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A Fleet App for Business:
How Fleet Geo's App can improve your bottom line

Work on the go with our Fleet Geo fleet app

This Geo App is made for managers that want to get the job done, wherever they are. Constant access to your fleet’s current location means you can send out the nearest driver to customer appointments - this fleet app means no emergency inquiry will go unanswered.

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo fleet app also gives businesses peace of mind, allowing you to see where all your fleet vehicles are (even if you’re not at your desk).

With our Fleet Geo App you can also set your notifications to mobile. This means any alerts can be sent directly through this fleet app and you can be notified of your fleet movements instantly. Get our Geo App today!


The essential features of an effective Fleet App

A fleet app uses GPS tracking and telematics solution to offer efficient fleet management. When looking for a fleet management app, you have to look for an ideal app tailored to take care of all fleet management needs. Here are the essential features you should consider when choosing a telematics fleet management app...

1. Fleet App Data Access

Following each car and its driver can be inundating. It could even be worse if you have to follow your fleet 24/7. Luckily, a fleet app can come in handy when flowing your fleet. The app offers you a one-stop-shop where you can access crucial information about your drivers and their location.

The telematics device will gather every essential data that you can access in a matter of seconds. This information will help the management make sound decisions. Fleet companies will offer improved services and increase their ROIs.


2. Theft Protection

Fleet managers and operators have to be in control of vehicles that move to different geographical locations. As a result, they should look for ways to ensure their vehicles don't land in the wrong hands. A fleet app will help you stay aware of when the vehicles leave your premises, the routes they're following, and when they return to your premises.

In case of theft, the app will help you track where your vehicle is for safe retrieval. The app should come with customizable notifications to alert you if there's any suspicious activity going on. The good thing is that the tracking device is installed within the car and hidden from sight.

3. Ease of use

An ideal fleet app should be easy to use. You don't want to use fleet management software that your employees find difficult to navigate. Your fleet app should be straightforward in such a way that your employees won't spend a lifetime trying to adapt and benefit from your new tool.

Take your time to go through the app to check whether it offers quick-to-understand features. Ensure that even the least tech-savvy users can navigate your choice of fleet app. The app should also come with a simple layout and offer services even when offline.


5. Monitor Driving Behaviour

Fleet drivers can make or break any fleet company. You have to rely on them for efficient service delivery. The best fleet app should help to keep track of your drivers while they're on the go. The app will help you know when the drivers over speed, over idle, use harsh braking or follow unauthorized routes.

Since your sole purpose is to offer reliable services to your customers while still improving your ROI, the fleet app will collect data on the behaviour of your fleet drivers. You could use this data to offer advice to your drivers or know when to look for better drivers.

6. Final Thoughts about Fleet app

Look for a fleet app that serves your company's needs in the right way. Using the right telematics fleet app will help monitor your fleet operations in real-time, make informed decisions, improve customers service and increase your company's ROI. The good thing is, Vimcar fleet app has all the features you believe can make your fleet business move to the next level. Contact us today to improve your fleet business management.


Fleet App’s Privacy Mode:
How it works.

Fleet tracking is a common problem for companies that rely on company or pool cars.

Employees don't always consent to being tracked wherever they drive outside business hours.

However, it's often beneficial for both employers and drivers to monitor cars when they are used for work tasks. So how do we handle this contradiction?

Fortunately, there's an easy to implement Fleet App solution which makes it possible to track company vehicles while allowing employees the freedom to travel without surveillance when they are not at work: Companies simply need to use the smart privacy features on Vimcar's Fleet App.

The Privacy Mode on our Fleet App offers a solution that has major benefits for employees and employers alike.

How privacy mode should be used.

For instance, when they turn our Fleet App’s Privacy Mode off, drivers of company cars can prove that they have attended meetings or business events. If clients fail to attend, employees can prove that they were not at fault. When they aren't heading to professional engagements, drivers can instantly turn Privacy Mode on, restoring their freedom from surveillance.

Companies can also benefit from implementing our Fleet App’s Privacy Mode. For example, giving employees the option to turn tracking off will help to maintain good working relationships and show trust in staff. And with high trust and satisfaction levels, employees are likely to be more productive.

Privacy Mode also makes it easy to see which drivers are available at a particular moment in time. If you suddenly need to deploy drivers to clients, you can manage tasks smoothly and avoid accidentally contacting employees who aren't currently on call.

There are also benefits for companies which use pool cars instead of individual company vehicles. If drivers take pool cars for personal trips, they can switch off tracking on our Fleet App for short periods, and restore it immediately when they return to work tasks.

Final words on our Fleet App's Privacy Mode.

When used properly, the privacy functions on our Fleet App makes fleet management much easier and more flexible. In the past, managing vehicles has largely been a top-down process. With Privacy Mode, you can empower staff while maintaining awareness and control of what really matters.

Accessing Privacy Mode is simple via our Fleet Geo Fleet App. Activating the feature takes minutes for an entire fleet, and minimal driver training is required. So add more options to your vehicle management and free workers from unnecessary monitoring. With Vimcar you can balance surveillance and freedom for any company fleet.