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The fleet management solutions that can give your business a boost:

How can our fleet management solutions help UK businesses?

Boost productivity

Most UK fleets lack a truly complete operational overview. Our software gives you full oversight and is dead simple to navigate, so your business can easily plan for vehicle capacity and organise processes with clients and drivers.

Manage expenses

It’s all on one platform: track all of your costs, identify discrepancies and crackdown on inefficient fleet planning and driving. Get rid of all those spreadsheets and let our fleet management solutions do the work for you.

Slash costs

Our fleet management solutions can not only make your business more efficient but actively identify costly driving behaviour, driving down insurance premiums and helping you save on one of your biggest costs: fuel.

Avoid bad surprises

Proactively reduce the risks of fleet accidents or undesired fleet activity by keeping an eye on your fleet with Vimcar. You can customise notifications and get alerted of suspicious activity, important fleet tasks and deadlines.

Customer experiences with Vimcar

Customer's talking about Vimcar's  Fleet Management Solutions

UK customers using our fleet management solutions especially love our:

  1. Easy-to-use products
  2. Proactive customer support
  3. Flexible and fair pricing

Vimcar’s customer support

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Our fleet management solutions are made for any company – no matter their resources our digital expertise. That’s why we offer each customer their own customer support agent who is available to help every business day of the week.

Customers are also offered a free virtual guide of our products when they set up, so they can hit the ground running!

The UK’s only fleet management solution with truly flexible prices

Vimcar is the only fleet management solutions provider that guarantees no hidden costs and offers businesses the opportunity to choose the price plan that suits them best.

All of our products include:

  1. 30-day money-back guarantee
  2. Free hardware replacements
  3. A dedicated customer agent

Who is Vimcar?

Vimcar has provided fleet management solutions to over 100,000 vehicles across Europe and the UK. Its industry-leading products have won several awards, including Business Van and Business Motoring Fleet Management Product of the Year.

High-performing fleet management solutions for your business

Install Vimcar hardware in seconds

Setting up fleet management solutions

You can install Vimcar’s tracking devices into your fleet in a few simple steps. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select a dongle or battery-fitted box from Vimcar’s fleet management solutions package
  2. Install your chosen device into each of your vehicles
  3. You’re set – you can start benefiting from Vimcar’s fleet management solutions

Moreover, installation is completely free and only takes a matter of minutes. Vimcar doesn’t include any hidden fees. At the end of the day, you pay for what you opt in for.

User-intuitive fleet management solutions

A contract with Vimcar's fleet management solutions

Vimcar creates fleet management solutions that place emphasis on user-friendliness. When it comes to simplifying your fleet needs, Vimcar provides you with simple fleet management solutions that go a long way in saving you time and money.

Vimcar’s fleet management solutions include:

  • Fleet Geo
  • Fleet Admin
  • Driving Style Analysis

Saving time and money with Vimcar’s fleet management solutions

Balancing time and money

Vimcar provides SMEs in the UK with specially designed and high-quality fleet management solutions. Using special features and intuitive design, Vimcar’s fleet management solutions slot easily into any business that operates a fleet of vehicles. Overall, businesses that opt for Vimcar benefit by:

  • Saving fuel costs
  • Freeing up more time
  • Reducing vehicle downtime
  • Increasing employee transparency

Vimcar’s fleet management solutions make use of simple, yet extremely useful features to allow your business to shift up a gear. From identifying which driver is driving which vehicle, real-time vehicle location to taking care of external vehicle invoices.
Vimcar knows the ins and outs of SME needs and adapts its fleet management solutions accordingly. These are:

  • Vimcar’s Fleet Geo
  • Vimcar’s Fleet Admin
  • Vimcar’s Driving Style Analysis

Whether our clients find a fitting solution to their administrative vehicle needs with Vimcar’s Fleet Admin, or those who used fleet management solutions to digitalise their vehicle tracking with Fleet Geo. The bottom line is: Vimcar makes your business economically and operationally more efficient.

How Vimcar’s fleet management solutions help your business

How does Fleet Geo improve customer relations?

One of Vimcar’s fleet management solutions, Fleet Geo, utilises key features and technologies to make your business more efficient. This includes:

Fleet tracking working as a fleet management solution

  • Geofencing
  • Timefencing
  • Driver style analysis
  • Multi-stop route planning
  • Vehicle analysis
  • Driver dispatching

As a result of these, you have more time to be able to tend to your clients. Route planning in particular comes in handy when it comes to reaching your clients. When out on the road, you can never exactly anticipate when a road will close or when traffic accidents occur. However, Fleet Geo’s route planning feature instantly adapts your route should the unexpected arise.

Moreover, driver dispatch caters for emergency call-outs and ad-hoc client needs. This is especially the case if your business deals with medical needs as well as requirements of a spontaneous nature. Clients nowadays also prioritise same-day delivery. Therefore, fleet management solutions aren’t just an added bonus, but rather an operational necessity.

How does Fleet Admin improve your business efficiency?

