Budget Car Trackers: Quality at an Affordable Price

As a fleet manager you have a lot to consider when it comes to managing and imrpoving your fleet. That is why Vimcar offers multiple and flexible price options so you can make the investment that fits your business best.
Vimcar's cheap car trackers

Cheap vehicle tracking doesn’t have to mean low quality. Vimcar offers dependable and easy-to-use GPS tracking devices that are affordable for every business and fleet size. In line with our goal to be a partner to your business Vimcar offers multiple price plans to better suit your needs.

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Benefits of Going With Vimcar

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Our hardware installation process is straightforward, requiring no mechanic or trip to the garage. Once turned on, the tracker will upload your vehicle’s location data to our all-in-one platform, which you can access using a PC, tablet or smartphone.

For business owners looking for a cheap vehicle tracking solution that is uncomplicated and helps manage common pain points such as driver compliance, safety, high fuel costs, productivity and vehicle misuse, then Vimcar is the fit for you.

With two different hardware options and multiple affordable price plans, you can enjoy the same benefits offered by the large providers, without hidden fees or complicated contracts. Here are some of the ways Vimcar can help your business. 

Get a Beginners Guide to GPS Fleet Tracking:

1. A Digital Fleet Management System Gets More Done

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With fleet tracking you can see excellent improvements across your company. Fleet Geo offers the potential to cut your fleet costs by up to 15% and increase productivity by up to30%. No more time-consuming paperwork or unreadable timesheets.

A digital fleet management system can ease the stress of day-to-day vehicle and driver maintenance. Not only that, but not investing in a cheap vehicle tracking system can actually be costing your business. 

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2. Increase Visibility with Vehicle Tracking

GPS vehicle tracking gives you a real-time view of your vehicles while they are on the move. With a cheap car tracker, that refreshes every 20 seconds, you can reduce costs and increase productivity across your vehicles. Live-tracking makes it easier to locate and dispatch your nearest drivers to a customer appointment or emergency situation. 

3. Active Steps to Prevent Vehicle Misuse

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Installing your business vehicles with Vimcar’s cheap car trackers gives you greater control over your fleet. Receive instant emails or push notifications whenever there is unauthorised use of one of your vehicles. Whether a vehicle is moved after business hours or a truck has driven into a Clean Air Zone, you will know.     

4. Improve Customer Service

When your fleet is more efficient your customers benefit too. A well managed fleet can make more deliveries and reach more customer appointments on-time in a day.

With Vimcar not only can you see where your vehicles are but where they have been. No more second guessing arrival times or how long an employee was on a job. All of that vehicle information is recorded and easily accessible. A cheap vehicle tracking system can put you ahead of the competition. 

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5. Theft Protection in the Palm of Your Hand

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You can access our high-resolution maps on either your computer, tablet or smartphone to instantly see the status and activity of all your fleet vehicles. Additionally, you can set up time frames when a vehicle shouldn’t be moved or an area a vehicle should not move into or out of. 

Vimcar offers two different cheap car tracker options to fit your concerns. Worried about theft or vehicle misuse? We offer a hardware option called the Vimcar Box, which is fixed to the car battery and is hidden from sight. 

Looking for more reasons as to why you should choose Vimcar? Our team member Shaun runs through what else we can offer customers:

Pricing Options for Cheap Car Trackers

Opting for a cheap vehicle tracking option doesn’t have to mean settling for less. Vimcar offers a useful and reliable solution to your business vehicle problems at a price that makes the most sense for your business. How much are car trackers with Vimcar? We offer three different options for you to choose from:

  1. 24 Month Service Plan at £7.90 a month per vehicle
  2. 12 Month Service Plan at £9.90 a month per vehicle
  3. Monthly Service Plan at £11.90 a month per vehicle. 

Next Steps

Don’t want to be tied down to a long-term contract? Not a problem. Want to see how our cheap car trackers can benefit your business over a 12 month period? We got you covered. 

Vimcar understands that every business has its own needs and no one plan is right for every company. But we also know that you don’t want to be overwhelmed with options. Choosing the right business vehicle tracker can be tricky. There are a lot of qualities to consider in a product to be sure you get the most out of your investment.

A good GPS fleet tracking software is simple, user-friendly and focuses on features vital to your business. Contact a Vimcar Sales Representative today to learn how Vimcar can help your business stay moving. 

How to Choose the Right Cheap Vehicle Tracker

Business owners who would like to have real time tracking of their vehicles need not spend a fortune while at it. Unfortunately buying a cheap vehicle tracker is easier said than done.

What to Consider when Choosing the Right Cheap Vehicle Tracker

Here are a few tips on what to consider before buying a cheap vehicle tracker.

Does the tracker Serve Your Purpose?

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A vehicle tracker’s role is to ease monitoring of the movements of the vehicle, giving a history of the routes tracked, the speed at which the vehicles are driven, and a record of idling times.

Vehicle owners may want vehicle trackers to provide additional services like vehicle maintenance dates tracking, geofencing, notification when a vehicle leaves the depot, etc.

An individual or company who looks to have a cheap vehicle tracker should first evaluate if the tracking device serves its purpose before signing a contract.

Evaluate the Long Term Costs of the Cheap Vehicle Tracker

Some companies will have you think that you have bought a cheap vehicle tracker, only to later find out that the tracker is very expensive in the long run.

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Some of the costs that some companies hide include maintenance charges, data access and exportation charges, installation charges among other costs.

Also, vehicle owners should think about the payment flexibility of the companies offering vehicle tracker services. Reliable companies should have elaborate plans for monthly, quarterly, or annual payments

Vehicle owners should inquire about all the charges that come with the vehicle tracker before committing to pay.

Choose a Cheap Vehicle Tracker that is Easy to Use

Fleet managers have a lot of things to handle, and should not spend tons of time trying to figure out how a vehicle tracker works. A good tracking system should be easy to install, and should not be a reason to waste time and money taking a trip to the mechanic.

Additionally, a company that offers all the tracking data on an all-in-one database is better than one that has multiple platforms, so that a user has to keep logging into multiple software to get their data.

Another area that people looking to install a cheap vehicle tracker should take care of is data exportation. Even if the vehicle tracker works well, if a user will have a hard time exporting data, then the tracking device will not serve its purpose.

Evaluate the Speed and Accuracy of the Tracker

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A vehicle tracker that gives real-time location of your vehicles enhances monitoring. On the other hand, business owners should be wary of cheap vehicle trackers that update the vehicles’ location after long periods. Before purchasing a vehicle tracker, it is paramount to enquire how accurate the tracker is, and how long it takes before the tracker updates its position.

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Get A Cheap Vehicle Tracker From a Trusted Company

When you purchase a vehicle tracker from a company that has been in business for a long time, you are sure to get not only an industry-tested vehicle tracker but also great customer service and unmatched after after-sales service.

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