GPS Live Vehicle
Tracking System

With the live tracking feature you can regularly keep an eye on your fleet. Find out in seconds which driver is located where and get the most out of your company vehicles.

Important information
at a glance

  • With an easy to understand map and our fleet GPS, you can monitor where all vehicles are currently located, whether the vehicle is out driving or standing still.
  • Individually assign parking spaces.
  • See which vehicles are located on the company premises and which are not.
  • React to emergencies or short-notice appointment changes with no time lost.
  • Keep fleet management easy with a software that gives the information you need, all in one place.
  • Privacy matters. Only the vehicles which are used by multiple drivers, and defined as pool, can be located by the fleet manager.

Vehicle location with Vimcar’s
tracking system

The built-in fleet GPS module transmits the precise coordinates of a vehicle and regularly updates the information in order to allow for location recognition in real time.

Vimcar's tracking system
Vimcar's tracking system
Vimcar's fleet GPS
Vimcar's fleet GPS

Fleet GPS: one eye on your whole fleet

Easily view the locations of all vehicles equipped with a Vimcar tracking system using our easy-to-use map. The search bar makes it possible to locate which vehicles are closest to a particular address, so you can decide immediately which employee should take care of the next job. While your vehicles are out on a job, Vimcar records all distances and travel times for you.

You’ll also be able to assign each of your vehicles a standard parking space and be warned when the vehicle is parked within 200 metres of that address.

Vimcar Fleet Day-to-day:
Vehicle Live Tracking System

Find out key
in seconds

With our fleet GPS Live Tracking system from Vimcar Fleet, you don’t have to wonder about the progress of your vehicles. Identifying the nearest driver can be done hassle free without wasting time calling driver after driver.

Find out quickly:

  • Whether a vehicle is located on the premises or at its standard parking space
  • Where all pool vehicles are currently located
  • Which vehicle can reach a certain address the fastest

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    • Cut fleet costs by up to 15%
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Fleet GPS for business.
How Vimcar can improve your bottom line.

Cut costs with a fleet GPS

Vimcar’s fleet GPS delivers direct savings to fleets. Our digitalised tracking system allows companies to optimise their fleet’s routes, saving drivers time and fuel and ensuring added costs (such as going travelling through Clean Air Zones) are avoided.

Deliver a better service

Vimcar's fleet GPS allows you to give clients accurate ETAs and will let you know the closest car to a certain address - meaning you can instantly respond to last minute jobs. Our fleet GPS also allows you to provide clients with proof of delivery/collection, whenever it is put in doubt.

Gain security with a fleet GPS

Make sure your vehicles are where they are meant to be with our tracking system. If the worst should happen and a vehicle is stolen, then our fleet GPS will inform you exactly where your vehicle is. This fleet GPS information can then be shared with the authorities potentially saving thousands of pounds.

Installing our live vehicle tracking

When you do install a fleet GPS into your fleet, we can guide you through the communication process with your employees - so they are on board with the idea. Find out out more here.

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