Fleet Vehicle Tracking
Systems for Business

Vimcar is designed with you and your business in mind. No matter the sector. No matter the size. Vimcar’s GPS vehicle tracking system takes aways the hassle so you can stay focused on what matters.


Fleet vehicle tracking
for every industry

Fleet Geo’s fleet vehicle tracking system has been designed specifically to help SMEs save time, money and hassle - and improve customer service.

Specifically, our vehicle tracking system is perfect for the distribution sector (e.g. food and beverage, retail and deliveries), the service sector (e.g. electricians, contractors, plumbers, etc.) and the public sector (e.g. fire department, road repair, etc.).

To find out the essentials on Fleet Vehicle Tracking Systems, download our Beginners Guide To Fleet Vehicle Tracking:

What commercial fleet vehicle tracking does for business

Commercial vehicle tracking, or fleet vehicle tracking, offers companies full oversight of their vehicle and driver location, plus updates on traffic and fleet events.

All this gives employers a clearer picture of what is happening in their fleet, enabling them to become more efficient, improve customer service and save time and money.


How does commercial fleet vehicle tracking give you more control?

Having clearer fleet oversight means you can:

  • Update your customers with accurate ETAs, when drivers are on their way
  • Minimise vehicle misuse by making sure your vehicles are always are where they should be
  • Allocate driver jobs easily by knowing who is close to a customer or at the office
  • Provide customers with proof of delivery or appointment arrival/departure – even when the customer is not there
  • Save on fuel by ensuring vehicle usage is optimised

How to get started with commercial vehicle tracking

  • Customer support every day of the week
  • Easy-to-use software and free hardware
  • Flexible price plans

Industries helped by
fleet management vehicle tracking systems

Distribution & vehicle
tracking systems

GPS vehicle tracking systems give fleet managers the control they need to keep fleet vehicles on the road and moving. With fleet vehicle tracking you know where your drivers are at any moment while they are out on the road. This way you can more efficiently dispatch vehicles, provide customers with accurate arrival times and spend less time calling your drivers to receive updates.

With records of all past vehicle routes fleet managers can increase the fuel efficiency of their vehicles by monitoring idle times and optimizing delivery routes. By tracking your company’s fleet the safety of your drivers, vehicles and others on the road, are prioritized. Create alarms to be notified when one of your vehicles has returned to the premises.

  • Maintain safety of drivers and security of your vehicles
  • Improve customer service by providing accurate estimated arrival times
  • Eliminate unnecessary idle times and poor route planning

Services & vehicle
tracking systems

Fleet vehicle tracking can help with daily scheduling. With vehicle tracking systems you can make sure the most direct and efficient routes are taken, whether it be for a scheduled appointment or a plumbing emergency. When vehicles are equipped with a fleet vehicle tracking unit the unexpected is no longer a threat.

Fleet managers can locate the closest available vehicle and get them to a customer in need. This also means customers can easily be updated and informed about the estimated time of arrival. By tracking and recording your vehicle's routes you can better plan for tomorrow. Determine fleet necessity and utilize your vehicles according to the fleet vehicle tracking reports.

  • Improve communication to workers and easily schedule jobs
  • Respond to emergency jobs promptly
  • Easily see where vehicles are on their route

Public sector &
GPS vehicle tracking systems

For operations with many vehicles there are just as many moving parts to monitor and organise. For all facets of government communication, organization, and time management are always of the essence. Fleet vehicle tracking can simplify communication between teams and managers.

With a gps vehicle tracking system installed you can make the most of your resources, utilizing what is already available. Whether it’s an emergency or a fallen tree, fleet vehicle tracking gets vehicles and workers where they need to be quickly and appropriately.

  • Efficiently monitor and use available resources
  • Communicate across teams with accurate location data
  • Improve response times with easy vehicle tracking
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Real customers benefiting from
our fleet vehicle tracking

No matter the industry, our customers always save time, money and hassle with our fleet vehicle tracking. But don’t take our word for it, see how our fleet vehicle tracking have transformed businesses by reading our full customer testimonials now.

