Vimcar Installation?
Completed in Minutes

Regardless of whether you're equipping your vehicle with a Vimcar Box or OBD connector,
installation takes just a few minutes. Here's how.


You have the choice:

Vimcar Dongle
Vimcar Dongle

Vimcar dongle

Our most popular device is an
OBD2 connector, which you can
simply plug into the OBD
interface inyour company car.
You will find the interface
in the top right of your
vehicle's footwell. It is
EU-standardized for all
vehicles with petrol engines
from 2001 and diesel engines
from 2004.

Vimcar BOX
Vimcar BOX

Vimcar box:

The Vimcar-Box is available
for all vehicles without an
OBD interface and is also
installed without a mechanic.
To do this, attach the box to
the vehicle battery in a few
simple steps. The device can
be used for all vehicle types
and is therefore particularly
suitable for electric cars
and trucks.

BMW Car Data
BMW Car Data

BMW CarData

Do you drive a BMW? Then you
can have the Vimcar software
activated via the direct
BMW CarData interface. Thanks
to this direct integration,
neither the Vimcar connector
nor the Vimcar box are required.
If you have more questions
about this solution, please

How it works:
The Vimcar dongle

Vimcar Dongle
Vimcar Dongle

The Installation of a Classic:
The Vimcar Dongle

Installation of the Vimcar dongle is carried out in four simple steps. Please note the instructions for installation in the handbook provided with your hardware. Before you insert the dongle into the OBD interface, you should:

  • Create your account
  • Download the Vimcar app or open the web version
  • Create the vehicle in your user account

After completing the steps above you are now ready to install the Vicmar dongle into the OBD interface of your vehicle. Please make absolutely certain that the engine is switched off.

Is your interface protected by a cover? Does your dongle not fit correctly? Please contact us at

Where can I find my OBD interface?

The onboard diagnosis interface for vehicles with a combustion engine is standardised according to EU regulations and in the majority of vehicles it can be found on the top right of the footwell. Other typical positions for the OBD interface:

  • In the central console area
  • In the area above the central console
  • In the area under the dashboard, directly behind the steering column
  • In the centre between the steering column and the central console
  • On the right between the steering column and the central console
  • On the left between the steering column and the central console
  • Inside or underneath the glove compartment

If in doubt, the car’s user manual should tell you where the interface is positioned.

Is your interface protected by a cover? Does your dongle not fit correctly? Please contact us at


How It Works:
The Vimcar Box

Vimcar Box
Vimcar Box

The installation of an
all rounder: The Vimcar Box

It only takes a few minutes to install the Vimcar Box. Follow the steps in the manual provided in your package. Before attaching the box to the battery, please create a user account. This can be done in the Vimcar app or desktop version. Once you have saved your vehicle in your user account you can go on with the installation!

Please ensure that the vehicle’s motor is switched off before beginning. Now follow steps 4 and 5 in your manual. To install the Vimcar Box, you will need a spanner or socket spanner. The type of spanner you need depends on the screws installed in your vehicle.

Where is my battery?

The battery is usually found in the engine compartment. To reach it, open the bonnet and, if present, the cover of the car battery.

Other locations of the battery:

  • Boot
  • Under the driver’s seat
  • Under the passenger’s seat

If you cannot find the battery, have a look in your car’s user manual. It is also possible to get help from a mechanic in case the battery is covered by other vehicle parts.

BOX Battery
BOX Battery

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