Van Trackers &
Theft Protection

Fleet Geo’s GPS van tracking system helps you keep track of your fleet and - among other solutions - warns you of suspicious activity. Discover how to protect your fleet against unwanted activity.

How Vimcar van trackers work.

With our van tracker device you can see, at all times, where all of your fleet vehicles are and if any are where they shouldn’t be.

For added security, you can create a Timefence based on your fleet’s working hours and a Geofence around the parameter of your offices. Vimcar’s van trackers can then notify you when a vehicle is unexpectedly leaving the office, outside of business hours.

Beyond theft protection, there are various solutions Vimcar can offer your business.

Van tracking
Fleet tracking as a fleet management solution

Why GPS van trackers are
important for theft protection.

Tens of thousands of vans are stolen in the UK every year, costing businesses £16,000 annually - plus unwanted hassle and time.

You should be able to not only keep track of your fleet vehicles, but also track any expensive assets they may be carrying.Van trackers give you the ability to quickly respond to theft alerts and peace of mind when making high-cost deliveries.

What other solutions can GPS van trackers offer?

Other than preventing vehicle theft, there are several money and time-saving solutions GPS van trackers can offer:

  1. Minimising vehicle misuse
  2. Slashing fuel and maintenance costs
  3. Responding to jobs instantly
  4. Gaining a clear operational overview
  5. Strengthening customer service
  6. Reducing your carbon footprint

For more details on those solutions, just download our beginners guide to GPS van tracking.


How to make sure you find the best UK van tracker.

Not only must you ensure that the van tracking provider offers the solutions you need, but also offers a service that is not costly in the long-term and requires little hassle on your side.

That’s why you should:

  • Avoid hidden costs
  • Opt for flexible price plans
  • Choose hardware that is free and easy to install
  • Choose software that is user-friendly
  • Get reliable tracking technology

For more advice on choosing the best UK van tracker, download our beginners guide to van tracking:


Why is Fleet Geo the best UK van tracker?

Fleet Geo’s GPS van tracker is the market’s most accurate. Our software and hardware are all included in our flexible price plans and can be set up in seconds.

To see if our GPS van tracking could really suit your business, download our product brochure and see for yourself:

Real customers using GPS
van trackers for theft protection.

KA Page Groundworks is a medium-sized business based out of St. Ives. Their fleet is essential to drive employees to customer appointments and, crucially, to transport their cargo.

The Company Director, Keven Page, decided to install Vimcar’s asset tracker, Fleet Geo, into his Fleet. He can check in second that all of his vehicles are where they should be. And, should the worse happen, he can instantly pass on the relevant GPS coordinates, from the asset tracker, to the authorities.

“It addresses the security of our vehicles: Fleet Geo tells us where the vehicles are all the time and we get notified, should the vehicles leave an area.”

Kevin Page
Company Director, KA Page Groundworks

Discover all the solutions Vimcar customers have been provided with through Vimcar’s van trackers:

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Van tracker cost:
What to consider.

When considering van trackers’ costs, you must look at the supplier's hidden costs and the return on investment in the long term (which stretches beyond anti-theft).

Returns on investments include:

  • Van theft prevention (van theft costs £16,000 annually, on average)
  • Saving on fuel through route optimisation and vehicle misuse management
  • Serving more customers, and making more money, in one day with an efficient fleet
  • Making more productive customer relationships, by boosting Customer Service
  • Charging clients the correct amount of recorded hours

Hidden van tracker costs of other companies:

  • Installation fee: £90+
  • Cancellation fee: £100+
  • Administration charges: £20
  • De-installation cost: £75+
  • Service call: £40+
  • Shipping charge: £5+

Find out how much your business could save with Vimcar using our ROI calculator.

iphone geo app 3

Van tracker
Cost with Vimcar.

At Vimcar, we try and work with small to medium-sized businesses, to support their success. That’s why we have introduced a new flexible pricing scheme:

  1. Our 24-month price package starts at £7.90, perfect for those looking for the most affordable van trackers cost.
  2. For those only looking for a year-long package the price is just £9.90.
  3. Our no-commitment, monthly contract can be bought for £11.90 - that can be canceled during any month, (for free).
  4. For certain fleets, we also offer personalised quotes that do not stick to pre-determined pricing.


