Tracking Your Car Can Save Company Time

It can feel difficult trying to find ways to save company time. Vehicle tracking devices make it easy. Here are 4 ways to save time with a GPS car tracker.
tracking your car can save your company time

Lost fuel receipts, incorrect mileage logs, a looming stack of paperwork to sort through — does any of this sound familiar? If your company is still relying on outdated paper logs to track your fleet, it’s time to upgrade to digital real-time tracking. Investing in car trackers may seem like additional work, time and money that you’ll have to put into a fleet, but a car tracker like Vimcar’s actually saves you a lot of time. 

This article will break down the ways in which tracking your cars saves you time and makes the job of a fleet manager much easier. 

mileage logs tracking your car data exported

1. Ditch the Mileage Logs 

It’s especially difficult to keep accurate mileage records when tracking your cars with paper logs. With Fleet Geo, you can accurately track the mileage of each of your fleet vehicles without risk of human error. Instead of wasting time entering mileage data into a spreadsheet, Fleet Geo tracks it automatically. With just a few clicks of your mouse, that data is at your fingertips and can quickly be downloaded and reviewed. 

Having the digital mileage logs on hand also makes it easier to stay on top of maintenance schedules and ensure that no vehicle gets taken off the road unexpectedly. 

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2. Track Fuel Consumption Easily 

With fuel being one of the highest costs of managing a fleet, tracking your fleet’s consumption is crucial. When using paper logs, it’s time consuming having to check receipts against the data manually entered by your drivers, and then logging the data into a spreadsheet. Fleet Geo makes it easy to track your fleet’s fuel consumption and cuts out the middleman. Surveys have also shown that investing in a fleet tracker can reduce fuel costs by up to 10%.

“I have managed to keep track of fuel and where it’s being spent. I have generally been able to manage my fleet better, with all-round ease,”

Phillip Thomson, company director of Active Traffic Management

With Fleet Geo, everything is tracked automatically and your drivers don’t have to fill out anything. You can read the rest of Phillip Thomson’s testimonial here.

3. Effectively Optimise Routes 

aerial view of company car lot

Tracking your cars involves so much more than logging mileage and fuel consumption. With paper logs, rerouting vehicles and optimising routes can be a headache — and a time consuming one at that. Fleet Geo lets you retroactively review each vehicle’s route and make changes accordingly. All of which can be completed quickly and efficiently thanks to its GPS real-time tracking system. 

Brian McQuaid of Doherty’s Meats says, “I can now ascertain whether or not the same vehicles are servicing the same areas and tidy up their route if necessary. We cover the whole of Northern Ireland so looking at route history is really important for us.” 

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4. Know Where Vehicles Are in Real-Time 

Without real-time tracking, locating vehicles in real-time is near impossible. To find out where a specific vehicle is, you have to call the driver. The driver may not pick up if he’s driving, or he’ll have to pull over to answer your call. This wastes precious time for both you and the driver, and could potentially result in a client being served late. 

Fleet Geo fleet tracking tracker and tracking app

With Fleet Geo, you can track your cars in real-time. With this information, you can respond to last-minute calls and send the nearest vehicle to complete the job.

“Knowing where each vehicle is in real-time is really valuable. When a customer calls and asks for a delivery, we are able to give them ETAs.”  

Brian McQuaid of Doherty’s Meats

Ready to Begin Tracking Your Cars? 

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo will save your business time and money and makes the job of a fleet manager so much easier. With Fleet Geo, you can more quickly and efficiently be tracking your car’s mileage and fuel consumption, optimising routes and tracking vehicles in real-time. To learn more about Vimcar, contact our team of customer service representatives today. 

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