Geofencing & Timefencing.

Create your own, personalised notifications: be alerted when a vehicle travels outside a specified area (a Geofence) and/or timeframe (a Timefence).

Key solutions:

  • With Geofencing, get notified when drivers arrive or leave the office or a customer appointment.
  • With Timefencing get notified if a vehicle is being used outside of business hours.
  • With Geofencing and Timefencing combined, be alerted of potential theft and vehicle misuse.

Custom notifications
with Geofencing.

For every notification created, you can decide whether alerts are triggered for a certain area, time period or a combination of the two.

With the Geofencing feature, draw a map or create a radius around an address. You can then set the alerts to be triggered by the vehicle leaving or entering the zone. Once you’ve created a geofence or timefence alarm, name it, and add as many vehicles to it as you need.

Geofencing with Vimcar
Geofencing and timefencing alerts

Custom notifications
with Timefencing.

For Timefences, the parameters are flexible. You can create notifications based on weekdays or the start/end times of a shift. It’s all up to you.

Any alarm you create (whether its a Geofence or Timefence) is easy to do and can be done in seconds. You can decide whether to receive alerts via email or push notifications. If you need to, these settings can even be edited, paused or deleted at any time.

Vimcar Fleet day-to-day:
Geofencing & Timefencing.

Stay a step ahead
of your fleet.

Things are always moving quickly so it is important to be informed as soon as possible of deliveries, customer visits and unauthorised vehicle movements.

As a theft protection device, Geofencing and Timefencing notifies you whenever a vehicle is moved unexpectedly.

Receive a notification when:

  • A vehicle leaves or enters a defined area.
  • A vehicle leaves or enters a defined area within, a certain time period.
  • A vehicle is moved within or outside of a certain time period.

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Geofencing & Timefencing for business:
How Vimcar can improve your bottom line.

Boosting customer service.

As a company, if you have a high-priority client or an important delivery/collection, you can be alerted when that special task has been completed. This can be done through the Geofencing feature. Simply Create Geofencing restrictions around the location of a certain customer or address and be notified accordingly. Geofencing, as a result, allows you to send a confirmation (whether that be internal or external) so your company can go above and beyond when it matters most and strengthen their customer service.

Time & Geofencing:
Protecting your fleet.

Another important aspect of Geofencing and Timefencing is the ability it gives businesses to avoid large, unexpected costs. Save time and money by protecting your fleet against vehicle misuse and theft. Create a Geofencing parameter around your company premises and customise a Timefence so you know when a vehicle is unexpectedly leaving the office, outside of business hours.

Keep your fleet compliant.

You can also create a Timefence to ensure drivers don’t break HOS regulations. Geofencing and Timefencing can also be used together to create alerts, preventing vehicle theft and misuse. Create a Geofence around the office and a Timefence based on you business hours. That way, you’ll be alerted whenever a vehicle leaves the office outside of business hours.