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I just placed an order – how do I create my account?

Once you place an order, your Vimcar account is automatically created. In a short time you will receive an email with an activation link. Please confirm by clicking this link in order to finish creating your account.

My account has been activated and I have received the Vimcar hardware – what now?

In the instruction manual provided, you will find the necessary steps for installing the Vimcar dongle or Vimcar box. When you are finished, go to with your web browser and log in using your email address and password

Where do I find the dongle ID?

You can find the dongle ID either on the devices themselves as IMEI numbers or in the blue Vimcar booklet provided.

What should I keep in mind when creating a pool vehicle?

In order to unlock the Geo-functions after creating a pool vehicle, be sure to activate the option “Route History”. Later you will still have the option of activating or deactivating this feature at any time.

Can the GEO-functions be used with a company car?

Unfortunately, this is not possible as company cars are subject to strict privacy protection guidelines. That is why the Geo-functions are only available to you for the pool vehicles you have created.

The route tracker isn’t being displayed. What could the problem be?

After completing the setup, you need to complete at least one trip with the Vimcar dongle or Vimcar box before you can call up the trips using the GPS Live Tracker. Please also make sure that the route tracker for this pool vehicle has been activated. If all else fails, please also ensure that the Vimcar dongle for mileage tracker or the Vimcar box are properly connected and the LEDs are on.

How do I export the route tracker information?

The Route History data can be exported within your fleet management under the menu item “Export”. You can choose from the file formats CSV or XLS.

Can I view speeds in the Route History feature?

Yes, you can. After opening Route History, move the cursor over individual routes.

What does the Geofencing function do?

Using the Geofencing function, you can define an area on the map for your pool vehicles which will allow you to receive a notification if a pool vehicle either leaves that area or, depending on your selection, enters the area.

How do I change my email address or password?

Within the fleet management software, you can change both your email address and password under “My profile (your name)”

How does data from my Vimcar device reach my smartphone app or the web version?

The Vimcar device is equipped with a SIM card which it uses to independently send the data to the Vimcar computing centre. It is therefore unnecessary to keep your smartphone with you when driving your vehicle. Naturally, it is also possible to use Vimcar without a smartphone and exclusively via the browser version. A standard SSL encryption protocol is used to send the data.

I have more questions. How can I reach Vimcar Support?

Should your question not be answered via the FAQ, you can reach us via email at

My car's alarm system triggers the Vimcar dongle. What can I do to stop this?

Vehicles equipped with an alarm system that monitors the OBD interface require a different configuration of the dongle to vehicles without this feature. If your vehicle is affected, please send us a brief message and we can then update your dongle remotely.

Could the Vimcar dongle be the reason my car's alarm system has been triggered?

All BMW models from 2014 onwards with the SA302 (anti-theft alarm system), as well as some Audi, Mini, Skoda, VW and Porsche models are equipped with an alarm system that monitors the OBD interface. Please be aware that these cars require a different configuration of the dongle to vehicles without this feature. Please contact our support team if you plan to use the dongle in such a vehicle or if you are not sure whether your vehicle has this feature. We’ll be happy to help out!

How is the appropriate configuration installed?

Our Berlin support team will send a configuration to the dongle directly through the mobile network. For this configuration to be transferred successfully, it is important that the dongle is actively being used. That being said, to prevent the alarm from being triggered again, you should remove the dongle after your journey, but remember to plug it in again before your next journey. This temporary state lasts until the update has completed, which lasts a maximum of 48 hours. We’ll let you know when we’ve successfully transferred the configuration.

Is my vehicle suitable to use with the Vimcar dongle?

According to EU regulations, all vehicles with a petrol engine from the year 2001, or diesel engine from 2004, must be equipped with a standardised OBD interface. All Jaguar models manufactured from 2014, Land Rover from 2018 and VW Golf and Seat Leon engine variation 1.6l / 81kW are unfortunately not yet compatible with our usual configuration. For these models we offer different, compatible hardware. Please contact our customer support in Berlin.

Will my car’s warranty be invalidated if I use the Vimcar dongle?

The Vimcar dongle has already been used widely around the world and does not pose a risk for your vehicle. It has read-only access and has been tested with the e-certificate required by the German Transport Authority. The software used by Vimcar uses only EU-standard protocols approved by car manufacturers to read the data. If in doubt, please contact your dealer or vehicle manufacturer for details regarding your vehicle's warranty.

Can I use the Vimcar dongle in my electric vehicle?

The Vimcar dongle is compatible and already being used successfully in electric vehicles.

Can Vimcar’s fleet tracking lower my insurance premium?

Whilst we are not yet Thatchman approved, some insurers still offer discounts on premiums for vehicles that have installed Vimcar’s fleet trackers. Get in touch with your insurer to find out if any discounts are available.

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