Real Time GPS Trackers: for Richer & Greener Businesses

80% of customers value brands for their eco-friendliness – not just their products. Discover how to capture those customers and save money.
Real Time GPS Trackers: for Richer & Greener Businesses

Used for everything from locating lost phones and wandering pets to finding your current position on Google Maps. GPS trackers are a common household tool. Now though, GPS trackers are being expanded into business.

Installing GPS tracking software into your company’s vehicles and fleet will help you save time, money and the environment. The most advanced GPS trackers can be self installed into your fleet in minutes. From there, you can gather data to help cut hidden costs and lower carbon emissions.

At a time where more than 80% of customers value brands for their eco-friendliness – not just their products – businesses are having to re-address some of their priorities.

Here’s how GPS tracking can not only increase your bottom line but make your business more environmentally-friendly.

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Benefits of real time GPS trackers

1. Reduce your fuel intake

Did you know that idling uses more petrol than simply stopping and restarting your engine? With real time GPS trackers to monitor your fleet, you’ll be able to track each vehicle’s idling time and give your drivers suggestions on how to make reductions – lowering the running costs of company cars. Plus, by installing your vehicles with a GPS tracker, you can give your customers accurate ETAs and ensure drivers’ turnaround times are shorter. Monitoring your vehicles in this way can decrease your fuel consumption, which saves you money and helps the environment.

2. Increase your fleet’s efficiency. 

GPS trackers let you view your fleet’s route history and current location. In other words, you know where they are and where they have been. With data like that you’ll be able to analyse and streamline vehicle routes to avoid unnecessary idling and optimise your fleet’s efficiency. Trackers can also let you know which vehicle is closest to a pick-up/delivery request. This way, you can always send the driver which makes most sense operationally and in terms of fuel efficiency.

3. Schedule routine vehicle maintenance more easily  

Because GPS trackers let you monitor your fleet’s route history, you’ll be able to better calculate each vehicle’s mileage and schedule routine maintenance checks accordingly. You’ll avoid larger, more expensive repairs in the long run, and your fleet will run safely and more efficiently because of it. 

4. Responding to vehicle misuse 

Real time GPS trackers can also alert you when vehicles are being used outside of business hours with the help of geofence alarms. You’ll be able to immediately respond to theft attempts or employees using company vehicles for personal use, both of which would unnecessarily increase your business costs. 

5. You’ll see when a vehicle goes outside its route. 

The geofencing feature in GPS trackers lets you set location restrictions for your fleet. If a vehicle drives outside its geo-zone, you’ll know immediately and can respond accordingly. Ensuring that drivers stay within a set geo-zone makes it easier to estimate fuel consumption and driving times, and helps you stay on budget.

Which GPS Tracker is right for my fleet? 

Fuel is one of the biggest costs when it comes to managing a fleet – financially and ecologically. The right GPS tracker should be able to address these hidden costs and be easy to use. The newest trackers can be installed in minutes and do not require a trip to the garage. 

Employee using a GPS tracker

Once they are installed, a worthwhile GPS tracker should be able to tick all of the boxes outlined above. GPS trackers, and their accompanied software, should allow you to download all the available raw data whenever you need to. Important, too, keep in mind is the kind of support a fleet management software provider can give you. With the right provider, a member of their team should be only a phone call away. With their assistance you can see how best to use your GPS tracker, and be completely sure you are optimising your fleet to its full potential.

If you haven’t yet outfitted your fleet with real-time GPS van tracking, now’s the time to do it. The sooner you install, the sooner your fleet can start cutting costs and your carbon footprint.

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