How Much Does A Car Tracker Cost Your Business?

Comparing the cost of car trackers can be overwhelming. Between hidden fees and extra charges there are many ways the cost of fleet tracker can hurt your business. Learn how much you should be paying.
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Wanting to know how much are car trackers? When comparing car tracking systems, simply considering the cost per vehicle isn’t enough. Most fleet management systems are chock-full of hidden fees.

How much is a car tracker with hidden costs?

Car trackers cost anything between £5 and £20 a month. That said, the cheaper car trackers generally come with expensive hidden fees. Some hidden fees to look out for include:

  • Installation fees (£90+)
  • Cancellation fees (£100+)
  • Administration charges (£20+)
  • De-installations costs (£75+)
  • Service calls (£40+)
  • Shipping charges (£5+)

These hidden fees quickly rack up, and a car tracking system that seemed affordable at first can end up draining your budget and lowering your bottom line. 

Car tracking costs with flexible pricing

What few providers are able to offer is pricing that is personalised to a particular customer’s needs. For example, when considering car tracking costs, you should also look at the lengths and terms of your contract and make sure it fits what you are looking for.

Vimcar car tracker prices

At Vimcar, for instance, we like to not only avoid charging all the ‘hidden costs’ listed above but also offer various contracts at different prices. We also offer the option to customise contracts based on your fleet size and needs. Here’s an overview of our price plans:

The car tracking cost on a biannual plan with Vimcar

For those looking for the most affordable car tracking cost, our 24-month plan starts at just £7.90 and has no hidden costs.

The car tracking cost on a yearly plan with Vimcar

How do our car trackers cost for a standard, yearly contract? only £9.90!

The car tracking cost on a monthly plan with Vimcar

For those looking for a more short-term solution, our monthly plan is £11.90 and can be cancelled with only a month’s notice.

Feel free to give our team a call and get your own personalised quote today – see exactly how much our car tracking costs. Or, simply download our product brochure to see what we can offer your business today:

Why some car trackers cost more than others

When asking yourself ‘how much are car trackers’, you must consider the fact that every provider is targeting a certain audience. Here are just 3 reasons why some car trackers cost more than others:

  1. Some providers target huge multinationals, who can afford higher car tracking costs. Hence, they are able to inflate their prices.
  2. These same providers have to offer more complex fleet solutions to multinationals. Some car trackers, therefore, have ultra-sophisticated features that you will never have to use.
  3. Other car trackers cost more because the hardware is more complicated and takes more time to install.

If you are not a huge, international corporation then it could be wise to look for fleet tracking solutions tailored to the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. It would also be good to look for a car tracker that you can quickly (and easily) self-install.

Car tracking costs: what is good value?

The question then still remains: what’s the best car tracking device for your money? In terms of price, ease of use, excellent customer service and good ROI, Vimcar’s Fleet Geo is a good choice. Here’s a breakdown of how much Vimcar’s car tracker will really cost your business:

money no hidden fees car tracker cost

1. No Hidden Fees 

How much are car trackers going to cost you? Consider the hidden fees listed above; over time, one car tracking system could cost you £265 or more simply to install, cancel and then de-install the hardware. And that doesn’t take into account the other hidden fees that are associated with many of the top car tracking systems on the market. 

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo has no hidden fees, which means you’ll know upfront exactly how much you’ll pay per month when you invest in this tracking system. 

2. Easy to Use 

Fleet Geo has a simple plug-and-play installation that’s compatible with all vehicles. This means you can install the hardware yourself without having to spend time or money on it. Your vehicles will be back on the road the same day, which is especially ideal for small businesses that can’t afford to have vehicles in the shop for an extended period of time. 

Plus, Fleet Geo’s software is easy to use. You won’t have to waste time learning new software since it’s user-friendly and simple to set up. 

3. Customer Support 

Man speaking on the phone

All too often, fleet managers forget to factor in quality customer support when comparing car tracking costs. However, good customer support can make a fleet manager’s job so much easier. Vimcar’s customer support is completely free of charge and every member of our support team is a fleet expert. Moreover, we guarantee a call back within one business day. Our support team can help mold Fleet Geo to your company’s needs to ensure that you get the most out of the product. 

4. Good ROI

Studies have shown that companies using outdated technology to manage their fleets pay more over time. Investing in a car tracking system, like Fleet Geo, can save you money and increase your ROI. A few of the ways Fleet Geo can save you money include: 

  • Optimise routes — Fleet Geo’s route history documentation features helps you optimise routes and minimise the amount of time a vehicle is on the road. This will reduce both maintenance and petrol costs. 
  • Digital data storage — Since data is stored digitally, you can easily track each vehicle’s mileage and reduce the amount of time vehicles are off the road for unplanned maintenance. 
  • Identify underutilised vehicles — Underutilised vehicles require maintenance and take up space, all while depreciating in value. A car tracking system can help you cut this dead weight and save money long-term. 
Pile of coins representing "how much are car trackers"

How much are car trackers going to cost you?

Just because a company advertises as being more affordable than other car tracking systems on the market doesn’t mean they are the best solution for your company. When comparing car tracking costs, remember to take the following into account: hidden fees, ease of use, whether the system comes with quality customer support and what your ROI will be. 

