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Gain total control with a
360° fleet overview.

Vimcar is the one fleet management platform SMEs need:
track vehicles, drivers and costs with the market’s most
accurate GPS and easy-to-use software.

More than 100,000 vehicles already benefit from Vimcar's services. You could too.

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Enhance internal and external processes with full fleet oversight.

Deal with fleet events instantly: find the nearest driver to a customer, replace ad-hoc driver contact with accurate vehicle tracking and optimise routes along the way.

Locate the nearest driver to a customer address, update them with accurate ETAs and rely on digital reporting for records of job attendance.

Track and manage all your fleet costs in one place - our fleet management software will alert you of any cost outliers and inefficient or unpermitted driving.

Show customers you are an efficient digital business, in control of your drivers’ operations.

Make sure all vehicles are where they should be, curb vehicle misuse and customise notifications to be warned of unpermitted activity.

Identify flaws in your fleet and
tackle them instantly.

Improve your daily

Plan more effectively for vehicle capacity, customer processes and drivers’ jobs.

Manage your fleet’s

Evaluate your fleet’s costs and outliers, all on one easy-to-use platform.

Slash fleet

Reduce fuel and insurance costs by minimising vehicle misuse and inefficient driving.

Avoid unexpected

Customise notifications to warn you of deadlines and unpermitted driving.

Vimcar’s fleet management software
is simple to implement and easy to use.

"I have been using Vimcar for a year. I can honestly say the
system is great, easy to use and install!"

by M. Wright

Fleet management software
that grows with our customers.

We are in constant contact with our customers to ensure their success with our software. Vimcar also updates its products on a quarterly basis, in line with customer feedback – so we know we can meet your requirements.

vehicles equipped
software improvements so far
recorded trips
% made in fleet savings each year

UK fleet management software.

Vimcar Fleet Management
Software Solutions for UK SMEs

Simultaneously analysing, locating and improving your fleet of vehicles can sound like a challenge - but it doesn’t have to be.

Vimcar’s fleet management software packages are specially tailored to the needs of SMEs in the UK. Fleet managers, fleet operators and business leaders stay in control of their fleet by using Vimcar’s Fleet Geo fleet management software. This industry-leading tool uses state of the art GPS fleet management software to locate all vehicles in real-time.

Fleet management software UK:
tools designed to help businesses like yours grow.

Customer experiences with Vimcar

Vimcar’s specially-designed tools and features come in to allow companies that operate fleets to shift up a gear.

Whether our clients find a fitting solution to their administrative vehicle needs with Vimcar’s Fleet Admin, or those who used fleet management software to digitalise their vehicle tracking with Fleet Geo. The bottom line is: Vimcar makes your business economically and operationally more efficient.

Learn how Vimcar’s solutions have specifically benefitted its clients.

Vimcar is designed to save you time, money and stress.

Vimcar’s fleet management software packages are created with your business needs in mind.

This why we’ve created a Return On Investment calculator for you to see how much Vimcar saves you. Our calculator is easy to use and takes only a matter of seconds to fill out.

Industry leading fleet management software:

Vimcar provides businesses looking to save time and money with specially designed fleet management software.

Equipped with award-winning customer service, Vimcar slots easily into businesses that operate fleets to take care of your fleet management needs.

How our fleet management software
can improve your bottom line.

Fleet Geo software management

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo comes into its own when it comes to monitoring and locating your vehicles. Fleet Geo uses state of the art GPS technology to give you an overview into where your fleet is in real-time. Gone are the days of manually checking where each vehicle is. Stay in control of your operations with Vimcar’s Fleet Geo fleet management software.

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo brings more benefits to your business than real-time vehicle tracking alone. Its vehicle analysis feature allows you to analyse vehicle information with pinpoint accuracy and identify fleet inefficiencies, vehicle misuse as well as driver identification.

Through this, you can develop a more transparent relationship with your drivers as well as a clear insight into whether your vehicles need upgrading. Fleets kept sleek and shiny ultimately perform better than neglected ones. As a result, you save money on fuel, repairs and speeding fines, since you can view all vehicle data in real-time via mobile, desktop or tablet.

