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The new Vimcar Fleet
App offers:

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Real time
vehicle tracking

Whether you are at home, in a meeting or on the go, you will always be able to see your fleet vehicles’ movements in real time. With GPS tracking in your vehicles and map-view on your mobile, it has never been easier to be in full control of your fleet.

Fleet App is a telematics app made for everyone. To track and coordinate individual vehicles, for example, simply search for their registristration number or name.

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The best in fleet
management, always

Be able to react to customers’ ad hoc inquiries at all times. With the app’s location overview, you will easily see how your fleet is distributed and who can most quickly respond to last-minute, customer requests.

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Calculate time and
distances automatically

Vimcar’s telematics app now tells you the distance and time between any address and fleet vehicle, allowing you to plan and optimise wherever you, or your vehicles, are.

We can help you, help your customers by giving them reliable ETAs, sending the nearest driver and making sure you get to appointment the quickest way possible.

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The best references?
Those of our customers

  • A business owner referencing Vimcar fleet management software

    "With Vimcar, employees are able to better coordinate their trips and avoid unnecessary miles."

    Daniel Pfeifenberger
    Fleet Manager, Bienenlieb e.V.

A Telematics App for Business:
How Fleet Geo's App can improve your bottom line

Work on the go with our Fleet Geo fleet app

This Geo App is made for managers that want to get the job done, wherever they are. Constant access to your fleet’s current location means you can send out the nearest driver to customer appointments - this fleet app means no emergency inquiry will go unanswered.

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo fleet app also gives businesses peace of mind, allowing you to see where all your fleet vehicles are (even if you’re not at your desk).

With our Fleet Geo App you can also set your notifications to mobile. This means any alerts can be sent directly through this fleet app and you can be notified of your fleet movements instantly. Get our Geo App today!