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Fleet tracking systems for UK business

Vimcar fleet GPS Trackers & customer service.

All Vimcar fleet vehicle tracking customers get flexible pricing, in-built customer support and their own Customer Success Manager. They are also given a full product tour and support every business day of the week. Feel free to discuss your options with a member of our fleet GPS tracking team today.

  • An easy-to-use map with live vehicle locations and traffic updates.
  • Notifications that can be customised based on vehicles leaving an area or time period.
  • Route history, data export and finding the nearest driver to an adrress for improved optimisation.

Free and quick self-installation.

Here are 3 things you should know about Vimcar’s fleet GPS tracking installation process:

  • It can be self-installed in minutes
  • There are no installation fees
  • You can choose between a dongle or battery fitted-box

Fleet GPS Tracking: One eye on your entire fleet.

Our award-winning platform is designed to make it easy for you to see where all your vehicles are, with a single glance. You can even search for a specific address and our live vehicle tracking will tell you which vehicles are closest.

Live vehicle tracking will also record journey durations and breaks, speeds and all routes taken - giving you unlimited ability to optimise your fleet.

Vimcar's fleet GPS

Live vehicle tracking location.

Vimcar’s live vehicle tracking refreshes every 20 seconds, making it the most accurate in the UK market.

Having a Fleet GPS helps transform your day to day business. It offers such solutions as vehicle theft prevention, ETA updates and finding the right driver.

Fleet vehicle tracking.
How can your business benefit?


How to save money with a live vehicle tracking system.

On average, you can cut your fleet costs by up to 15% with our live vehicle tracking system. This is mostly down to cutting fuel and maintenance costs.

With Fleet GPS Tracking you can:

  • Send the nearest driver to a job & optimise fleet routes
  • Find drivers that are speeding or driving outside of business hours
  • Travel fewer miles & use less fuel
  • Reduce maintenance costs & slow depreciation
  • Get in contact with Vimcar today to get started with our Fleet GPS.

What Are the Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking?

Fleet GPS tracking is vital for any car fleet managers out there.

As your customers continue to expect quicker delivery times, faster service and an entire range of customised services, it might become quite challenging for your fleets to stay ahead of the game. Fortunately, the ever-changing fleet vehicle tracking management tools like the fleet GPS tracker provide the best solution for every fleet owner.

Fleet vehicle tracking brings forth invaluable benefits to any business owner running a distribution company. By implementing fleet vehicle tracking you get an incomparable level of control over your entire fleet. And that's just a taste of all the good things you can expect when you install a fleet GPS tracker.

Other benefits of fleet vehicle tracking include:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Minimise fuel costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Lower operational costs
  • Reduce vehicle theft
  • Higher driving standards

Besides, using a fleet GPS tracker can help you identify problems with the company vehicles and schedule preventive maintenance and servicing before the situation gets worse.


How can you install the Vimcar fleet GPS tracker?

Fleet vehicle tracking installation shouldn't be a stressful process. With Vimcar's fleet GPS tracker, you'll only take minimal time to install the device. What's more, there are no installation fees and you won't even need to take your vehicle to the garage.

Vimcar offers 2 types of fleet vehicle tracking devices. Let's take a look at how simple it is to install each of them.

Fleet vehicle tracking with Vimcar's OBD Dongle. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Make sure that your vehicle's engine is off
  • Locate the OBD port
  • While applying some pressure, attach the dongle to the ODB interface and ensure the LED on the dongle lights up
  • Finally, wait for about 3 minutes before you restart the engine

Apart from no hidden fees, Vimcar's fleet vehicle tracking dongle comes with easy-to-use self-install instructions. Therefore, your fleet GPS tracker will be up and running flawlessly in no time.

Fleet vehicle tracking with Vimcar's Box.
If you're looking for a fleet GPS tracker that doesn't need an OBD port, try out the Vimcar Box. Here's how you can quickly install this fleet vehicle tracking device onto your car's battery:

  • Wear enclosed gloves and open your car's bonnet
  • Loosen the positive terminal's screw cap, attach a red cable under the battery screw and then tighten it
  • Loosen the negative terminal's battery screw and attach a black cable under it before tightening the cap. The LED should be lighting up by now
  • Lastly, attach your fleet GPS tracker to the battery cover

Don't forget to clean the installation area with an enclosed alcohol wipe and wait for it to dry up before closing the bonnet.

Start with Vimcar's fleet GPS!
With the right fleet GPS tracker, you can better understand how workers perform and find viable ways to manage workloads.
Contact Vimcar today and we'll help you boost your company revenue and profitability with our industry-leading fleet vehicle tracking devices.

Vimcar Fleet day-to-day:
Live vehicle tracking system.

Fleet GPS information in seconds.

With Vimcar’s live vehicle tracking, you’ll always be kept in the loop: tracking drivers’ locations can be done hassle-free, without calling drivers.
Find out quickly:

  • If all vehicle are where they should be.
  • How to reach customers as quickly as possible.
  • When a driver will reach customers.

