Route History

With GPS-based route documentation, vehicle movements are clearly displayed. Our fleet tracking GPS can identify past trips, provide proof of service with accurate location and time details and more easily optimise for future routes.

Important information
at a glance

  • Our fleet tracking software precisely document all vehicle routes according to their coordinates – including driving speed.
  • Resource optimisation and route planning are a breeze thanks to the recorded routes.
  • Precise information on location and wait times can be used as evidence for customers.
  • For each vehicle, you can decide at any time whether the journey should be documented or not, even in the course of the same day.
  • Privacy and data protection is imperative to Vimcar. That’s why we offer special privacy settings for those company cars authorised for private use.

Track fleets and view routes
individually. Or together.

Once Route History has been activated and fleet tracking GPS has been turned on, each trip is documented precisely according to GPS coordinates for the vehicles selected. You can activate or deactivate this fleet tracking feature as needed, without having to remove the dongle. After deactivation, the already recorded vehicle history is retained as long as desired.

In order to view routes, select an individual time period and all the vehicles whose routes you wish to have displayed. Within the selected time period, any stops are chronologically numbered and identified with pins — including the arrival and departure times. By moving the mouse over the route you can view both the driving speed and coordinates.

Fleet tracking as a fleet management solution
Fleet tracking as a fleet management solution
Route planning software as a fleet management solution
Route planning software as a fleet management solution

Route Tracking:
Search by address or time

With the address and time search function, you can find out within seconds when a vehicle arrived at a location or where the vehicle was at a particular time of day. With the address search function, you can determine whether a fleet vehicle drove past or made a stop at an address during the selected window of time.

Route tracking with Fleet Geo is a quick and easy way to gain full control over your fleet.

Vimcar Fleet Day-to-day:
Route History

An efficient route planning software

The GPS-based Route History feature offers instant fleet tracking, transparent proof for customers and is the ideal basis for optimising routes, saving on costs and increasing efficiency in your fleet.

With route tracking, find out whether:

  • Vehicles cross paths and if there are gaps in route efficiency
  • A certain location is visited
  • A vehicle was at a specific place at a specific time
  • Intermediate stops were made in the best possible order
  • More stops have been made than necessary
  • The shortest routes are being taken

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Fleet tracking GPS for business:
How route tracking can improve your bottom line

Route tracking:
improving your service:

Cutting costs with Route tracking

Fleet tracking with GPS and route planning software allows you to review routes and optimise future journeys. This saves fuel and can also be used to help avoid costly choices, like going through a Clean Air Zone. Beyond this, fleet tracking and optimised routes save your drivers time so they can get onto the next job soonr. Tracking your fleet also means warning customers about driver ETAs - making turn around times shorter.

Delivering a better service

Of course, updating customers with ETAs through Vimcar’s GPS fleet tracker is also great for customer service and customer retention. And if a customer complains about not receiving a delivery our route planning software will enable you to provide proof of delivery.

Route tracking software and vehicle misuse

Employers who want to ensure their vehicles are being used fairly by their employees can use our route tracking software to see if their vehicles were used appropriately. Having a route tracking software, like Fleet Geo, gives your business more control.

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