Fleet Admin fleet
management software:

Fleet Admin by Vimcar is a fleet management software UK solution that takes care of your administrative needs. As a fleet manager, operator or business leader, you are required to perform regular preventative maintenance needs, carry out vehicle inspections as well as complete or outsource vehicle MOT checks.

These manual checks are often noted with pen and paper, taking up considerable time. Fleet Admin saves you time and stress by digitalising these processes as well as visualising your fleet expenditures, storing them in a centralised cloud. Through this, your essential business administrative procedures become more organised, quick and transparent, saving you time as well as countless excel sheets.

The bottom line is that your preventative maintenance needs as well as your fleet expenditures are tidied up and become a lot more simple to process and analyse. This gives you a full, instant overview into expenses and procedures, all digitalised and modernised. Fleet management software makes you more efficient and saves you time.

Benefit from Driver Style Analysis
to fundamentally improve your business:

Vimcar offers state-of-the-art fleet management software, giving you around-the-clock control of your cars, vans and HGVs. Crucially, Vimcar’s fleet management software provides you with Driver Style Analysis (DSA) technology, or DSA for short.

What Is Driver Identification and how does your business benefit?

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo fleet management software UK package features driver identification. But how does driver identification work?

Each driver within your fleet receives a small key-sized bluetooth device.
They attach to their keychain or carry it around through other means.
The device transmits data to your fleet’s centralised cloud when the driver is near a vehicle installed with a Vimcar tracker.

How does your business benefit?

Fleet management software’s driver identification features lets you know who exactly is driving what exact vehicle, where, how and when. Again, this highlights the integral theme of driver transparency within your business. Drivers with a history of reckless driving habits or those who use your vehicles for personal errands are also held accountable, deterring such actions.

UK fleet management
software to help your business

All of our products are designed so SMEs can save money, time and hassle. Our fleet management software is designed to ensure businesses can set up and work with Vimcar regardless of their experience or digital know-how – all our products are extremely simple to use.

Each of our fleet management software products offer different solutions. Our products include:

Fleet Geo: the market’s most accurate fleet tracking

Fleet Admin: an easy-to-use fleet administrations tool

Driver Style Analysis: software to identify and score your employee’s driving efficiency

Fleet Geo solutions

This fleet management software gives users complete vehicle, driver and traffic visibility. In turn, this enables you to:

Minimise vehicle misuse: all users can, at a glance, see if drivers are not using their vehicles the way they should be. Plus, you can customise notifications to alert you of undesired activity – like a vehicle leaving your premises outside of business hours.

Find the right driver: if a job needs doing, you can quickly see which vehicles are on the road or parked at the office. Also, you can check which vehicle is closest to a customer address, helping you respond to incoming requests far more efficiently.

Improve customer service: because you can track vehicles and customer addresses with this UK fleet management software, you can also send customers accurate ETAs and give them proof of a delivery/employee arrival, even if the client is not there.

Fleet Admin solutions

This administrative fleet management software is essential to ensure employers can keep track of key fleet information with great ease.

Organise your data: most fleet managers use spreadsheets (or even pen or paper) to keep track of all their fleet data. Our fleet management software organises all of that data in one place and can be customised so everything is exactly where you want it to be.

Save money: once all of your cost data is uploaded, Vimcar can help manage all of your costs and even identify cost discrepancies, so you always know your expenditures are in order.

Automate workflows: this fleet management software digitalises a lot of your work, saving you heaps of time. For example, Fleet Admin will remind you of any important tasks of deadlines, so you don’t have to keep setting yourself reminders.

Driver Style Analysis (DSA) solutions

DSA is perhaps the most important money-saving fleet management software service for UK companies:

Identify inefficient driving: our straightforward scoring system will not only identify inefficient driving for you, but tell you how it was inefficient (too much braking, acceleration, etc.). You can then use this for internal reporting.

Slash costs: Once drivers have been warned of their inefficient driving, you can put a stop to it. This will then reduce fuel usage, wear and tear, accident rates and insurance costs.

Improve your brand: with our fleet management software drivers on the road, using your vans, will always drive professionally. Plus, cutting down on fuel will also make your company and brand more environmentally friendly.