Germany's No.1 in fleet GPS tracking

The Berlin based Vimcar was founded in 2013 with the purpose to digitise company cars and fleets and network vehicles. We are proud to say that Vimcar has expanded over the years and became Germany's industry leader with companies such as Allianz, Zalando and Hertha BSC (just to mention a few) using our services and expertise. Moreover, in 2021 we have reached a new milestone as 100,000 vehicles on the road are using Vimcar's fleet management software Fleet Geo, which offers fleet gps tracking and live vehicle tracking features.

With this dedication in mind, we are excited and looking forward to offer our services and Fleet GEO product to our prospective UK costumers. With the help of our newly recruited native English speaking members, the same high level quality service will be provided to our future customers that our current ones in Germany already know and trust so well.

What is fleet management: how can it contribute to successful?

Many business or organization that is using commercial vehicles needs to manage and operate its fleet. This is where fleet management comes into the picture to help your operations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Managing a fleet and managing a fleet successfully, tackling the challenges the 21st century has to offer is where our Fleet Geo software makes all the difference you need. Fleet managers have to have a keen eye for a lot of details and deal with tasks such as driver management and safety, asset utilization, vehicle maintenance, overseeing fuel consumption and costs, route planning, implementation of new programs and strategies to increase their fleet's efficiency.

With the help of a fleet management software, such as Fleet Geo, managers are able to optimize their fleet's performance as much as they can while saving costs and reaching more costumers with the same amount of vehicles at their disposal. Moreover, Fleet Geo offers fleet gps tracking and live vehicle tracking which are crucial when it comes to safety and careful planning.


Benefits of vehicle fleet tracking.

Ever wondered how fleet management could benefit your business? Read on to get detailed information that you need to know about GPS fleet tracking solutions and how they help the fleet industry management. Fleet tracking refers to monitoring ones fleet and assets through the automatic vehicle location software. This is done for various reasons that I will list below. What is the need for Fleet tracking solutions? Technology has really simplified the way work is conducted nowadays as you can now monitor the your vehicles from the comfort of your home or workplace. Here are the results of fleet GPS tracking solutions.

Bad fleet drivers

Vehicle fleet tracking sytems are the ideal way to monitor the behavior of the fleet drivers and identifying bad driving. This is important as it ensures that the vehicles are used for their purpose, not for other miscellaneous activities outside the fleet business. Drivers who do not do as per the instructions of their employer are identified hence the need for the fleet vehicle tracker for coordination.


Live vehicle tracking for business. How our Fleet GPS Tracking can improve your bottom line.


Reduction in fuel cost

You might be asking yourself how fleet tracking systems could lead to the decline in fuel cost but numbers do not lie; The fuel costs reduces with 10 percent, but in long-term cases, what can keep down your fuel is having a well-detailed record book or a record where you can keep data about the Fleet and many other options.

If you want to reduce the cost, consider this information, although businesses still use past outdated logs. A fleet tracking system can be the most ideal choice that will reduce the work for you. Her is why the fleet GPS tracking systems is essential in saving on fuel:

  • When fuel is reduced, it saves up financially as considered to when there was no precise management and a high utilization hence the business will be n the run with no worries despite the vehicles and their use.
  • In addition, by installing vehicles with GPS trackers, you can also give customers the right accurate ETAs and ensure the driver's route are shorter, and even the turnaround they should make. In this way, you are able to save the fuel.
  • You are able to track the amount of fuel used on a designated mileage when you consider and use the fleet tracking systems.

Reduced mileage

This goes in hand with the fuel since the higher the Mileage, the higher the amount of fuel used, and the fact that fuel is the second-highest cost that is witnessed from fleet, when you reduce the Mileage, you also reduce the cost of company cars and therefore you can send or invest money to another important areas.

  • When Mileage is reduced, the fuel cost will be affected in a positive way, and the environment will be positively affected as it would reduce carbon oxide emissions. Therefore, in the long run, fleet vehicle tracking systems help in conserving the environment.
  • There is a good history route documentation which helps to examine the route taken to reduce Mileage when using the fleet GPS tracking systems.
  • It helps reduce the customizable alerts as reducing the mileage cuts down on unnecessary trips.

Fleet GPS Tracking: Deliver a better service.

Vimcar's live vehicle tracking allows you to give clients accurate ETAs and will let you know the closest car to a certain address - meaning you can instantly respond to last minute jobs. Our live vehicle tracking also allows you to provide clients with proof of delivery/collection, whenever it is put in doubt.

Gain security with a live vehicle tracking.

With fleet vehicle tracking, make sure your vehicles are where they are meant to be with our tracking system. If the worst should happen and a vehicle is stolen, then our live vehicle tracking will inform you exactly where your vehicle is. This information can then be shared with the authorities potentially saving thousands of pounds.


How can fleet vehicle tracking improve productivity?

Fleet management tools aid businesses in cutting costs while increasing efficiency and ensuring compliance throughout the whole fleet operation. Proper fleet management tools enable effective fleet management that may involve leasing and financing cars, maintaining vehicles, obtaining permits, and complying with laws. It can also include dealing with accidents and monitoring and diagnosis.

