Trackers for Cars:
How to Get Started.

Vimcar’s tracker for cars, Fleet Geo, offers countless solutions to real businesses across the country. Find out what GPS trackers for cars are and why Fleet Geo could be the best option for you.

Why Should I Track My Car?

Here are some of the reasons your business should track your car:

  • Prevent vehicle misuse
  • Find the right drivers
  • Improve customer service
  • Optimise routes
  • Cut costs
  • Protect against theft

We break down all of these solutions, and more, on our dedicated solutions page.


The Impact on Your Business

On average, a business that installs trackers for cars can:

  • Cut fleet costs by up to 15%
  • Boost productivity by up to 30%
  • Save on fleet-related time by up to 60%

If you wondering ‘how can I track my car’, then feel free to get our free brochure and see how our tracker for cars, Fleet Geo, works:

What is a Tracker for Cars?

GPS trackers for cars rely primarily on GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. This technology utilises the Global Navigation Satellite System, a system of 24 satellites and ground stations.

GPS systems have become indispensable tools for fleet management even though their primary function is to locate your car.

GPS trackers for cars indicate the location, direction of travel and other data from each vehicle being tracked. By using trackers to ‘locate my car’, you can help your company plan better routes and use your vehicles optimally, get a comprehensive overview of your fleet and save time and money.

To find out the essentials on trackers for cars make sure to download our Beginners Guide To GPS Car Tracking:

Vimcar Box

What Does a Car Tracker Look Like?

Whilst the answer to the question “what does a car tracker look like” differs according to the provider, they tend to be inexpensive and small.

GPS trackers for cars are merely a GPS system, similar to the ones you commonly find on a smartphone. The 'track my car' devices available today look quite small and can go unnoticeable.

Some are even so easy and user friendly that they can be self-installed in a matter of minutes.

Two of the most common trackers are an OBD dongle or a battery-powered box. The OBD dongle is a small cartridge shaped object that usually has an LED light indicating when it is plugged in and active. The battery powered box is a slightly larger, though flatter box, with a red cable and black cable that attaches to the car battery.

Where is a GPS Tracker for Cars Located?

A common place for a GPS tracker for cars can be installed is into the diagnostic port on the car, called the OBD port. The OBD port is a vehicle’s diagnostic port, which can be found on all vehicles that have been manufactured after 1996. This port is usually located in the top right of your vehicle’s footwell. This is the fastest and simplest way to install a tracker for a car. Tucked into the footwell, the OBD dongle is out of the way and easy to use.

Another ideal location for a 'track my car' device that will help locate your car is to install it under the bonnet on top of the battery. This placement is often very popular as it isn’t easily noticeable like the OBD dongle, yet it is still easy to self-install, requiring no trips to the mechanic.

Of course there are still other types of GPS trackers for cars. Though more flexible regarding placement these kinds of trackers can come with their problems. Unlike the plug-and-play trackers that can be inserted into the OBD port or attached to the car’s battery there are also portable, battery-powered tracking devices.


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How GPS Trackers for Cars Work

When a 'locate my car' device is installed in a vehicle the Global Navigation Satellite System can provide both real-time location information and historical route data. This is possible thanks to a principle in geometry known as trilateration. Through this GPS trackers are able to determine the direction, speed and location of a vehicle all in real-time.

As mentioned, there are many solutions available to businesses through a 'locate my car' device. A well functioning car tracking system will collect essential data and store it to be examined later.

This information can then be accessed through a phone app or desktop software. With an app fleet managers can be alerted about the movement of their vehicles no matter where they are or how busy their schedule. This will keep their vehicle safe and secure.

There is a lot of information that can be obtained on a fleet of vehicles so be sure to spend some time thinking about what kind of car tracker data would actually benefit your business. Do you want to be able to locate your car or set motion alarms? Perhaps you are the only driver, so you are more interested in tracking your car inorder to later see what routes you took and how long you were on a job. All of these things matter when choosing a tracker for your car.

Locate My Car: Benefits & Advantages

Companies choose to install 'locate my car' devices in their fleet for numerous reasons. Some of the most popular reasons are Live GPS tracking and theft protection. With a tracker for cars installed businesses have a fair chance of recovering a stolen vehicle and immediately being notified if a vehicle is being moved outside of working hours.

Alternatively, some businesses purchase trackers for cars to monitor vehicle misuse, observe routes taken and time spent on a job. Features like “Locate My Car” also make it easier for companies to send the nearest vehicles on the road to a jobsite or customer.

'Track my car' devices for cars are an invaluable investment for businesses such as car rental companies, emergency services, delivery services and plumbing companies. Such technology has also been useful to the security sector, electricians, and the in-home care sector.

Whether you want to track your cars for additional security or to improve customer service, the next best step is to understand what trackers are available on the market. Not all trackers are created equal, and while some are easy to install others require a trip to the garage. Once installed, trackers for cars pick up signals from GPS satellites to deliver precise real-time locations. This data is stored within the software and can even provide detailed information such as stops, speeds, direction of movement.