Your fleet’s needs matter. With the right car tracker and the right provider, you can be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Benefits of a using Fleet Geo

Low vehicle tracking costs

Vehicle tracking costs may vary, but Vimcar offers world-class tracking services at competitive prices that are friendly to your pocket. It has vehicle tracking costs with several package prices that are tailor-made for commercial and personal use.

Fast and accurate data

Fleet Geo software provides exact and real-time data. The app is efficient, saving time. Frequent updates keep you in touch with the situation at hand. Vehicle tracking costs are lower due to its latest GPS.

Exemplary customer care service

The Fleet Geo support is available on a 24/7 basis. The around the clock staff have answers for any questions or concerns that may arise. In-depth information about the products is also available.

It’s easy to use

The application is easy to install and can operate from anywhere as all you need is a smartphone. This cuts down on car tracker costs associated with the initial car tracking setup.

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5 Solutions Vimcar provides: Business’s Best Car Tracker

1. Prevents vehicle theft

Through its latest GPS tracking software, it offers real-time locations of your vehicle. You can customise the app to notify you when the car gets out of the set geographical area. Through this, vehicle misuse and theft are tacked. Time and vehicle tracking costs are affordable.

2. Finding the right driver for your vehicle

If you are operating a business, speed and efficiency are vital. The app refreshes itself every twenty seconds to help the driver get new customers. It also calculates the client and driver’s distance, providing an accurate waiting time to the client.

3. Route optimisation

Traffic snarl-ups are detrimental to business. The app gives you access to your route history, helping you to cut out overlaps and time-wasting stops. You can craft a route plan that is faster and time-saving.

4. Reduces vehicle misuse

The app will notify you if the vehicle has been operating outside the official business hours. Through this, fuel consumption is reduced. For this, and many other reasons, car tracker costs associated with Vimcar are significantly outweighed by the benefits.

5. Improves customer service

Customers can receive live ETAs. The client is notified when the driver leaves s and arrives at the pick-up location. It also records the time the driver used to arrive at the destination.

Advantages of using Vimcar 

Fleet Geo and vehicle tracking costs
  • Vimcar offers a 30-day cash-back guarantee. 
  • A dedicated support agent.
  • Free repair and replacement of hardware. 
  • Flexible contracts
  • No hidden charges.
  • Lower vehicle tracking costs.

Fleet tracking is vital for your commercial vehicle’s success as you seek one to ensure it saves you time, effort and improves your fleet’s performance.

Make sure you get the best best car tracker (at the best price) for you and your business – download Vimcar’s product brochure at the bottom of this page!

How to Get the Best Car Tracker Deal

Save your car tracker cost.

A car tracker is installed on your car and emits a signal to a software programme, helping you to keep tabs on your vehicle. The fleet tracker and the programme form a tracking device. They are instrumental in:

  • cutting fuel costs
  • preventing car theft
  • tracking the car’s operations.

Therefore, a car tracker cost is a fundamental factor to consider in purchasing one. It is worth noting that the car tracker cost is a combination of both acquisition and installation, not to mention the maintenance and respective software subscriptions.

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Tips to consider when buying a car tracker

  1. Look for a reputable seller. Given that the car tracker cost supersedes the hardware you see, the quality and durability of the fleet tracker are of paramount importance. For instance, a 30-day money-back guarantee is a good indicator of a dealer who is confident of their product.
  1. Enquire of any hidden car tracker costs. On paper, the car tracker cost may seem affordable. Installation fees, service calls, shipping and administrative charges, not to mention cancellation and de-installation fees, may make the total car tracker cost skyrocket.
  1. Get an easy-to-use car tracker. Simplicity in installing the hardware and software operation goes a long way in optimising your car tracker cost. Your business will benefit immensely from an affordable car tracker cost that allows self-installation – not to mention the software’s simple user interface.
  1. Consider the monthly subscription of software use. The logic behind purchasing a car tracker is down to the many advantages your company will benefit from. Subsequently, an affordable car tracker cost is one in which the paybacks your business reaps from its usage surpasses the cash spent on monthly subscriptions.
  1. Weigh in on customer support. Given that there are monthly subscriptions, you may need to reach the car tracker dealer regarding upgrading your package or if your software runs into any trouble. Therefore, the ease of achieving your dealers’ support staff and the cost incurred are vital in determining the car tracker cost.

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A low car tracker cost will make you happy.

Why Consider Vimcar’s Fleet Geo?

Vimcar is a renowned fleet tracker with a proven record of success in fleet management. As a result, the use of our revolutionary product, Fleet Geo, provides many benefits. These include:

  1. 30-day cash back guarantee. Vimcar offers you a refund if you cancel your subscription within the first 30 days.
  1. Provision of fast data with pinpoint accuracy. Equipped with the most up-to-date GPS, Fleet Geo provides efficient tracking of your car’s location and route history at the tip of your hands.
  1. Round-the-clock customer support. The support staff of Fleet Geo are informed on all issues relating to fleet management in addition to being able to respond to you at any hour of the day.
  1. Affordable car tracker costs. Fleet Geo has no hidden cost relating to installation fee, since our software can be downloaded and installed via your smartphone’s app store. Another plus is the flexible pricing of car tracker costs.
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