GPS fleet management is such a tool that many businesses have utilised resorting to great success. This article has a deep analysis of what is GPS live fleet tracking system and how fleet vehicle tracking is improving general productivity.

What is a Fleet Vehicle Tracker?

The GPS live fleet tracking system is a program that gathers, stores, analyses, detects, and reports on all aspects of a transportation process. Such aspects include conditions of the roads, fuel utilisation, drivers, and the vehicle in general.

The software oversees the process of communication between the driver and the management at large. It can also work together with different systems to operate some complex reward programs.

These live vehicle tracking systems often go hand in hand with cameras that capture the driver's activity and the road. However, just a few management systems utilise cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence to collect and analyse data more organically.

The use of GPS tracking software is critical since it enhances productivity in a variety of ways...


1. Effective Business Management

Manually managing a fleet of cars is one of the most challenging jobs in the corporate world. Manual management of the vehicles will almost certainly waste a significant amount of time and money. This is particularly true for big-scale fleet operations, such as logistics firms or delivery services. As such, GPS live fleet tracking systems can help easily keep track of where all of the vehicles are at any particular time.

3. Better Dispatching and Routing Process

The use of GPS live vehicle tracking enables dispatchers to know the precise position of every vehicle in a fleet at all times. As such, the dispatchers can route the nearest truck to any work location. The most advanced GPS live fleet tracking systems go a step further by including a function that automatically locates the closest cars to any specific address.

Additionally, dispatchers may assist drivers in finding the most direct route to any location. As a result, it becomes easy to swiftly re-route them if they are on a long route. GPS live fleet tracking systems also offer real-time traffic data, allowing dispatchers to alert drivers of traffic delays and re-route them if necessary.


4. Efficient Fuel Utilisation

Driving at excessive speeds or above the legal speed limit uses more fuel. A fuel management strategy is an effective method to ensure efficient fuel utilization by drivers. GPS live fleet tracking systemsalso helps manage fuel use.
The live vehicle tracking feature helps determine whether the vehicle is making unnecessary trips. As such, the drivers can only use the vehicles for authorized purposes with an efficient live vehicle tracking system.

It is also possible that the software may go so far as to notify you when the drivers are purchasing illegal extra fuel or siphoning fuel from the vehicle for personal gains. Further, you may customize the live vehicle tracking to get real-time data showing the vehicle's speed, braking, and acceleration. Keeping track of these variables helps to reduce overall fuel use.

5. Tools for Monitoring Inefficient Employee Practices

Human nature is another factor that contributes to the necessity for a GPS live fleet tracking system. In essence, GPS technology allows a virtual company between fleet owners and their drivers during the transportation process. Employees that work under direct supervision do their tasks more quickly and at a higher level.
GPS tracking systems may be equipped with additional features such as monitoring vehicle idle periods and engine conditions. These technologies enable fleet owners to verify the amount of idle time the driver spends in one place.

Businesses may also use the GPS live fleet tracking system for incentive awards. They do so by utilizing hard data that the GPS collects. This includes information such as idle periods, travel miles, vehicle speed, and engine condition. Bonuses based on measurable performance indicators motivate employees to work harder and achieve higher levels of productivity.


6. Automated Record Keeping for Payrolls and Timesheets

A vast majority of companies with car fleets do not have an effective method to calculate payroll amounts. They mostly rely on a manual timesheet system. This system is prone to errors and the fabrication of work hours because of its nature. As such, company owners can guarantee that their workers get good pay for the actual job by using automatic timesheets.

A GPS live fleet tracking system keeps track of a vehicle from the start throughout the day. It also keeps track of the time the vehicle ends its operations by tracking when it shuts down. As a result, there is an accurate, automatic record of employees' work.

Additionally, shut-off and start-up times throughout the day may be utilized to accurately record the amount of time spent on breaks such as lunch.

Profound live vehicle tracking systems include a comprehensive reporting feature that combines this information in an easy-to-use manner to create an electronic timesheet. The integration of this information into back-office systems will help to improve company efficiency while also lowering administrative expenditures.

7. Asset Management

Every machine has a useful life period beyond which they are no longer usable. Similarly, vehicles have a lifespan too. Regularly servicing the vehicles and close monitoring may assist in prolonging the life of your fleet. The benefit of a GPS live fleet tracking system is that it has sensors that monitor the vehicle's state. The feature gives information on an engine's performance, mileage, and the status of its many components.

Additionally, the live vehicle tracking software uses this information to calculate the time for servicing the vehicle and the projectable repair cost. This may assist you in maintaining your assets so that they continue to operate at their optimal performance levels.


8. Vehicle Security

It is possible to suffer significantly from vehicle theft, both individually and in terms of fleet companies. It is even worse if your vehicle had no tracking system at the time of theft. As a result, it is crucial to install a live vehicle tracking system. This system helps restrict the area within which the car can operate through geo-fencing. This feature is present in most GPS live fleet tracking systems.