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Save an average of £16,000 a year with our Anti-Theft feature


Avoid 10% of all empty journeys


Keep data safe with Vimcar’s German data protection


React instantly to customers with our Live Location feature

Fleet Management for business,
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  • Fleet tracking as a fleet management solution
    • Vehicle tracking
    • Route History
    • Data Export
    • Geofencing

    vehicle tracking.

    With our accurate GPS live tracking feature you can see where your vehicles are right now. By pinpointing the exact coordinates of your vehicles on our map, as well as their designated routes and travel times, you can make lightning-fast decisions about work allocation.

    • Check at a glance whether all your vehicles are where you expect them to be
    • Quickly respond to incoming customer requests by sending your nearest drivers
    • With a GPS-live fleet you can provide customers with precise arrival times
  • Route planning software as a fleet management solution
    • Vehicle tracking
    • Route History
    • Data Export
    • Geofencing

    route history.

    With our route history feature you have an overview of every journey each of your vehicles have logged. Not only can you trace back their exact coordinates with this feature, but also see the duration of each job and if any stops were made.

    • Select individual journeys and obtain ‘start’, ‘finish’ and ‘idling’ times for each trip
    • Customise relevant search filters
    • Easily identify flaws in your routes and improve their efficiency
  • Data export as a fleet management solution
    • Vehicle tracking
    • Route History
    • Data Export
    • Geofencing

    data export.

    Easily locate and access your data online or, better still, download the information you need, whenever you need it.

    • Easily export an excel file with all the details of your vehicle journeys
    • Conveniently share raw data internally
    • Create timesheets, or verify proof of delivery to customers
  • Geofencing and fleet management solutions
    • Vehicle tracking
    • Route History
    • Data Export
    • Geofencing

    Secure geofencing &

    Time and Geofencing features help you monitor your vehicles by creating location and time restrictions. If one of your vehicles goes beyond the indicated geo-zone or indicates movements outside of business hours, you will be notified immediately.

    • Helps you prevent theft or unauthorised activities
    • Notifies you of your fleet's progress on route
    • Alerts you when your vehicles have entered specific business areas and are ready to be reloaded

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Doherty Meats

“I can now ascertain whether or not the same vehicles are servicing the same areas and tidy up their route if necessary. Looking at route history is really important for us.”

Brian Doherty,
Sales and Marketing Manager,
Doherty Meats

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Nippon Seiki

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