Vehicle Tracking Solutions for Route Optimisation

How can tracking for fleets be improved? What does route optimisation mean? Find out now.
optimising routes with tracking

Vehicle tracking solutions like Vimcar’s Fleet Geo come with a multitude of benefits. The most obvious reason to invest in a fleet vehicle tracker is to see the real-time locations of each of your vehicles. But did you know that you can also utilise fleet trackers to streamline the route optimisation process and build a more efficient fleet? 

This article will explain what route optimisation is and how a fleet car solution like Fleet Geo can make it easier than ever to optimise your fleet’s routes. 

What is Route Optimisation? 

Route optimisation is the process of improving routes so they’re both more efficient and more cost-effective. However, optimising your fleet’s routes isn’t as simple as finding the shortest, most direct route from Point A to Point B.

Oftentimes, fleet vehicles must make multiple stops along the same route, and each day looks different. Routes must also be optimised according to which drivers are working that day and the number of available working hours. 

How to improve route optimisation with tracking

As you can see, route optimisation is difficult to achieve without the help of vehicle tracking solutions, like Fleet Geo. Fleet Geo makes it easier to identify the areas where your fleet is lacking.

If there are discrepancies in the planned route versus the actual route — such as timing or the number of stops — Fleet Geo will showcase that. You’ll be able to get to the root of the issue quicker and can adjust routes accordingly. 

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Without fleet car solutions like Fleet Geo, optimising routes can be a long and tedious process, even for the most experienced of fleet managers. With Fleet Geo, the process of route optimisation is simpler, more accurate and quicker. 

Fleet Car Solutions for Optimising Routes 

Let’s take a deeper dive into how Vimcar’s vehicle tracking solutions can help with route optimisation.

The key thing to note is that Fleet Geo logs the routes of each vehicle in your fleet. You can review this information retrospectively to confirm that drivers never deviated from a specified route. If a driver veered from the planned route due to traffic jams, road closings or another valid reason, you can then adjust the route for future drivers. 

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Fleet Geo helps you cut out route overlaps and time-wasting stops, plus it makes it easier to adjust routes as new driving regulations are introduced (such as Clean Air Zones). This will allow you to run your fleet with fewer vehicles while serving the same number of customers.

After all, the better optimised your routes are, the more efficient your fleet will be. 

Real World Example of Fleet Geo 

Fleet Geo is easy to self-install, has no hidden fees and is available on desktop and mobile. With Fleet Geo, it’s easier than ever to track your fleet from wherever you are. But don’t take our word for it; our UK customers have been loving Vimcar’s fleet car solutions. 

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Vimcar fleet geo in real world for vehicle tracking solutions

For Brian McQuaid of Doherty’s Meats, delivering their products to customers quickly is of the utmost importance. Thanks to Fleet Geo, Brian has been able to review each vehicle’s route to ensure that no two drivers are servicing the same area. 

To this point, Brian says, “I can now ascertain whether or not the same vehicles are servicing the same areas and tidy up their route if necessary. We cover the whole of Northern Ireland so looking at route history is really important for us.”

Fleet Geo can help improve the customer appointment process in multiple ways. Watch the following video for more information on how installing a fleet tracker will benefit your business. 

Vehicle Tracking Solutions for an Efficient Fleet 

Route optimisation involves more than finding the shortest route from Point A to Point B. You also have to take into account the number of stops, which drivers are available, the number of working hours and so much more.

To streamline the route optimisation process, a fleet car solution like Fleet Geo is a must. With Fleet Geo, you can review each vehicle’s route retrospectively and make changes accordingly to prevent overlaps and time-wasting stops. 

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