Take the managing director of Critical Facilities Solutions, for instance. Among other things, Vimcar’s fleet vehicle tracking has enabled him to deliver a better service to customers:

“What’s great is having a helicopter view of our vehicles at all times, providing customers with accurate ETAs and ascertaining when a driver has arrived and left a site.”

Mike Meyers,
Managing Director of Critical Facilities Solutions

Choosing Vimcar’s
fleet vehicle tracking

What Vimcar can offer:

  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Flexible contract plans & no hidden costs
  • A dedicated support agent
  • Free replacement for lost or damaged hardware

Can our fleet vehicle tracking help?
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How much could
your business save?

No matter what industry you are in, fleet management done right can save your business money. Find out how much with our Return on Investment Calculator.

Save now with digitalised fleet management and Fleet Geo.


What solutions can our business
vehicle tracking provide

1. We find a right driver:
Our business vehicle tracking system refreshes itself every 20 seconds, and hence they pair drivers with a set of the corresponding vehicle, also give and pinpoints to customer address.

2. We Improve the customer service and performance:
Vimcar gives live updates and notification from their business vehicle tracking software that alerts whenever a driver arrives and leaves. Vimcar software also records the arrival appointments( not a must when a customer is there)

3. Optimise your fleet routes
Vimcar business vehicle tracking system enables you to have access to the history of the fleet to view and read journey details such as duration, speed and the breaks take. This helps drivers to save and be time-efficient Vimcar business vehicle tracking get rids of overlaps. Vimcar has an added option where it provides maps for different locations and places.

4. Protection from theft
Vimcar business vehicle tracking makes sure that the vehicles are where they should be whey they should, via the GPS information. The Vimcar box is hidden and fixed to the vehicle's battery, therefore helping in not only tracking the vehicle but also tracking the assets.

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Is Vimcar the right business
tracking software for your business?

Good Pricing and Flexible plans. You can either chose the package that fits your business. Vimcar business vehicle tracking software contains personalised plans and flexible fleet cut-off of up to 15 per cent. It also includes a spring offer where they give out 25 per cent for every tracker you buy.

Fast and Accurate data. Vimcar business vehicle tracking software has been updated with more technological features. Basing on their customer's feedback, it has the market running and most accurate GPS tracking.

Manage and prevent losses: Our business vehicle tracking helps you to choose from the best reliable and trustable drivers to avoid the misuse of resources such as vehicle fuel, and the business uncovers nothing suspicious of financial losses.

Easy to use and install. Since Vimcar is designed for businesses, it has a free experience. The hardware is self-installed in a couple of minutes. The business vehicle tracking consists of a dongle. A Vimcar dongle is kept on the OBD interface, which is an EU standardised with an engine that is combusted. It is found at the corner on the right of the footwell on the vehicle.

The Vimcar box is then attached to the car's battery, an alternative for people who do not require an OBD port; it can also be mounted on the vehicle connected to the battery.

Why choose commercial vehicle
tracking that is easy to install?

Any business with a commercial fleet will know how important it is to have a robust commercial vehicle tracking solution to save time, money and hassle - whilst optimising the all-important customer experience.

But why is it also vital to have a commercial vehicle tracking solution that is easy to install? Let's look at three main reasons:

1. Time
Small businesses simply don't have the time to waste on laborious, complex system installations. Today's cloud-deployed solutions are designed to be simple, easy and fast to install - yourself. When you choose a commercial vehicle tracking such as Fleet Geo from Vimcar, you don't have to waste time in finding a mechanic who can carry out the work for you.

2. Money
When you need to outsource a job - any job - it costs your money business. And if you have a commercial vehicle tracking solution that isn't simple enough to install yourself, you need to take your vehicles off the road while the work is done. Vehicles off the road impact your utilisation, your delivery - and your customer service. All of a sudden, you are being hit with direct costs for outsourced installation work, indirect costs for fleet downtime - and the costs of unhappy customers! All of this can be avoided by using a simple commercial vehicle tracking solution such as Fleet Geo, which you can install yourself with ease.

3. Stress
Whatever their industry or sector, small businesses rely on being fast, nimble and flexible. So a complex commercial vehicle tracking service would also become extremely complicated - and stressful! After all, your priority as a small business is to focus on your customers and your excellent delivery record. Any 'solution' which ends up being more stressful, expensive and time-consuming than it's worth rapidly becomes a liability - especially if that stress, money and time is required every time the system requires an upgrade or fix!


