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Award-winning fleet tracking designed to help
any business get more out of their fleet.

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More than 100,000 vehicles already benefit from Vimcar's services. You could too.

Multi-accredited fleet tracking.
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Why Vimcar?
High-performing tech with straightforward solutions.

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    Quick and free installation

    Our trackers can be self-installed in minutes and do not require additional set-up costs.

    • A choice between an OBD dongle and a battery-fitted box
    • No mechanic or vehicle downtime required
    • Free, self-installation in minutes
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    Easy-to-use fleet tracking

    We’ve designed our fleet tracking to provide simple, no-nonsense solutions.

    • Award-winning tracking, designed with customer feedback
    • Simple to integrate into your daily operations
    • Available for demo before purchase
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    The market’s most accurate Fleet GPS

    Our fleet tracking is updated on a quarterly basis, in line with customer feedback. That’s how we’ve ended up with industry-leading tech and:

    • The market’s most accurate GPS, with a 20-second refresh rate.
    • A customisable, easy-to-use interface
    • A hassle free experience
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    Dedicated customer support

    Our Customer Success team helps provide you with instant solutions, so you can focus on what’s most important. Get:

    • A dedicated Customer Success Manager
    • Tailored product guides depending on your needs
    • Availability every business day of the week

How can Vimcar help your business?

complete overview

Keep your fleet secure

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Prevent vehicle misuse

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Cut fuel costs

hardware & software

Save time


Improve customer service

live location

Respond to jobs instantly

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Gain an operational overview

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Reduce carbon footprints

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Looking for references?
Here's what our customers have to say:

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    "It’s really improved our vehicle security. We use Geofences to ensure vehicles are not moving out of hours."

    Doniert Macfarlane
    Owner & Director
    Talk to a Doctor

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    "I can now ascertain whether or not the same vehicles are servicing the same areas and tidy up their route if necessary. We cover the whole of Northern Ireland so looking at route history is really important for us."

    Brian McQuaid
    Sales & Marketing Manager
    Doherty's Meats

  • Union Plumbing Pic 4

    "Reputation is really important to us, and Fleet Geo really helps. Now, when we knock and nobody is home, we can prove to the customer that we were actually there."

    Hanna Wise
    Company Administrator
    Union Plumbing

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Flexible Plans with Vimcar
Choose the package that suits you best.

24 Month Service Plan

A plan with excellent value for money.

12 Month Service Plan

A combination of affordability and flexibility.

Monthly Service Plan

A package with total, monthly flexibility.

Special Offer

Get in touch to get your own, personalised offer.

“Vimcar is an excellent GPS fleet tracking system,
it has never let us down.”

- by Colm T.

More on Vimcar
How we help fleets across Europe.

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Vimcar International

More than 100,000 vehicles now use Vimcar across Europe and the UK to save time, money and hassle.

  • 4 Countries
  • 175 Employees
  • 26 Nationalities
  • 1 Vision

GPS live fleet tracking for business:
How Vimcar can improve your bottom line


GPS live fleet tracking solutions

With Vimcar’s GPS live fleet tracking as a fleet management solution, you can get round the clock driver, vehicle and traffic visibility. This allows you to:

  • Save on fuel
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Cut overall fleet costs
  • Improve your customer service

How GPS live fleet trackers save fuel

On average, Vimcar’s GPS live fleet tracking solutions and GPS Fleet Trackers can cut costs by about 15% - mainly through cutting fuel costs.

Our GPS live fleet trackers can locate the nearest drivers to appointments, optimise routes and identify drivers that are speeding or driving outside of business hours. Those are just a few of the way our GPS live fleet tracking solutions can help save on fuel.

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Reducing carbon footprints

By helping reduce fuel consumption, Vimcar’s GPS live fleet trackers will also cut your carbon footprint. Considering over 80% of brits value brands’ eco-friendliness, this GPS live fleet tracker will be important for today and the future.

GPS live fleet trackers cutting overall costs

Vimcar’s GPS live fleet tracking solutions mean you can make immediate savings on fuel and driver time. Features, like Theft Protection, will also reduce the chances of businesses incurring unexpected costs.


GPS live fleet tracking made easy

Ensuring you can self-install our hardware in minutes is critical to our GPS live fleet tracking solutions too. Our free personal support service and user-friendly software are also designed with your business in mind.

If you’d like to try our fleet solution, then we can offer a 30 day money-back guarantee, free hardware replacement and flexible pricing. Install our GPS live fleet tracker risk-free, today.


A fleet solution to improve customer relations

Another one of our GPS live fleet tracking solutions strengthens businesses’ customer service. With a GPS-live fleet, you can provide customers with accurate ETAs, collection/drop-off confirmations and proof of deliveries.


How to start with our GPS live fleet tracking solutions

For more information about our GPS live fleet tracking solutions please get in touch with our team, book a virtual tour of our product or download our product brochure.