money, in one day with an efficient fleet
  • Making more productive customer relationships, by boosting Customer Service
  • Charging clients the correct amount of recorded hours

Hidden van tracker costs of other companies:

  • Installation fee: £90+
  • Cancellation fee: £100+
  • Administration charges: £20
  • De-installation cost: £75+
  • Service call: £40+
  • Shipping charge: £5+

Find out how much your business could save with Vimcar using our ROI calculator.

iphone geo app 3
iphone geo app 3

Van tracker
Cost with Vimcar.

At Vimcar, we try and work with small to medium-sized businesses, to support their success. That’s why we have introduced a new flexible pricing scheme:

  1. Our 24-month price package starts at £7.90, perfect for those looking for the most affordable van trackers cost.
  2. For those only looking for a year-long package the price is just £9.90.
  3. Our no-commitment, monthly contract can be bought for £11.90 - that can be canceled during any month, (for free).
  4. For certain fleets, we also offer personalised quotes that do not stick to pre-determined pricing.

Get in touch with our team and find out what we can offer you today.

Informational Material on Vimcar
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Fleet Geo Material

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Minimising vehicle misuse.

Whilst van trackers are essential in keeping your vans protected from thievery, they can also be used to ensure your vans are used fairly by employees.

Many business owners have bought company vans, and fuel, themselves. They often want to use van trackers to ensure their vans are not being used for excessive personal mileage, for example.


Real customers preventing vehicle misuse.

Allun Wright, the founder of Wright’s Security Services, suspected that some of his employees were using his vans unfairly. Specifically, Kevin thought his vans were being used excessively for personal miles.

He therefore installed Vimcar’s van trackers:

“We were dealing with vehicle misuse within our fleet. That’s now been solved! Fleet Geo allowed me to monitor drivers’ speeds and distances: I can see if there have been any discrepancies with employees logging in their working times.”

Allun Wright,
Company Founder, Wright’s Security Services

Find out more about our customers and what solutions we can offer by downloading our PDF brochure.

Vimcar's Van Tracker Device:
Everyday Theft Protection

Asset trackers
for business

With Vimcar van trackers you can track your assets and fleet vehicles, and customise notifications for added assurance.

Fleet Geo asset tracking allows you to:

  • Track vans and vehicles to ensure they are always where they should be
  • Set alerts based on usual business hours
  • Set alerts based on where your assets and vans should be
  • Track assets of important and high-cost deliveries

Vimcar Fleet expert advice.
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carina balzer - support

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