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Installing a tracking software inside of a fleet of company vehicles is not used only to transmit the location. Tracking software reduces the potential for fleet downtime, improves workflow and can be useful in the case of theft.

Originally created for military purposes, GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite network is a technology we use everyday. Thanks to GPS receivers and mobile radio transmitters, we know exactly where the nearest gas station is, how long it’ll take us to make our appointment and the exact location of a moving vehicle. It is precisely this technology that a tracking software is based on.

Know Where Your Vehicles Are – Always

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Tracking software transmits the location of a vehicle to a PC or cell phone receiver connected to the internet. There is powerful software available for real-time display and evaluation of the tracker data, which can significantly support fleet management. 

In addition to the location, modern tracking systems also store movement profiles. If they are connected to vehicle sensors these trackers can even provide information about the driving style of employees, detect wear and tear and record the exact working times. 

This is beneficial for improving customer service. Vehicles equipped with tracking software offer customers faster service and more accurate ETAs. The best solution for all companies is to use GPS tracking software to achieve their business goals more efficiently.

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How Tracking Software Works

To best track your fleet, large or small, fleet managers need three things:

  1. Hardware: The GPS tracker is either built into the vehicles, installed through a OBD dashboard or attached to the battery. It is important to remember that some companies have fees for installing their GPS hardware. 
  2. Software: The ideal tracking software should be user friendly and intuitive. Softwares such as Vimcar’s Fleet Geo allow you to live track your vehicles, view past routes and create alarms in case your vehicle is moved without your permission.
  3. App: Fleet management can be an on-the-go position. Being able to track your vehicles from an app on your phone or tablet is essential. A tracking software shouldn’t keep you strapped to a desk.

Advantages of Tracking Softwares

Fleet management software helps improve the daily workflow in a company. Here are just some of the ways in which it does so:

  1. Increased Employee Productivity
  2. Improved Punctuality of Service and Deliveries
  3. Reduced Fleet Downtime
  4. Fast Response Times to Customer Inquiries
  5. Reliable Calculations of Hours Worked
  6. Accurate Documentation of Deliveries or Customer Visits
  7. Documented Recordings of Border Crossings
  8. Security in Case of Theft
  9. Reduction in Vehicle Misuse
  10. Adherence to HGV Laws and Clear Air Zones

Tracking Software and Its Functions in the Fleet

A good tracking software combines several functions. The ability to track the location of the vehicle is only one feature. Most fleet management softwares on the market today combines multiple features to help manage your fleet. The operation of the software should be simple and self-explanatory.

Features of Vimcar’s Fleet Management Software:

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Automation is Essential for Companies

Digital fleet management has become indispensable for many companies. Studies have shown that fleets equipped with outdated technology pay more — in money and in time. Not to mention the increase in human error.

By using a digital fleet and tracking software, processes can be automated. This is helpful for companies that don’t have a full time fleet manager or want to avoid fines and incorrect documentation.

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Tracking Software vs. Theft

According to RAC Insurance, more than 150,000 vehicles were reported as stolen between 2018 and 2019, a stark increase compared to just the past few years. The economic loss is also staggering. On average a fleet loses around £16,000 per year as a result of vehicle or equipment theft.

Tracking software cannot completely prevent a theft, but it can warn of it. In addition to location tracking, GPS trackers also have alarm functions. When a vehicle leaves an area or drives at a certain time, an alarm can be triggered. These alarms are created through goefence and timefence technology. 

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Tracking Software from Vimcar

There are numerous suppliers of fleet management software and it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Vimcar offers their customers reliable hardware, easy-to-use software, the ability to track your fleet from your phone and high quality in-house customer service.

Here are just 5 reasons why you should consider buying Vimcar Fleet Geo:

Our software is based on GPS-supported technology that enables real-time tracking of your entire fleet. The main solutions we focus on are route optimisation, motion detecting and theft protection, vehicle locating and minimising vehicle misuse.

With a vehicle tracking system, your fleet manager can monitor the location of all fleet vehicles. Vimcar’s software indicates where the vehicle is currently located, if it is moving or standing still, where it has been and how many miles it has traveled. 

Furthermore, with detailed documentations of all past vehicle routes, fleet managers can better plan future trips. This will help reduce unnecessary driving and improve vehicle utilisation. Your vehicle data will always be accessible to you either online or exported with one easy click. 

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Why Should Tracking Software Be Available for Mobile Apps?

Tracking software such as Vimcar’s Fleet Geo have both desktop and mobile versions. Why is having a mobile fleet management app is good for your business?

Here’s why you need a mobile fleet tracking software:

1. Increases Flexibility

The biggest benefit of having the fleet tracking software on mobile is that it gives you flexibility unavailable on desktop. Mobile tracking software like Fleet Geo are great because they allow you to track vehicles from your smartphone or tablet. This means you can monitor your vehicles while doing other things.

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2. Reduces Fleet Management Costs

Mobile fleet tracking apps remove the need to employ someone to sit at a desk, monitoring fleet activity. This is even more beneficial for those who have small fleets and cannot justify paying someone to handle tracking.

3. Improves Communication


Mobile fleet tracking software improves communication between you and your drivers for more effectiveness. If you use the desktop fleet management system, you may be unable to communicate with drivers, especially when you are on the field. But with a mobile app, you can stay connected even when out of the office.

4. Provides Better Services to Customers

A mobile fleet app will provide live locations of your vehicles, enabling you to assign someone to respond to customers quickly. (This is particularly useful for last-minute deliveries that require rapid response). This can improve your company’s relationship with those customers.

Important Features for Mobile Tracking Software

There are features any mobile fleet tracking software app must have to improve fleet management. These include:

1. Real-Time Tracking

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Vimcar’s Fleet Geo tracker offers users the ability to monitor their vehicles in real-time with live vehicle tracking. Live tracking makes it easier to monitor and coordinate your fleet. You can track individual vehicles by typing their names or registration into the search bar.

2. ETA Calculator

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo can determine the distance between a specific location and your vehicle and calculate the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).

This means you can give customers accurate ETAs and prevent complaints of delayed deliveries. It also means you can send the nearest drivers to respond to last-minute customer requests.

3. Geofence/Timefence Alert

The Vimcar app has geofencing and timefencing alerts. A geofence alert activates when your vehicle moves outside the preset area. A timefence alert activates when your vehicle moves outside a predetermined time period. You can even combine both if your needs demand it.

Final Words on Tracking Software

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo is one of the best fleet tracking software available. But it can even be better when you get the mobile version. Talk to a Vimcar representative today to know how the Fleet Geo mobile app can improve your company’s fleet management.


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