Optimise Your Fleet From Home With A Vehicle Management System

Vehicle Management Systems saves time, money and hassle. Find out how Vehicle Management Systems can do all this, while you work from home.
Using vehicle management to work from home

In 2019, less than 30% of the UK workforce reported having ever worked from home. But due to recent world events, most Brits have now experienced the pros and cons of a home office. For fleet managers, working from home may seem like an impossible task. With so many drivers to communicate with, customers to serve or products to move, is managing an entire fleet feasible from your own couch? In short: most definitely! 

It’s easier than ever to work from home and keep an eye on your fleet thanks to new vehicle management systems on the market. For fleet managers experiencing an increased demand, these technologies allow you to optimise your fleet and deliver the same top-notch service you always have without needing to commute to the office. Conversely, fleet managers experiencing decreased demand can use the data collected by vehicle management systems to review their fleet’s routes, idling times, and make improvements to their operations from the comfort of their own home.  

A Beginners Guide to Vehicle Management System Trackers:

Why Is Working Remotely Important for Fleet Managers? 

There are so many technologies that enable conference calls, file sharing, and group collaboration — why should vehicle management systems be any different? A good vehicle management system will allow you to complete the same tasks you’d oversee at the office without having to step foot outside your own home. 

Whether you need to schedule a certain vehicle to be sanitised once it’s parked in its designated parking spot or you want to review a vehicle’s route to shorten its idling time in the future, there’s no reason why a fleet manager should be limited to working solely from the office. 

How Vehicle Management Systems Let You Work From Home 

Working from home with a vehicle management system

Vehicle management systems — such as Vimcar’s Fleet Geo app — store everything digitally, meaning there’s no need to haul piles of paperwork home with you to stay up to date with your fleet’s movements. With just a few clicks, you can see where all your vehicles are at any given time, review route histories, respond to last-minute projects, and more. Although you can’t communicate directly with your drivers via apps like Fleet Geo, there are plenty of other tools at your disposal to communicate with them when needed. 

If fleet management isn’t your primary job, you’ll benefit from vehicle management systems nonetheless. These systems help prioritise tasks concerning your fleet and prevent fleet management from becoming a hassle. 

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Working From Home Tips for Fleet Managers 

New to the work from home lifestyle? Here are a few of our top tips for managing your fleet from home: 

  • Set up a strong Wi-Fi connection — To ensure your workday goes smoothly, it’s crucial that your Wi-Fi connection is good. Vehicle management systems store information digitally, so you’ll need internet access to review your data and track your vehicles. 
  • Mute phone notifications during working hours — To minimise distractions during the workday, mute any personal notifications on your cell phone (i.e. from your social media, personal email, and so forth). This way, you’ll only be disturbed when a work-related email or call comes through. 
  • Give your entire team your phone number — As a fleet manager, it’s especially important that your drivers and team members have your home phone number. Since you won’t be in the office, your team needs to be able to reach you should a problem or last-minute project pop up. 

Fleet management doesn’t have to be done in an office. With vehicle management systems like Fleet Geo, it’s easy to oversee your fleet from home. Simply download the app to your smartphone or tablet and start working!

Why Use Fleet Vehicle Management Systems In the First Place?

Fleet managers around the world have a common problem: rising fleet costs. This can be problematic in an age where companies are trying to save on operational costs. Learn how fleet vehicle management systems can help you save money on running a fleet.

1. Optimise Routes

Fleet vehicle management systems such as Fleet Geo allow for the creation of optimised route schedules in minutes. This helps save time and energy.

Hands holding a map

Moreover, fleet management software ensures your vehicles can quickly switch routes if need be. Dispatchers can monitor traffic situations and give drivers up-to-date information on gridlock-free roads to take. That cuts hours spent in traffic, meaning lower fuel costs and savings on operational expenses.

2. Prevent Theft

Theft is a big problem for fleets because stolen cars represent lost investments. Good fleet vehicle management systems like Fleet Geo help safeguard against theft. They can show the exact location of a vehicle, so even if it’s stolen, authorities can track it easily. Thus, you won’t have to spend more on replacing a stolen vehicle in your fleet.

3. Reduce Downtime

Cars on the road at night

Often, drivers get stuck in traffic and waste time that they could have put to more productive use. The problem here is that you have to pay them nonetheless, especially if the salary is hourly.

Fleet management systems make for better route optimisation and reduce time spent in traffic. You can get drivers to take the quickest routes, reducing time they spend in traffic. That means lower amounts spent on paying drivers and lower running costs.

4. Improve Relationships with Customers

Poor customer relationships will cost your business a lot. A good fleet management system can help you forge mutually beneficial relations with customers.

For instance, customers love getting their deliveries at the specific time you promised. If you consistently delay customer deliveries, they will take their business elsewhere — costing your business in missed opportunities. An effective fleet vehicle management system can help you provide accurate ETAs to customers and get goods to them quickly.

Take a look at exactly how customer appointments can be dealt with before and after Vimcar:

5. Promote Responsible Fleet Vehicle Use

A driver using a vehicle management system

Tracking fleet cars means employees cannot misuse them. That helps reduce costs, especially with pool cars. HM Royal Customs often impose stringent fines and taxes on companies found to have broken pool car rules.

You can avoid paying needless fines and taxes by ensuring employees use pool cars properly. And a good way of doing that is tracking drivers via a fleet vehicle management software.


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