Vimcar: commercial vehicle tracking
system made easy

Happily, Fleet Geo from Vimcar has been designed with all of these factors in mind. We purposely built our market-leading and hugely powerful commercial vehicle tracking solution to be simple to install. In fact, our multi-accredited and certified solution can be managed and installed on your business smartphones in just a few minutes! This means you'll be up and running in no time, without any hassle.

Even better, commercial vehicle tracking operates on your smartphone and desktop alike - depending on what suits your needs best. Naturally, our award-winning software offers you full control over your fleet analysis, whilst being extremely quick, simple and intuitive to use.

Using Vimcar commercial
vehicle tracking system

We're proud to work with small businesses, and we understand the challenges that they face. That is why we are proud to offer a powerful commercial vehicle tracking solution that saves each business 15% on average - with no ongoing costs.


Optimising business vehicle tracking

The current trend in business vehicle tracking has arisen the need for drivers’ accountability and efficiency. Many key players ranging from corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) want a piece of the chunk for smooth operations.

Companies offering business vehicle tracking services have also been required to up their game due to the plummeting demand. Vimcar has emerged as a top-notch provider of business vehicle tracking services with a wide range of products. These are fleet Geo, fleet admin, Driver style analysis, and Driver ID.

Driver Style Analysis: The game changer

The newest product in business vehicle tracking enables you to monitor the drivers, not just the vehicle. The driver style analysis is indispensable to your business due to its ability to provide:


1. Driver analysis:
how business vehicle tracking can help

Get the power to analyse your drivers’ driving habits at the tip of your finger by business vehicle tracking, whether as an individual driver or the entire fleet. this will translate to reduced:

  • Vehicle wear and tear, decreasing repair and maintenance rates. This will keep your car on the tracks for lengthy periods.
  • downtime associated with idling and phone usage during business hours which would lead to customer dissatisfaction.
  • Accident rates which may sprout due to reckless driving such as speeding
  • Insurance rates where you pay for premium insurance cover drastically increasing the cost of business operations.

2. Scoring system

The business vehicle tracking product measures the efficiency of your drivers on a scale of 0-100. This is based on the efficiency of each driver. Consequently, you can identify the outliers.

For the drivers falling behind the expected targets, you can notify them how best their performance can be improved. Additionally, business vehicle tracking enablea sharing detailed data directly with the drivers to cultivate a competitive mindset where everyone wants to meet or maintain a good score.


3. Cost-saving identifiers

Business vehicle tracking also analyses the driving style is vital in upscaling profits and keeping the costs at the bottom. A complete overview of your drivers’ behavior will reduce accident rates resonating from reckless driving and significantly decrease the cost of your insurance premiums. Moreover, your drivers appear professional to your clients, which will grow your brand tremendously.

4. Environmental identifiers
& business vehicle tracking

The business vehicle tracking product measures the efficiency of your drivers on a scale of 0-100. This is based on the efficiency of each driver. Consequently, you can identify the outliers. For the drivers falling behind the expected targets, you can notify them how best their performance can be improved. Additionally, business vehicle tracking enablea sharing detailed data directly with the drivers to cultivate a competitive mindset where everyone wants to meet or maintain a good score.


5. Data export

Get unlimited access to your data with CSV exports. The data accrued can be used in formulating a business strategy that grows your business. Also, the data can be used for internal reporting and communicating a particular driver’s behavior.

Last words on business vehicle tracking

Vimcar has a proven record in business vehicle tracking. It is renowned for:

Easy to use and implement products

The Vimcar fleet can be self-installed in minutes. The Vimcar app is readily downloadable from the Apple app store or google playstore. The meticulous user interface software makes it easy to understand and renders a seamless implementation process.

Offering proactive support

Get round-the-clock client support from our team. They are acquainted with vast knowledge regarding business vehicle tracking.

Offering transparent packages with fair, flexible pricing

We get unrivalled value for your money with no hidden costs that will skyrocket the set prices. Additionally, you can contact us for a customized offer suited to your demands.