Why Anti-Theft Protection &
Van Trackers are Important.

Nowadays, vehicle theft rates keep hitting record numbers. Given the sophisticated nature of present theft protection technology, it’s hard to think thieves are still stealing cars in high numbers. Such statistics mean you have to double down on anti-theft van trackers for your fleet.

Vehicle theft poses more problems than just the loss of vehicles. Below, we explore problems that come with having your fleet car stolen.

Track your Assets, Protect your Business.

Here are just a few things you could avoid if you protect your fleet with van trackers:

Financial Loss

The first problem associated with vehicle theft is the money you have to spend in the aftermath. You will have to replace the vehicle which is expensive. If assets are stolen with the vehicle, your financial problem worsens because you have to replace the stolen cargo too.

Vehicle theft can cause you to lose business income. The lack of transportation may force a business to cancel jobs or lose out on profitable projects. Installing van trackers can prevent this experience.

Reduced Productivity

Vehicle theft can reduce the productivity of employees: for example, you may spend time trying to prepare your insurance claim — time you could have put to more productive activities.

Moreover, with vehicles stolen, employees cannot move to work sites or make deliveries. Not protecting your fleet with van trackers could affect your company’s bottom line, since you still have to pay for employees, even when their vans have been stolen.

Disruption to Operations

Employees will have to prepare various documents including logbooks, valuations, receipts, etc., just to process an insurance claim. In addition, changing the company’s service schedule may be inevitable — especially if there are no vehicles to serve as temporary replacements. Even if you have replacement vehicles, the drivers may have to work longer, affecting work hours. You can prevent loss of productivity and disruptions if your vehicles have van trackers installed.


Van Trackers Giving Peace of Mind.

Beyond the financial and operation losses, not protecting your fleet with van trackers can lead to the following:

Reduced Customer Satisfaction

If the vehicle was stolen while making a delivery, you will face complaints from customers who ordered for it. The theft will clearly inconvenience the customers to whom the same van was supposed to deliver goods in the future.

Their anger may increase if they have to wait for some time before you can refund them for the missing goods. Of course, this could be avoided if a van tracker were installed, your assets tracked and the thief’s location reported to the authorities.

Emotional Upheaval

Imagine investing your money into vehicles to boost your business’s profits only to have them stolen: that is sure to make any company founder stressed and worried for days. And that’s the more reason to invest in reliable van trackers to prevent theft, protect your investment, and enhance business success.

Minimising vehicle misuse.

Whilst van trackers are essential in keeping your vans protected from thievery, they can also be used to ensure your vans are used fairly by employees.

Many business owners have bought company vans, and fuel, themselves. They often want to use van trackers to ensure their vans are not being used for excessive personal mileage, for example.


Real customers preventing vehicle misuse.

Allun Wright, the founder of Wright’s Security Services, suspected that some of his employees were using his vans unfairly. Specifically, Kevin thought his vans were being used excessively for personal miles.

He therefore installed Vimcar’s van trackers:

“We were dealing with vehicle misuse within our fleet. That’s now been solved! Fleet Geo allowed me to monitor drivers’ speeds and distances: I can see if there have been any discrepancies with employees logging in their working times.”

Allun Wright,
Company Founder, Wright’s Security Services

Find out more about our customers and what solutions we can offer by downloading our PDF brochure.

Vimcar's Van Tracker Device:
Everyday Theft Protection

Asset trackers
for business

With Vimcar van trackers you can track your assets and fleet vehicles, and customise notifications for added assurance.

Fleet Geo asset tracking allows you to:

  • Track vans and vehicles to ensure they are always where they should be
  • Set alerts based on usual business hours
  • Set alerts based on where your assets and vans should be
  • Track assets of important and high-cost deliveries

Van Trackers & Fleet Management.

From vehicle theft to high fuel costs, fleet management comes with so many challenges. Many companies don’t have full-time fleet managers making it even hard to minimize damages. Fortunately, advancement in technology has brought about tools that can help you run your business smoothly.