Vimcar’s Fleet Admin product as part of its fleet management solutions is designed to take the stress and time out of your administrative work. As a business owner, fleet operator or driver, you are responsible for carrying out an array of fleet administration tasks. This includes:

Fleet Admin working as a fleet management solution
  • MOT checks
  • Preventative maintenance objectives
  • General inspections
  • Creating and storing invoices for external services

All of these tasks take up time, not to mention the confusion that countless excel sheets and manual pen and paper notes can create. Fleet Admin on the other hand acts as a centralised storage base, using high-quality cloud solutions to keep all of your fleet administration in one place.

Never miss an important MOT check again. Fleet Admin lets you manually set reminders and notifications to keep you alert about important deadlines. Moreover, Vimcar’s Fleet Admin is the central hub for you to store important vehicle tax information. Tax regulations vary widely, depending on your vehicle type, mileage, age, quality and emissions.

It pays to keep all of your important fleet records and information in one place. This is precisely what specialised fleet management solutions, such as Vimcar’s Fleet Admin, provide your business to speed up your efficiency.

Fleet management solutions: How does Driver Style Analysis (DSA) make you more efficient?

A van driver on his tablet

Making sure that your drivers operate and drive your fleet vehicles in a business-appropriate manner used to be a challenge – but no longer.

Vimcar’s fleet management solutions, such as Fleet Geo, provide clients with driver style analysis technology. This comes as a part of Vimcar’s fleet management solutions packages.

How does driver style analysis work?

  • It implements driver identification to ensure let you know who is driving which vehicle
  • It records vehicle information on the road, such as speed history, route history as well as fuel consumption
  • All vehicle data is transmitted in real-time to your personal Vimcar account, which you can view via desktop, tablet or mobile

Driver style analysis grants your business a sense of transparency between fleet manager and driver. This transparency in turn helps to control poor driving habits. As a result, you save money on potential speeding fines, as drivers are less likely to use your vehicles to run personal errands.

You can also spot driving habits which lead to higher expenses, such as high fuel consumption and excessively long routes. Fleet Admin gives you a transparent overview to keep unnecessary expenditures at bay.

How does driver identification improve your business efficiency?

Company employee using fleet management solutions

Driver identification as a feature that combines well with driver style analysis. Vimcar’s Fleet Geo driver identification feature means that you know which driver is driving which vehicle. This means that your operations become less of a guessing game than what they used to be.

Vimcar promotes a sense of trust within your business. This in turn leads to a smaller likelihood of vehicle misuse on the part of your drivers. As a result, you benefit from saved costs and greater operational control.

What Are the Main Uses of Fleet Management Solutions?

Here are the major uses of fleet management solutions:

Business lady putting puzzle pieces together
  • Documentation: Fleet management solutions store the names of all the vehicle models in a fleet. Some fleet managers also use the software to record traffic infringements and penalty points that their fleet drivers receive on the job.
  • Vehicle Tracking: Fleet management solutions offer GPS tracking to help fleet managers monitor the location of their vehicles. Usually, the fleet manager installs a GPS receiver on the dashboard of each car. These receivers deliver real-time reports on the location of the vehicle to the fleet management software.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Fleet management solutions alert you whenever a fleet vehicle develops a mechanical issue so that you can fix it immediately. Fleet managers also receive notifications on the software when a car in their fleet is due for maintenance.
  • Fuel Management: Most fleet management solutions have an in-built fuel management tool that monitors fuel usage across all fleet vehicles. It alerts fleet managers on driving behaviours that waste fuel so that they can train inefficient drivers and reduce fuel costs.

How To Know Which Companies Offer the Best Fleet Management Solutions

There are certain factors that can help you determine whether a specific fleet management solution is an excellent option. Some of these factors are:

A fleet of lorries using Fleet Management Solutions
  1. Usability: Great fleet management solutions are easy to operate. Even fleet managers who have no technical experience can use them without difficulty.
  2. No hidden charges: Reputable fleet management solutions providers are typically upfront with their fees. They only charge the regular amount stated on their website and refrain from additional costs.
  3. High customer rating: The best fleet management solution manufacturers tend to have a lot of positive reviews on standard review sites like Trustpilot.
  4. Excellent customer service: Great fleet management solution companies often provide 24-hour customer support for their buyers. Some fleet management companies may even assign you to a personal support agent.
  5. Flexible payment plans: The best fleet management solutions companies offer their services for a range of prices. This way, customers can register for payment plans that they can afford.
Money in fuel cap

How Do Fleet Management Solutions Save Money on Fuel?

Fleet management solutions save money on fuel by helping fleet managers reduce their vehicle mileage. A vehicle’s mileage refers to the number of miles the car travels at a given time. Usually, fuel decreases the longer a driver spends on the road.

The best fleet management solutions have several features that facilitate mileage reduction, including:

  • Vehicle tracking: Fleet management solutions reveal the location of each fleet car to the fleet manager. When fleet managers receive new call-ins from clients, they can use the tracking feature to determine the driver nearest to the new client and send them there.
  • Route history: Fleet management solutions analyse the mileage spent on each vehicle’s route. Fleet managers can use this information to discover the routes that have lesser miles and optimise them accordingly.