What is Fleet Management
in 2021?

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What is a Fleet?

A fleet is any unit of vehicles, aircrafts or ships that operate together under the same ownership. The term fleet management is most commonly referred to as the management of a fleet of vehicles (vans, cars and lorries).

What is Fleet

Fleet management refers to the administration, monitoring and coordination of a fleet. For each individual fleet car, fleet management can consist of all of the following tasks:

  • Purchasing/leasing
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Licensing and insurance handling
  • Compliance with relevant laws and regulations (e.g. health and safety legislation)
  • Damage and accident management
  • Fuel management
  • Vehicle telematics
  • Vehicle resale/return to leasing agency
  • Driver management

Fleet management is applicable to companies with a small, medium, or large inventory of cars and is hugely relevant in vehicle-related sectors such as taxi companies, rescue organisations and shipping companies.

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The Fleet Manager

A fleet manager is the employee responsible for vehicle fleet management. Whether the fleet be large or small, there are a wide range of topics - each requiring deep knowledge - that every manager of a fleet should cover. Below are some of the core tasks of a fleet manager, broken down:


  • Purchasing or leasing of the fleet
  • Negotiating the terms of purchase/leasing agreements
  • Vehicle management (e.g. tires and repairs)
  • Eventual disposal management


  • Parking ticket management
  • Management of ‘smart repairs’
  • Tank fraud
  • Theft protection
  • Analyses of fleet’s health and safety and accident prevention
  • MOT checks

Driver management

  • Communication with drivers
  • Mileage tracking
  • Driver license check
  • Definition of ‘fair wear and tear’ on company cars

Sustainability management

  • Environmental protection measures
  • Cost containment through low fleet carbon emission: limited taxation and fuel consumption

What is Fleet Management with Vimcar?

With Vimcar's fleet management software you can:

1. Save up to 15% on fleet related costs
2. Boost productivity by up to 30%
3. Save up to 60% on fleet-related time

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product image
product image
Manager of fleet management
Manager of fleet management

Who is a Fleet Manager?

In the best case scenario, the manager of a company’s fleet is a fleet manager. That said, many companies do not have the luxury to have a designated vehicle fleet manager. In those cases, the tasks of a fleet manager are usually undertaken by staff in the accounting, finance or operations department or by the company director.

When fleet management is only a part of someone's job, reliable fleet management software is often key to alleviate some of the complexities of managing a fleet. Such software can simplify administrative tasks, help create a highly optimised fleet and therefore save the company money.

In fact, fleet software has made such strides in improving the cost and hassle associated with fleet management in the last few years, that even designated fleet managers are installing software into their fleet.

What is Fleet Management

Fleet management has been digitalised to such an extent that, sometimes, the term ‘fleet management’ itself refers exclusively to a fleet software and what it can do for a fleet.

A critical component of all good fleet management technology is vehicle tracking, made possible by GPS technology. A piece of hardware has to be installed in fleet vehicles which records data at regular intervals and saves it for later retrieval or forwards it to a server. The data transmission can be either terrestrial or satellite-based.

This software gives an exact location of all vehicles in a fleet, at all times. Some of the practical implications, that enhances fleet management in business, are named below (see Fleet Management Software Solutions).


What is a Fleet Management Company?
What are their Solutions?

A fleet management company offer services to help business improve their fleet management services. Most fleet management companies offer a way to help digitalise with fleet management software.

Using features (some of which are named in a section below), there are various, everyday solutions that fleet management companies can offer you:

  1. Prevent Vehicle Misuse. Be notified of potential unauthorised use and keep track of how your drivers operate.
  2. Find the Right Drivers. Easily locate and dispatch your nearest vehicles to customers: deliver a quicker, more efficient service.
  3. Improve Customer Service. Deliver to more customers in one day, with a more efficient fleet, and give them real-time data on ETAs.
  4. Optimise Routes. Gain intuitive access to your fleet’s route history. Avoid route overlaps, time-wasting stops and unnecessarily long journeys.
  5. Cut Costs. Save time and money with Fleet Geo. Save up to 15% on costs and 60% on time.
  6. Protect Against Theft. Track your vehicles’ live locations and customise our alerts to be notified of any suspicious activity.

What to Look for in a
Fleet Management Company

Here are a few things you should look out for when evaluating a fleet management company's profile:

No hidden costs

One price might be more expensive than you first think. Some costs that fleet management companies tend to hide include the price of shipping the hardware, installation, administration charges, cancellation and de-installation.

Easy-to-use products

It is vital that you buy from a fleet management company whose product can easily fit into your day to day business. A good clue is if the fleet management company offers self-installation. If a fleet management company's hardware can be quickly self-installed, that is a good sign.

Quality customer service

Part of whether a fleet management company's product is easy-to-use also centres around the quality of their customer service. In order to make sure you can set up the product quickly and use it efficiently in the long term, the company's customer service must be personal and available.

Appropriate Pricing

Of course, price is always important. Once the hidden costs are clear to you, try and find the pricing plan that works for you: whether you are open to a longer, multi-year contract or would prefer a shorter-term, monthly contract.