Want to streamline your vehicle management and cut on costs? Below are 3 more ways van trackers can help you solve your fleet management problems.

Fleet of cars
Speaking on the phone

Van Trackers Improving Customer Service.

For most customers, customer service plays a crucial role when buying a product. Providing top-notch customer services will not only help you keep your existing customers but can also create a domino effect.

Not sure how to improve your customer service? You can start by installing van trackers in your fleet. In essence, a GPS tracker allows you to track your vehicles in real-time, be alert when dispatches are made, review each car’s route history, and much more.

With all this data, you’ll be in a better position to customize your services to fit your customers’ demands. Van trackers can also record when and where the vehicle stops.

This helps you quickly upload data and send proof of attempted delivery or delivery to your customers. Other ways van trackers can level up your customer service include:

  • Enables you to provide customers with accurate ETAs
  • Improves your fleet efficiency
  • You can quickly respond to last-minute jobs

Van Trackers Cutting
Carbon Footprints

Did you know that more than 80% of customers value companies for their eco-friendliness? That’s why it’s vital to ensure that your business is environmentally-friendly. Besides saving you time and money, installing van trackers can help you lower carbon emissions.

They can make your business more environmentally friendly by:

  • Reducing your fuel intake
  • Help you schedule routine car maintenance more easily
  • Allow you to respond to vehicle misuse

How Businesses Suffer When A Van Is Broken into Or Stolen

There is more to vehicle theft than just the pain of losing an essential asset. Such incidents come with a lot of problems that can significantly impact your business.

Demoralises Employees

Any downtime, more so during the peak season, can negatively affect your business. But you have more to look into than just your business. Your drivers are also affected by downtime caused by vandalism or vehicle theft.

When you're waiting to repair the damaged vehicles or replace the stolen ones, some of your employees will have to stop working. This means that most of them may not be able to pay for basics like food, gas, and other utilities.

Such a state of being may demoralise your employees to the extent that it affects their work performance. That's why you should try to minimise this downline or, even better, prevent the whole incident from happening in the first place.
The best way to do this is by installing a van tracker in your fleet. This gadget can help you track your vehicle and quickly share the thief's location with the relevant authorities.

Can Lead to Bankruptcy

Consistent vehicle theft cases may force your company into bankruptcy. Without a van tracker you can end up spending more cash on repairs and buying replacement vehicles, leaving very little money to run and expand the business.

This often happens to those running a small company trying to find its place in the industry. Although most companies try to avoid bankruptcy by securing additional finances to run the business or selling it to a competitor, this unfavourable solution can eventually become the final and the only option.

Small, underperforming companies may require the owner to declare personal bankruptcy, according to how the company is structured and organised. No matter the downfalls in your business, you don't want to walk through the long and arduous process of bankruptcy.

Declaring bankruptcy might also create an economic ripple influencing other organisations in the business environment. But the good news is, you can prevent such disruptions by investing in a van tracker.

How Much Money Do Companies Lose from Vehicle Theft?

Tens of thousands are lost each year in the UK from vehicle theft. According to Fleet News, companies lose approximately £16,000 annually as a result of theft. And the cost is even steeper for larger fleets consisting of 100 to 250 vehicles.

Such instances amount to an average loss of about £50,000. That is why it's essential to keep track of your fleet and the expensive cargo they carry. Through a van tracker, you can respond to theft alerts promptly alongside having peace of mind when making deliveries.

The Role of Van Tracking in The Case of a Stolen Vehicle

A Vimcar Fleet Geo van tracker helps you know where all your cars are and where they have been. The van tracker avails advanced functionalities such as geofencing that allows you to set a virtual boundary around a specific location.

Thanks to geofencing, you can quickly know when a vehicle has left your lot. And that's not all! Another fantastic attribute is the theft warning functionality: a feature that notifies you through an email, push notification or an SMS whenever a car not in use suddenly starts to move.

You can switch off this silent van tracker alarm through the Vimcar software. However, when left on, the theft warning functionality sends an automated message to the fleet manager. By combining these features and telematics tracking, you can be more confident about getting your stolen car and assets back in no time.

