Fleet News & Assets

From contract templates, tax calculators and memos, we’ve created assets to make your life easier – all of which you can download now for free. For more on fleet news that can help you stay informed, see below.

Fleet Assets: The Essential Toolkit

Vimcar hardware

Beginners Guide to Fleet Tracking

For those who want to know about fleet tracking and how to choose the right provider!

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Checklist to buy a car

Buying The Best Company Car

A checklist to help choose your next company car.

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Business car contract

Company car contract

A template you can use when drawing up a company car contract/policy.

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CO2 dial for fleet news

CO2 & Tax Guide

Find out the tax rate of your company cars, according to their CO2 emissions.

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Donwloadable guide to resting hours

Drivers’ Resting Hours

A guide to the breaks, rests and sleep drivers should stick by law.

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Fleet news on driver safety

Driving safety, work guidelines

Full company guidelines your fleet can safely follow.

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Electric car

Electric Fleets for Beginners

A complete guide on electric fleets, from which electric vehicle to buy to how to save money.

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Fleet news on insurance

Fleet Insurance for Beginners

A guide to help you save on one of the most expensive fleet cost out there.

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Working at a table and whilst reading fleet news

Fleet Management Ebook

Ideal for beginners and intermediates, this ebook is an essential for fleet managers

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Gasoline pries for fleet vehicles

Fuel Costs Calculator

Keep fuel costs under control with our Fuel Cost Calculator.

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Driving in the snow with a fleet car

Guide: The Biggest Fleet Challenges

The top 3 challenges facing fleets and how to overcome them.

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HGV Vehicle Checks

Complete checklist for HGV daily walk around checks

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A checklist for people wanting to do deliveries

How to do deliveries

The checklist which is a ‘must’ for any company that wants to do deliveries right.

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Fuel pumps

How to Save Fuel

An ebook to help you save on one of the most expensive fleet cost out there.

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Guidelines for reporting to HMRC

Informing HMRC about Company Vehicles

A complete guide: your pool and company cars and the HMRC

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Employees talking about fleet news

Memo: Telling drivers about fleet tracking

A memo you can send employees when installing a car tracking system.

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A mileage log

Mileage Log

A template for drivers: recording businesses miles for reimbursement.

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Man in a car

Pool Car Policy Template

Our pool car policy template, to ensure drivers treat your pool cars well.

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Risk assessments for fleet managers

Risk Assessment Checklist

Go through our risk assessment checklist to make sure your fleet is always safe.

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Tax returns

Tax Guide for Fleets

A Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Pay The Right Fleet Taxes – Download Now!

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calculated cost of a business vehicle

TCO Calculator

Download our free TCO calculator so you know exactly how much your cars are costing you.

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An example of a time sheet


Our timesheet template will keep your life, and that of your drivers’, simple.

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A long road ahead

Top Fleet Mobility Trends

Find out what the biggest fleet trends are and how your business can implement them.

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A female employee happy about fleet news

Transport Manager Beginners Guide

This is the essential guide for any in transport management.

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A handshake

Using Fleet Data for Customer Service

An overview on how you could use fleet data to better manager customer appointments

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Van Checks: Daily Walk Around

Use our daily checklist to ensure your vans are ready for work.

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Save time icon

5 Secrets on Saving Time & Money with Fleet Tracking

Discover the 5 ways we could easily start saving.

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Smiling driver

5 Tips on Improving Drivers’ Mental Health

A sheet to help communicate with drivers on how to best stay positive on the road

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Fleet News

Here at Vimcar Resources we try and keep you up to date with the latest fleet news and fleet-related information. Our aim? To help your business and fleet save time, money and hassle. 

Visit our Blog for fleet news varying from the newest fleet taxes and regulations to top tips on how to cut costs. And, if you find yourself wondering what all those fleet words and terms mean, then our no-nonsense Vimcar Glossary is a great page to visit.

For instant fleet news insights like the real cost of your car, how to buy the best company car or a ‘beginner’s guide to deliveries’, our Fleet Assets above are jam-packed with useful information. 

Why is keeping informed with Fleet News important?

A man reading fleet news

Fleet news is not static, it is changing all the time. Whether it be BIK levels or changes to Clean Air Zone policies, fleets news can have a direct impact on your business. Your ability to stay informed will determine whether or not you can react actively to a changing fleet environment. 

We make it our mission to keep you as up to date on possible so you can adapt your business accordingly, ensuring you don’t lose time or money.

Who is Vimcar?

Vimcar is an industry-leading software company that provides businesses with straightforward fleet solutions. Our award-winning product, Fleet Geo, is a fleet tracking software – made to save your business time, money and hassle.

Like our product, we try and make our fleet news as accessible as possible. That is why our fleet news content is always free and open to anyone to read.

