Gain total control with a
360° fleet overview.

Vimcar is the one fleet management platform SMEs need:
track vehicles, drivers and costs with the market’s most
accurate GPS and easy-to-use software.

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More than 100,000 vehicles already benefit from Vimcar's services. You could too.

Enhance internal and external processes with full fleet oversight.


Enhance internal and external processes with full fleet oversight.

Improve internal efficiency

Boost customer relations

Cut fleet costs


Strengthen your brand

Track vehicle usage

Identify flaws in your fleet and
tackle them instantly.

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Improve your daily operations
Plan more effectively for vehicle capacity, customer processes and drivers’ jobs.

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Manage your fleet’s costs
Evaluate your fleet’s costs and outliers, all on one easy-to-use platform.

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Slash fleet expenses
Reduce fuel and insurance costs by minimising vehicle misuse and inefficient driving.

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Avoid unexpected surprises
Customise notifications to warn you of deadlines and unpermitted driving.

Vimcar’s fleet management software
is simple to implement and easy to use.

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"I have been using Vimcar for a year. I can honestly say the system is great, easy to use and install!"

- by M. Wright

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Fleet management software
that grows with our customers.

We are in constant contact with our customers to ensure their success with our software. Vimcar also updates its products on a quarterly basis, in line with customer feedback – so we know we can meet your requirements.


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Unrivalled value for money.

Fair and flexible pricing with no hidden costs.

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You get to choose the features, payment plan and hardware you want, with no additional costs.

Fleet management software that can
improve your bottom line.

Germany’s leading fleet management software:

Fleet Geo is a Fleet management software created for businesses looking to save time and money, without any extra hassle. This is why Vimcar’s vehicle GPS tracking is the market leader in Germany and the reason for bringing the tracking software to the UK.

A fleet management software with long and short term savings
With Vimcar’s fleet management software you will be able to see savings instantly. With its fleet management software from Fleet Geo you’ll be able to uncover the fleet inefficiencies you were previously unaware of, or did not know how to solve.

Vimcar will help you track idling times, reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and help streamline vehicle journeys. Importantly, for fleet management software for the UK, you’ll be able to keep track of unwanted expenses like Clean Air Zone routes.

Beyond the day-to-day benefits of Vimcar’s fleet management software, you’ll have access to features that help avoid some big, unexpected costs - like our Theft Protection feature. Our data exportation feature is another good example. You will be able to digitalise, download and keep track of drivers’ time sheets so there are no unanticipated fines from the authorities.

What is fleet management software?

Fleet management software refers to the monitoring of assets such as cars or trucks using a GPS management system. The data collected enables the fleet managers to monitor their business activities and make strategic decisions putting the businesses in the right trajectory.

Industry-leading fleet management software

Vimcar offers state-of-the-art fleet management software, giving you around-the-clock control of your cars and trucks. Vimcar stands out amid other fleet management software companies by being:

Easy to install: fleet management software have traditionally been difficult to install. This has necessitated long installation times in the garage halting the clients' business, especially for clients with limited vehicles. Vimcar fleet management software, which consist of both the hardware and software, are very easy to self-install. The software can be downloaded from your google play store or apple app store, depending on your phone's configuration. Similarly, the fleet management software hardware can be installed into the onboard diagnostic interface in seconds.

Easy to use: The friendly user interface and compatibility with any vehicle ensure businesses hassle-free fleet management software. Let Vimcar take care of your fleet management software as you worry about the nitty-gritty of your business.

The most accurate GPS on the market: Fast and precise GPS services enable real-time data on the exact location of your vehicle. It also allows you to find the shortest route when running your business. This will save you fuel costs and ensure timely delivery of your products to your clients.

Flexible price plans: fleet management software has never been this affordable! The Vimcar's reasonably priced plans with no hidden costs include: 24-month plan which goes for € 7.90 only, yearly plan for € 9.90 only and the monthly plan for €11.90. Moreover, you can contact our team for a personalised offer that caters to your business needs.

Excellent customer support: The consistent customer support guarantees that you will not run short of technical expertise. Additionally, Vimcar's customer support is knowledgeable on fleet management software issues, and offers product tutorials. Therefore, the smooth running of your business can be assured.

What Solutions does Vimcar's Fleet Geo provide?

Vehicle misuse prevention
From drivers operating the car outside the official business hours to operations outside the set geographical area, Vimcar's fleet Geo will notify you of any vehicle misuse. Fleet management software will give you accurate information about your employees' driving habits.

Improving customer service
With Vimcar fleet management software, clients receive a notification on when the driver leaves the business store and when he arrives at the pickup location, not to mention the time taken for the driver to arrive at the destination. This will improve the loyalty of your clients, leading to better reviews and increased revenues.

Finding the right driver
The Vimcar's fleet geo enables you to locate and dispatch your vehicles to the closest clients. By pinpointing your customer's addresses and the closest available driver every 20 seconds and calculating the estimated travel times, prompt customer response is optimised. Additionally, you can contact our team to pair each vehicle with the corresponding driver.

Cutting fuel costs
Fleet Geo gives you insights into the route's duration and speed, allowing you to determine the most optimal routes for your fleet that will significantly cut your costs.

Providing a clearer operational overview
The easy, accurate, and fast monitoring of your vehicles in a cost-effective manner with no hidden costs serves to streamline your business operation. With Vimcar fleet management software, you get to know the number of profitable vehicles and the reasons from an overview of their operation, which will foster the formulation of efficient business strategies.