Your data, ready to export.

First, tell us what data to collect. Then, export it however you want. Get digital driver timesheets, mileage sheets and proof of service hours, instantly.

Key solutions:

  • Export all data in excel sheets: speeds, times, locations, vehicles and more.
  • Driver data (such as the duration and location of jobs) can be exported and shared with customers as proof.
  • Instantly create digital timesheets and mileage sheets.

Your data, whenever
you need it.

With a single click you can export all the raw data you need regarding your vehicle’s journeys. Vimar’s export feature is here to help reduce the stress of fleet management, that’s why you never have to worry that you’ll run out of available exports. Your vehicles data belongs to you.

Creating a driver timesheet
Mileage logbook on an excel sheet

Driver timesheets &
mileage sheets.

As opposed to your drivers filling out paper sheets every day, why not go digital?

Fleet Geo’s data can be exported on a weekly or monthly basis so things like mileage sheets can be done instantly and digitally.

Vimcar Fleet day-to-day:
Export Data.

Your data, under your control.

The Export feature from Vimcar makes sharing raw data completely painless. Whether you need to supply data across departments, construct mileage sheets for drivers, or deal with tax authorities, your data is always accessible.

Easily provide:

  • Documentation recording when a customer was visited - with times, dates and duration of jobs.
  • Entire trip history of fleet vehicles.
  • Driver timesheets and mileage sheets.

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Mileage sheets & timesheets:
How Vimcar can improve your bottom line.

You driver timesheets.

We design all products with our users, their business and transparency as top priorities. That’s why, with Fleet Geo, you have the ability to download the raw data that Vimcar dongles collect.

A practical usage of this functionality is the ability to digitalise and create driver timesheets, instantly. With pinpoint accuracy, you can create timesheets for drivers and eliminate risk of HOS penalties. Other than driver timesheets, you will soon be able to use Fleet Geo to help with mileage sheets as well.

Mileage sheets.

Simplify administration for tax and HMRC compliance by turning logbook digital. Reduce your drivers workload by simply exporting mileage logbook information from Fleet Geo. Let our digital mileage sheets take care of logging miles, so your business can focus on what really matters.