The Dangers of Car Trackers Without Subscriptions

Car trackers without subscription contain many hidden dangers. Find out why you should avoid purchasing a car tracker from Amazon.
Car Tracker Amazon: Opt For Subscription Instead

Knowing where to save money and where to invest in your business is a skill that business owners develop over time. When it comes to managing a fleet of vehicles, buying car trackers without a subscription is not a good way to cut back on costs. 

Subscription-free car trackers — such as a car tracker Amazon sells or ones sold by similar retailers —can actually cost your business money in the long-run. If you’re committed to tracking your fleet and making it run as efficiently as possible, then you need to invest in car tracking software with a subscription. 

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This article will explain the dangers of buying car trackers without a subscription as well as the benefits of subscription-based car tracking software.  

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The Drawbacks of Car Trackers Without a Subscription 

A Car tracker Amazon sells may seem like the more affordable option, but they can end up costing you precious time, energy and money over time. Below are just a few of the dangers of buying car trackers without a subscription. 

1. You Must Purchase the Tracker Outright

It might seem like you’re getting a good deal by paying for a car tracker upfront without any monthly fees attached to it. However, car tracking software is a rapidly developing industry and you’ll find that the car tracker you purchased outright will become outdated very quickly. 

You’ll get stuck in a cycle that will have you buying new a car tracker Amazon sells every couple of years. In between purchases, you’ll be stuck with poor-quality car trackers that won’t have the latest features that could be helping your fleet. 

Car tracker amazon: Don't pay outright!

2. You Must Pay as You Go 

Most car trackers without a subscription use a pay-as-you-go method of payment. If you end up using the car trackers more than you anticipated, that will cost your business money you hadn’t planned on spending. 

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Moreover, since you won’t know exactly how much you’ll be spending on car tracking software each month, finalising your monthly accounts will require more time and effort. 

3. No Customer Service With An Amazon Car Tracker

Subscription-free Amazon car trackers typically have no customer service, or very limited customer service. If you have any issues whatsoever with your car trackers, you’ll have to waste valuable business hours researching the issue yourself. This adds unnecessary stress to business owners and fleet managers alike. 

4. Not Scalable for a Larger Fleet 

Car tracker amazon: Not suited to a larger fleet!

Car trackers without a subscription simply do not make sense if you’re overseeing a fleet of vehicles. It’s easier and more cost-effective to invest in subscription-based car trackers to oversee all of your vehicles on a single platform. 

You’ll get the best deal with a subscription car tracker, plus peace of mind knowing that trained professionals are just a phone call away if you run into any issues. 

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5. Limited Features

Without a subscription, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be getting a sub-par car tracker compared to a subscription-based software. The monthly fees associated with subscription-based car trackers are reinvested into your business in the form of new software features, easier-to-install hardware and more. 

Subscription-based car tracker providers take note of the industry’s unique needs and are continually developing new, better features for their customers. You won’t get the same features if you buy car trackers Amazon sell or a similarly cheap alternative.  

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The Benefits of Car Tracker With a Subscription 

Car tracker amazon: Experience benefits of a subscription package.

Subscription-based car trackers like Vimcar’s Fleet Geo are the better choice for fleets. When you invest in a car tracker with a subscription, you’ll save money in the long-run and will have access to the latest features. 

When you invest in a subscription-based OBD GPS tracker from Vimcar, you’ll reap the following benefits: 

The Best Car Tracker Subscription in the UK

It can be tempting to buy an Amazon car tracker or a similar car tracker without a subscription. After all, that’s a great way to save money, right? Wrong! 

Car trackers without subscriptions must be purchased outright and are often pay-as-you-go, both of which can end up costing you money in the long-run. Plus, you won’t have access to a customer service team and the car trackers will have limited features. 

Investing in subscription-based car trackers like Vimcar’s Fleet Geo is the smart business choice. For more information on Vimcar’s car trackers and how they’ll actually save your business money and time, contact our customer service team today.

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