How can Vimcar's Driving Style Analysis 

help your business?

Proactively tackle inefficient
driving behaviour.

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Proactively tackle inefficient
driving behaviour.

Driver analysis

Fair and flexible pricing

Scoring system

Cost-saving identifiers


Environmental identifiers


Install a system that is
simple to implement and easy to use.

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Looking for references?
Here’s what our customers have to say:

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    "Vimcar was the exact solution we were looking for - and was really easy to install!"

    Doniert Macfarlane
    Owner & Director
    Talk to a Doctor

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    "Vimcar does what it says: It’s an easy-to-use tool. Simple to install and there are no ongoing costs."

    Mike Meyer
    Managing Director

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    "It is easy and simple to do. If you aren‘t tech savvy — don’t worry! This should help the older companies to enter the 21st century."

    Hanna Wise
    Company Administrator
    Union Plumbing

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State of the art driver management
technology for fleets.

Driver behaviour
tracking made easy.

Vimcar’s DSA (Driving Style Analysis) driver management technology gives you driver behaviour history and overview. Track this information - easily on your device:

  • Vehicle speed
  • Acceleration statistics
  • Vehicle idling
  • Phone usage

Vimcar’s DSA driver management tool implements an easy-to-use 1-10 efficiency scoring system for each of your drivers. This means that you no longer have to rely on second-guessing as well as your instinct when it comes to driving behaviour.


Good driver management
discourages poor driving habits.

Poor driving behaviour, habits and general attitudes can add up to unnecessary costs for your business. Vimcar’s DSA driver management tool uses real-time data as well as driver data history to reduce costs you can do without. These include:

  • Speeding fines,
  • Inefficient fuel usage
  • Unauthorised vehicle usage

Vimcar’s DSA driver management tool uses transparency and data to identify cost-saving opportunities. Having drivers who drive over the speed limit, drive in an unsafe manner and use your vehicles for their own means doesn’t score well for your insurance, let alone potential speeding fines and fuel costs.

Driver management easily identifies these, decreasing the likelihood of poor driving.

The most transparent
driver management tool.

You can now rely on hard data and a transparent driver management scoring system. This also means that you can identify room for improvement early on. If a driver’s driving efficiency score dips, use Vimcar’s DSA driver management tool straight away to address and improve it.


Driver Management:
How does DSA improve your business’ bottom line?

What is DSA?

DSA is a driver management tool by Vimcar that stands for “Driving Style Analysis”. It is specially designed to reduce costs that arise from poor driving behaviour, habits as well as unauthorised vehicle usage within your business.

Vimcar’s DSA driver management tool is an integral step to putting an end to inefficient driving. It uses hard data, which you can easily access via your Vimcar account. View well-visualised data to assess your drivers’ efficiency scores and identifying cost outliers.

Good driving habits and proper vehicle usage for business is essential. Alongside keeping your drivers safe, Vimcar’s DSA driver management tool provides your business with benefits in many areas as well as keeping your business’s professional image.

Driver management brings benefits to your business, including:

  • Identifying existing driving cost outliers
  • Reducing inefficient and unsafe driving to prevent more cost outliers
  • Keeping your insurance provider happy with better driving standards
  • Reducing business mileage and keeping your carbon emissions low
  • Maintaining your business’s professional edge
  • Promoting transparency between driving stakeholders

All of these can be achieved by acquiring Vimcar’s DSA driver management tool. It stores and presents your vehicle and driver data via a user-friendly interface, which you can view via desktop, mobile or tablet.

Vimcar’s DSA is the easiest driver management tool to keep your costs low with transparent vehicle and driver information.

How does Vimcar’s DSA driver management tool keep your costs low?

A good driver management tool, such as Vimcar’s DSA, is specially designed to reduce your fleet costs. These include:

  • Fuel costs
  • Possible speeding fines
  • Insurance plans and claims

These expenditures can add up to a considerable amount if left unchecked. Luckily, you can start to act against these by acquiring Vimcar’s DSA driver management tool.

Our DSA driver management tool uses specially developed features to uphold efficient driving standards within your business. This includes driver behaviour tracking, which tracks the following vehicle usage information:

  • Speeding data
  • Acceleration statistics
  • Vehicle idling
  • Mobile phone usage

This creates a total driver overview to remove poor driving habits from your drivers’ vehicle usage behaviour. The more your drivers know that this information is recorded, the lower the likelihood they’ll engage in such habits. And as a result, the higher likelihood that their driving standards will improve.

Driver management also easily identifies existing cost outliers as well as reducing them for the future. A full overview of your drivers’ driving behaviour with Vimcar’s DSA driver management tool prevents inefficient driving habits.

The likelihood that your drivers become involved in a vehicle accident also decreases as a result. This is crucial to reduce insurance payments as well as vehicle replacements and repairs.

These are cost outliers that your business can do without, and Vimcar’s DSA driver management tool plays a key role in preventing them in the first place.

How does driver management with Vimcar’s DSA keep your business professional and eco-friendly?

Businesses whose drivers handle their vehicles in a dangerous manner, become involved in accidents as well as driving them inefficiently suffer as a result of a poorer business image.

When out on the road, it pays to take charge of a responsible fleet that does something to prevent poor driving behaviour. Vimcar’s DSA fleet management tool is also designed to help your vehicles avoid accidents and adhere to speed limits. This keeps your business’s professional edge and promotes corresponding responsible driving standards in line with your professional services.

By reducing inefficient driving habits, you also help to keep your vehicles more eco-friendly. Excessive acceleration, speeding, additional business mileage as well as vehicle idling contributes to your overall vehicle emissions. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it also contributes to more expensive insurance plans.

A good driver management tool easily and accessibly visualises data for you to identify driver behaviour red flags. Through this, you can uphold a professional and eco-friendly fleet.

How does Vimcar’s DSA make internal discussions more productive?

Transparency holds the key to making internal discussions with your drivers more productive. Vimcar’s DSA driver management tool devises a simple, yet specialised tools to base your one-on-ones around:

  • 1-10 Scoring system
  • Driver optimisation

The scoring system takes multiple driving efficiency factors into account to give your drivers an overall score from 1 to 10. Through this, you have the opportunity to identify and improve driver efficiency early on - and as easily as possible, saving you considerable analysis time.

Having identified room for improvement, you can use driver optimisation to address driver efficiency issues. It uses raw, transparent driver data collected from when they were out on the road.

Data holds the key in addressing not only where drivers can become more efficient, but also where they score highly.