Full control with
live vehicle tracking.

Fleet Geo has the most accurate live vehicle tracking on the market. Our vehicle tracking feature gives you precise location information on an easy-to-read map, giving you full control.

Fleet GPS solutions:

  • With our easy-to-use map, you can see every vehicle location at a glance.
  • Find the nearest driver to a customer appointment and give accurate ETAs.
  • Prevent vehicle misuse and theft.

Live vehicle tracking location.

Vimcar’s live vehicle tracking refreshes every 20 seconds, making it the most accurate in the UK market.

Having a Fleet GPS helps transform your day to day business. It offers such solutions as vehicle theft prevention, ETA updates and finding the right driver.

Vimcar's tracking system
Vimcar's tracking system
Vimcar's fleet GPS
Vimcar's fleet GPS

Fleet GPS:
One eye on your entire fleet.

Our award-winning platform is designed to make it easy for you to see where all your vehicles are, with a single glance. You can even search for a specific address and our live vehicle tracking will tell you which vehicles are closest.

Live vehicle tracking will also record journey durations and breaks, speeds and all routes taken - giving you unlimited ability to optimise your fleet.

What else can Fleet Geo offer?
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Fleet Geo Material

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Vimcar Fleet day-to-day:
Live vehicle tracking system.

Fleet GPS information
in seconds.

With Vimcar’s live vehicle tracking, you’ll always be kept in the loop: tracking drivers’ locations can be done hassle-free, without calling drivers.

Find out quickly:

  • If all vehicle are where they should be.
  • How to reach customers as quickly as possible.
  • When a driver will reach customers.

We've helped businesses just like yours.
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    Vimcar: a money-saving solution

    Our products are aimed to help your business. We’ve created a Return on Investment Calculator so you can see exactly how much money we can help you save.

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    Customer stories & Vimcar solutions

    With one, easy to use product Vimcar provides countless business solutions, so our customers save time, money and hassle. Now you could too.

    Discover the solutions we've offered to real customers.

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    Vimcar Fleet Expert Team

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    Informational Material on Vimcar

    Learn more about our fleet solutions:

    • Cut fleet costs by up to 15%
    • Increase productivity by up to 30%
    • Save 2 hours in fleet management a week

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Live vehicle tracking for business.
How our Fleet GPS can improve your bottom line.

Cut costs with a live vehicle tracking.

Vimcar delivers direct savings to fleets. Our digitalised tracking system allows companies to optimise their fleet’s routes, saving drivers time and fuel and ensuring added costs (such as going travelling through Clean Air Zones) are avoided.

Fleet GPS: Deliver a better service.

Vimcar's live vehicle tracking allows you to give clients accurate ETAs and will let you know the closest car to a certain address - meaning you can instantly respond to last minute jobs. Our live vehicle tracking also allows you to provide clients with proof of delivery/collection, whenever it is put in doubt.

Gain security with a live vehicle tracking.

With fleet vehicle tracking, make sure your vehicles are where they are meant to be with our tracking system. If the worst should happen and a vehicle is stolen, then our live vehicle tracking will inform you exactly where your vehicle is. This information can then be shared with the authorities potentially saving thousands of pounds.

Installing our live vehicle tracking.

When you do install a live vehicle tracking into your fleet, we can guide you through the communication process with your employees - so they are on board with the idea. Find out out more here.