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We’ve made fleet tracking easy, so you can fully focus on the rest of your business.

Analyse where your fleet has been and where it is now: it’s never been easier to optimise for the future with our award-winning software. Available on desktop and mobile, our easy-to-use product gives you full control - wherever you or your fleet are.


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A modern fleet tracking software
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acurate data export

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Sales Team (3)
Sales Team (3)

"Fleet Geo does what it says:
it’s an easy-to-use tool.
Simple to install and there
are no ongoing costs!”

Mike Meyer
Managing Director, Critical Facilities Solutions

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Nippon Seiki

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Country Manager UK

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Fleet management software for business:
How Vimcar can improve your bottom line.

Germany’s leading fleet management software:

Fleet Geo is a fleet management software created for businesses looking to save time and money, without any extra hassle. This is why Vimcar’s fleet tracking system is the market leader in Germany and the reason for bringing the management software to the UK.

A fleet tracking system with long and short term savings

With Vimcar’s fleet management software you will be able to see savings instantly. With its fleet tracking system from Fleet Geo you’ll be able to uncover the fleet inefficiencies you were previously unaware of, or did not know how to solve.

Vimcar will help you track idling times, reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and help streamline vehicle journeys. Importantly, for fleet management software for the UK, you’ll be able to keep track of unwanted expenses like Clean Air Zone routes.

Beyond the day-to-day benefits of Vimcar’s fleet tracking system, you’ll have access to features that help avoid some big, unexpected costs - like our Theft Protection feature. Our data exportation feature is another good example. You will be able to digitalise, download and keep track of drivers’ time sheets so there are no unanticipated fines from the authorities.

A fleet tracking system for you and your end customers

Vimcar’s fleet management software gives you the opportunity to strengthen customer-company relationships. Vimcar’s fleet tracking system allows you to give clients ETAs and warn them when your fleet vehicle is close (speeding up drivers’ turnaround times). You will also be able to provide confirmations and proof of delivery/collection.

Let Vimcar’s fleet management software optimise your fleet, cut your costs and reduce your workload, helping you focus on your customers. Discover how easy fleet management can be with our award-winning solutions.

Special Offer: Get Fleet Geo for free until 2021.


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