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Looking for references?
Here's what our customers have to say:

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    "It’s really improved our vehicle security. We use Geofences to ensure vehicles are not moving out of hours."

    Doniert Macfarlane
    Owner & Director
    Talk to a Doctor

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    "I can now ascertain whether or not the same vehicles are servicing the same areas and tidy up their route if necessary. We cover the whole of Northern Ireland so looking at route history is really important for us."

    Brian McQuaid
    Sales & Marketing Manager
    Doherty's Meats

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    "Reputation is really important to us, and Fleet Geo really helps. Now, when we knock and nobody is home, we can prove to the customer that we were actually there."

    Hanna Wise
    Company Administrator
    Union Plumbing

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“Vimcar is an excellent GPS fleet tracking system,
it has never let us down.”

- by Colm T.