What Should You Do If A Company Vehicle Is Stolen?

Dealing with vehicle theft cases is costly and stressful—without mentioning you might never see the car again. A stolen company vehicle means that there's one less car to run business errands which can damage customer relationships or business efficiency.

Remember, the less time you take to get the vehicle back, the less disruption you'll have to deal with. So, how can you go about this?
It's pretty simple. If someone moves your vehicle out of the set virtual boundary, you'll immediately receive a notification either by email or push message to your phone. Here, time is essential, so you need to file a police report in less than 24 hours.

Dial 101 and request to be connected to your local police. Ensure that you have your vehicle's make, model, colour, and, most importantly, registration number.

Luckily, you can find all this information in your Vimcar vehicle profile. The live GPS tracking feature makes it easy to monitor the stolen car's movement and give the police the exact coordinates. Be sure to also call your insurance company for detailed information on how to process an insurance claim.

What Theft Concerns Do Different Industries Face?

Different companies have different things to consider when it comes to security. Besides weighing how to protect their workers and goods, they have to consider their employees' and customers' information, product information, financial records, and much more.

With cyber breach cases being on the rise, it is understandable why managers are progressively increasing cybersecurity budgets. But you shouldn't only focus on that. When physical devices break down, they can put all your security investments at risk.

That's why it is best to adopt modern security approaches that go beyond traditional perimeter security practices. Here are some of the theft concerns different industries face.

Violence, Criminality, Theft

Although this sounds straightforward, it can cause the most damage to many industries. There are countless ways through which theft can occur in companies:

A single breach in a company's lock system is more than enough to allow unauthorised personnel to cause havoc on a facility. By breaching a locked system, thieves get access to confidential areas.

Unlike outsiders, threats from within can be even more damaging. Your workers can access videos and CCTV footage and remove records, getting rid of any evidence of a crime. Additionally, they can instigate a false alarm to keep the security personnel occupied while the crime occurs.

Black Market Replicas

Stolen property can lead to a painful loss for a brand. These goods get into the market as counterfeit products. They can destroy not only the original brand's reputation but also harm their revenue.

Cybersecurity Threats
An increase in cybersecurity threats has, in turn, increased hybrid physical and cyberattacks. Modern security cameras, locks, and smart doors used to protect properties are now targeted by hackers.

Malware attacks
Malware is one of the biggest threats facing industries out there. It encompasses various cyber threats like viruses and trojans. Here, hackers develop malicious code to steal data, destroy it, or gain access to networks.

Malware often comes from spam emails and malicious website downloads. These attacks put customers and employees at risk since they give hackers back-door access to the company data.

Ransomware involves encrypting data to prevent it from being used or accessed by a specific company and then forcing them to pay a ransom before unlocking the data. This leaves many businesses stuck between losing money by paying the ransom and crippling their services—amid the glaring concern of data loss.

Risk Assessments and Old Facilities
Establishments with older facilities might have loopholes that they're unaware of. That's why updating them is a substantial investment. And the first step to improve security is risk assessment.
With various industries' theft concerns in mind, you can now prioritise specific attacks that would cause substantial damage to your company. When it comes to vehicle safety, a van tracker makes it easier to monitor and protect your fleet.

How Can Van Tracking Help with Vehicle Misuse and Theft?

Apart from using van trackers to protect your vehicles from thievery, you can also use them to ensure your employees aren't misusing company vehicles. After all, you've spent a lot of money buying the cars and fueling them. So, it's only fair that you want to be sure no driver uses the company vehicle for excessive personal mileage.

Through features such as geofencing, you can know the cars' real-time location and get notified immediately if they get out of designated routes. Plus, you'll know when the drivers use the vehicles outside business hours, thus minimising vehicle misuse.

Van Trackers and Fleet Management

Instead of reacting to inefficiencies and issues after a theft or problem occurs, you can now use van trackers to make wise operational decisions that positively impact your business. With Vimcar's van tracker at your disposal, you can rest assured of increased efficiency, lower costs, and higher profits.