With so many benefits to your business, tracker for cars can likely save you thousands. Find out exactly how much with our Return on Investment Calculator:


Track My Car:
Installing the Hardware

If you opt for a hardware like the Vimcar OBD dongle or Box you can install the system on your own by following the provided instructions. For the OBD dongle simply locate the OBD interface and with adequate pressure insert the hardware into the port.

Watch now: How Easy is it to Install Vimcar?

The Vimcar Box is just as easy to install. Locate your vehicle’s battery, which is usually located under the car’s bonnet but can also be found in the boot, under the driver’s seat or under the passenger’s seat.

If you decide to use a car tracker that is hardwired to the vehicle’s electrical system you will likely need to hire a professional to ensure it is installed properly. Experts recommend having the installation of a wired car tracking device done by a mechanic especially if you are looking to hide your tracker or need to have multiple trackers fitted in a fleet of vehicles. Remember that these kinds of devices can come with an installation fee per vehicle, so be sure to factor those costs into your fleet budget.


In general the distillation process of a tracker for cars will require the same amount of time, energy and money as the installation process. Trackers that required a trip to the garage to install will most likely require a second trip and fee to deinstall. Be sure to ask about such hidden fees ahead of time.

OBD dongles are extremely easy to uninstall. Whether you no longer need a fleet tracking system or have a new vehicle you want to switch the tracker over to, with a hardware such as the Vimcar OBD dongle the removal or switch is easy. Simply remove the hardware from the OBD port and you’re done. The software will immediately notify you that the tracker has been removed from the car incase the removal was done accidentally or was unauthorised.


The Final Word on
GPS Trackers for Cars

GPS trackers for cars are highly useful whether you simply want to locate your car or want to keep your business vehicles safe. A device to track your car can be extremely affordable and cost effective. These devices provide security for your vehicle against theft or employee misuse.

Many businesses have already made the investment into trackers for their company cars and their fleets are better for it. Whether you have delivery vehicles serving customers in town or across borders, or you have vehicles that need to respond to emergency situations the data provided from a car tracking system can regularly benefit your business.

By tracking your cars you can get a better sense of how your drivers are behaving behind the wheel. With a route history documentation you can analyse what routes slow down drivers and better optimise for future routes. This can help lead to improved productivity, more efficient routes and happier drives. So long are the days of endlessly calling a driver to ask them where they are. Fleet managers can now simply check the computer or app to get the answer.

If you are interested in installing a 'track my car' device into your fleet, get in touch with a member of our team to discuss our fleet solutions.

What Are The Laws Are Car Tracking My Employees?

Employers are allowed to have auto trackers for cars to track their employees' activity with the following limitations:

  • Employers can't track or monitor an employee's location 24/7. It is only allowed if they have an excellent cause to do so.

  • Employers can't track or monitor an employee's location in real-time. They need to ask for written permission before they start monitoring the trackers for cars.

  • Some employers also use GPS and IP address tracking, but the same rules apply. They need to make sure that they are not violating any of the laws, and they should make sure that their employees know about trackers for cars through contract agreements.


What Best Practices Can I Employ To Ensure I Am Within The Law?_

  • Privacy expectations should also be considered when storing data. This information should be considered before getting GPS trackers for cars without their owner's consent.

  • Companies should track an employee when they are using the company-owned property. Employees should understand that there are many ways that GPS trackers for cars could be used, and this is one of them.

  • The employer should only tract employees to the extent justifiable by the business needs.

  • Employers should ensure they have a GPS tracking policy.

  • And finally, be responsible and considerate. Ensure you use trackers for cars to monitor employees during working hours.

What Is Driving Style Analysis?

The driving style analysis is the practice of analyzing a person's driving habits and drawing conclusions about that person's personality or mental state. Driving style analysis is typically used in criminal investigations of traffic accidents. However, it can also be used for research purposes. It is important to note that this technique cannot be used to identify a driver with absolute certainty but can provide insight into how a driver operates their vehicle every day.


How Can Driving Style Analysis Save Me Money?

Driving style analysis (DSA) provides information about how well an individual is driving and what could improve their driving skills. Using this data, we can make better decisions about vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption. Drivers will also know what they need to avoid accidents and save money through lower insurance premiums and having trackers for cars.

Is There A Car Tracker With No Monthly Fee?

Yes, but they are not advised. Most people prefer trackers for cars with no monthly fee. But it is not advised to use one because you will need to pay for other costs, which might be more expensive than a monthly fee. If you are looking for trackers for cars, there are various ways to do that. You can use a GPS trackers for cars that cost some money upfront but have no additional fees, or you can use the app on your phone.


What Is The Best Car Tracker?

The Vimcar trackers for cars are the best car trackers because it is a complete all-in-one solution. The Vimcar trackers for cars have a lot of customer reviews, and they have been rated well for their customer service, so they will always be happy to help you with any queries you have. I recommend Vimcar as the best car tracker because it is the easiest to use and has flexible pricing, so it won't cost too much if you want to purchase additional accessories for your device.