Vimcar as a Fleet Management Company

Vimcar offers much of what is outlined above. Including, flexible pricing (starting at just £7.90) with no hidden costs, a dedicated customer support agent per customer, self-installation and an easy-to-use product.

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Fleet Geo Material

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__Features of Vehicle
Fleet Management Software __

Route history

You can view your vehicles’ route history with exact coordinates, including any stops made and the duration of each job. A fleet manager is then able to find any gaps in route efficiency and optimise the fleet accordingly.

Find The Nearest Vehicle

Locate and dispatch your nearest vehicles to a drop off/pick up request, provide accurate ETAs to clients and respond to last minute changes - essentially, be able to provide improved customer service.

Theft Warning

You can protect your fleet by receiving live alerts whenever a vehicle moves beyond a designated area or turns on outside of working hours.


Create virtual barriers around specified locations and be notified when a vehicle leaves or enters that barrier, giving you more control over your fleet and allowing you to be notified when high-priority clients are served.


You can set up time restrictions (and be notified when they are exceeded) to help drivers stay within legal HOS limitations.

Organised Parking

See which vehicles are on the road and which are on the premises of a business, and assign parking spots accordingly. This makes it easier for your drivers to find parking.

Data Exportation

Download all the raw data recorded by the fleet management system and put them to practical use. Instantly create employee time sheets or mileage trackers.

Fleet management app
Fleet management app

Digital Vehicle Fleet Management

Finding the right fleet software to help with fleet management is not easy. There are several options on the market ranging in price and capability.

Especially for those who are new to digitised fleet management, consumers often prioritise fleet software that is easy to use, not expensive and has a proven track record of reliability and success at fleet management optimisation.

Vimcar’s award-winning fleet management and tracking software is the market leader in Germany. It's well-known for its user-friendly software and its hardware that can be self-installed in minutes. For those wanting more support, Vimcar’s free onboarding and direct customer assistance is also available.

Vehicle Fleet Management
of the Future

Fleet management will probably face far-reaching changes in the future. A clearly emerging trend is, for example, the increase in corporate car sharing (also called business car sharing or commercial car sharing). Corporate car sharing is the shared and organised use of one or more vehicles.

Leasing, too, is becoming more prevalent and is replacing the ‘buying’ of cars, in the traditional sense. Leasing is comparatively inexpensive and offers a high degree of planning security - the variety of leasing options will likely continue to grow.

Beyond this, there is a clear push, for fleet management to be more environmentally focussed. Electric fleet vehicles, for example, are more popular every year. This is largely financially motivated. A fleet that has a smaller carbon footprint often pays significantly less in taxes and fuel consumption.

In general, most trends seem to point in one direction: continued digitalisation. Now, when asking ‘what is fleet management?’ you must also ask what is ‘digital fleet management’. Fleet technology digitsalises, consolidates and drastically simplifies the administrative tasks surrounding a more complex company car and leasing environment. To help with this, fleel free to download our company car policy template.

Software currently on the market also makes fleets more efficient and greener and therefore less expensive to run.


Fleet Management Services:
Making Your Business Greener

All over the world, company fleets are going green, in part because of a renewed focus on sustainability. Nowadays, customers are enthusiastic to patronise businesses that adopt eco-friendly practices.

You too can benefit from this by reducing your company’s carbon footprint. Find out below how fleet management services can help you do that.


Cut Fuel Consumption

The burning of fossil fuels remains a huge driver of pollution in the world. Reducing fuel consumption would help decrease emissions. The Fleet Geo tracker can help you plan delivery routes ahead so your drivers can cut time spent in traffic. That allows for lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions, which ultimately means less pollution.

Boost Efficiency

A good fleet management services software will give you details of your car’s route history and real-time location. Based on this data, you can streamline future fleet operations to cut down on inefficiency. For example, if a particular road is prone to gridlock, you can optimise future routes to avoid that area.

In addition, increased efficiency helps with last-minute calls from customers. Tracking your fleet lets you know which vehicle is closer, so your drivers don’t waste time on the road.

By cutting down on your fleet’s inefficiency, fleet management services reduce carbon emissions and makes your fleet greener.


Promote Responsible Use

Governments are encouraging citizens to reduce their use of vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint. You can contribute to this by making sure your employees don’t use vehicles for non-business purposes.

This is possible when you use the geofencing feature on your fleet management service's GPS tracker. Geofencing will alert you when your driver moves outside the predetermined route. That way, you can easily know when your driver is increasing your firm’s carbon emissions with needless road trips.

Handling Clean Air Zone (CAZ) Laws

Clean Air Zones (CAZ) are areas that have strict laws regarding vehicle emissions. Passing through such areas — especially if your vehicle is a high-emissions vehicle — may earn your business fines from the government.

Fleet management systems can help you plan your fleet’s itinerary in advance and handle CAZ better. You can even create a geofence so drivers can get alerts when any of your vehicles enter CAZ areas.

Green fleets are on the rise. Why don’t you join the train and increase your company’s sustainability efforts by investing in Fleet Geo today?


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