Everything You Need to Know About the Cost of Live Vehicle Trackers

Before taking the plunge learn everything you need to know about Vimcar’s vehicle tracking costs. Live tracking your business vehicles is a great investment — now you can be sure you have made the right one.
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Vehicle tracking is the most effective way to manage and monitor business vehicles. Vehicle trackers utilise GPS technology to track your vehicles in near-real-time. To better save your business time and money you should understand the full vehicle tracking cost. By investing in a fleet tracking system like Fleet Geo, you will be able to optimise routes more easily, avoid vehicle misuse and theft, create mileage reports and time sheets instantly and improve customer satisfaction. 

When comparing vehicle tracker prices, you need to look beyond the monthly rates. Many live vehicle tracking systems are chock full of hidden fees, which can quickly eat up your budget. This article will address the cost of Vimcar’s Fleet Geo so you can feel confident in your investment. 

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FAQ’s About Live Vehicle Tracking Costs 

Fleet Geo offers award-winning quality at a fair price. There are no hidden fees, the hardware is easy to install and the software is simple to use. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about live vehicle tracker prices. 

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What Is Included in the Cost of Fleet Geo? 

The cost of our vehicle live tracking system includes the following: 

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  • Free shipping 
  • Free hardware replacement
  • A dedicated customer agent 
  • Fleet Geo hardware and software 
  • Customer service 
  • Mobile device app 
  • Data protection
  • Self-installation 
  • 30-day money back guarantee 

Digitalising fleets can save businesses up to 20%. Discover how much you could save today, with our ROI Calculator.

What Type of Hardware Is Included in Vehicle Tracking Costs? 

Vimcar offers two types of hardware: a dongle or a box. The Vimcar dongle can be plugged into the OBD interface of your vehicle. The Vimcar box can be onto a vehicle’s battery. It is suitable for vehicles without an OBD interface, such as electric vehicles and lorries.

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What Service Plans Do You Offer? 

We offer 12- or 24-month service plans in addition to a month-by-month plan. The vehicle tracking costs for each service plan are as follows: 

  • Monthly service plan: £11.90 per vehicle / monthly (plus VAT) 
  • 12-month service plan: £9.90 per vehicle / monthly (plus VAT)
  • 24-month service plan: £7.90 per vehicle / monthly (plus VAT)

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What Are the Additional Vehicle Tracking Costs for Installation? 

Fleet Geo’s hardware can be self-installed in mere minutes. There are no installation fees and no trip to the garage is necessary. If you have any questions about installing your Fleet Geo hardware, our customer service team is ready to assist you. 

How Much Money Will Fleet Geo Save My Business? 

A live vehicle tracking system can save you money and increase your ROI. To find out how much money you’ll save with Fleet Geo, plug your information into Vimcar’s ROI Calculator

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Does the Mobile App Cost Extra? 

No, the mobile app is included in the monthly price. The app is simple to use and makes it easy to manage your fleet from anywhere. 

Does a Call with Customer Service Cost Extra? 

No, you can call or email our customer service team with any questions you might have at no extra cost to you. Additionally, you’ll have a specialised Customer Success Agent assigned to you who will offer personal support through brochures and videos.

Vehicle Tracking Costs: Are You Ready to Invest? 

Now that you’re better informed about what vehicle tracking costs, you’re ready to take the next step. Get in contact with a Vimcar sale’s representative to discuss the price of Vimcar’s Fleet Geo and learn how vehicle tracking will save you time and money. 

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