Latest Fleet News

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Fleet Assets and Assets for Fleet Management

A fleet of trucks

Above, you can find all the fleet assets that Vimcar has to offer. These are assets for fleet management that can help with your day to day fleet tasks. All of our fleet assets are free and can be downloaded in seconds.

Our fleet assets include the most useful templates, spreadsheets and guides that a manager of a fleet can imagine.

Why you might need a Vimcar Fleet Asset

Doing fleet management right can save your businesses a lot of money, and save you time – which could allow you to work on other important tasks. Our fleet asset guides will help keep you informed of the best ways to do fleet management right. Likewise, our templates and spreadsheets will keep you on the right track whilst also saving you a lot of time creating them yourself from scratch.

For more fleet assets and information on fleet management, be sure to read our fleet management blog.

What is the future of fleet management?

Driver on the road

Fleet management is a vital tool for managing a fleet of vehicles, construction materials, or other assets. Fleet news shows that the fleet management systems use GPS tracking to give you the actual time, location, and vehicle data. A fleet manager controls the process and relays information to the employees. Software is installed on the vehicles.

Fleet News reports a shake-up in the fleet management industry occasioned by government policy, development of 5g network, vehicle automation, use of GPS tracking and telematics, and mobility as a service. The new trends are aimed at improving fleet management.

Development of 5G network

5G network is taking the waves by a storm. Faster browsing and greater bandwidth are some of its best features. The increased bandwidth accommodates more network connections. Fleet news reckons that 5G technology will help self-driven cars to make instant decisions. The network allows many devices to access it at once. When many intelligent devices come online while connected, you may realize the top prospects of the internet. A fleet news report that the self-driving cars, with the help of 5G internet, can connect with other cars, street lights and may respond to traffic snarl-ups. 5G network will help to steer forward the development of fleet management to self automation levels.

Vehicle automation

Fleet news and the rise of driverless cars

The fascinating fleet news is the development of autonomous vehicle technology. Top range technology like the 5G network, GPS tracking, and Wi-Fi has made it possible to connect vehicles using a virtual cloud. Constant communication coupled with data sharing ensures the cloud is maintained. According to fleet news, upcoming connected fleets will be able to self-diagnose and identify any inhibitors of fleet efficiency. Many accidents are caused by driving mistakes; this technology may save many lives as the margin of error is reduced.

Development of GPS Tracking and Telematics

What is telematics technology? Telematics is the combination of telecommunications and informatics to create solutions for commercial fleet vehicles. Cables, phone lines, and computer systems work in tandem to run fleet systems efficiently. According to fleet news, real-time diagnostics give fleet managers data to help them control the fleet. As indicated in fleet news, the fleet management systems will gradually integrate artificial intelligence (AI) voice capabilities and data analytics. GPS tracking helps to identify the driver’s location and state of vehicles in real-time. GPS tracking and telematics form a lethal combination. Telematics enables seamless communication among owners, managers, customers, and employees. Some of the benefits accrued from telematics : Increased production; Real-time data helps vehicles to avoid traffic jams shortening the time used to arrive at destinations. Through this, productivity is ramped up, which translates to more profits and improved fleet and staff safety.

A satellite conveying fleet news

Decreased operational costs; Telematics help to cut down the cost of fuel consumption efficiently. Shorter distances and maintenance intervals help to extend the life of brakes and tires, saving you money in the long run.

Effective management; A spreadsheet is used in telematics. It increases effectiveness and efficiency. Through this, fleet managers control drivers’ behavior, reduce vehicle damage and decrease operational costs.

Improved safety; Fleet news show improved public safety due to telematics. Employees are kept in check by fleet managers, and insurers use it to determine driver behavior and control risk.


Maas has been identified as a massive prospect with a high growth capability. It eradicates the multiple payment and ticketing operations. The latest fleet news show Maas will give users a wide range of options like public transport, car rental, sharing options, and taxi. According to fleet news, to reach scalability levels, industry players must liaise with each other. Transport operators have to work with platform operators; feasible Maas business models have to be created, fair access to mobility operations, and an agreement on universal ticketing and data sharing.

Government policy with regards to fleet news

Government policy and Fleet News

The government has come up with rules to ensure every involved party is treated right. Fleet news report introduction of heavy goods vehicles weekly rest that allows the drivers to rest. The fleet news show other regulations like a maximum of nine hours of driving per day and 11 hours daily rest.

Technology will play an instrumental role in fleet management’s future. Fleet news show 5g network is the real deal as it may be 100 times faster than 4g and has an enormous bandwidth. The fleet news further indicates telematics may be a key player in steering fleet management forward. Embrace fleet management to better your business.