Emergency Call Outs – How to Respond with Vehicle Tracker App

A vehicle tracker app will certainly come in handy when it comes to carrying out emergency call outs. Read on to find out how.
Vehicle tracker app for your emergency callout.

Director of Talk to a Doctor, Doniert Macfarlane, knows how important quick response times are when he receives an emergency call-out. Much of his business involves sending paramedics to patients — often in emergency situations. He uses the vehicle tracker app Fleet Geo to locate and send out the nearest paramedics to a patient’s home. 

Whether your business aids patients in need of medical assistance, fixes burst pipes or repairs fallen utility poles, you already know the complications that can arise when responding to emergency call-outs. 

A good vehicle tracker app for your car will get you there quicker.

Without the aid of a vehicle tracking system, your only option is to call each of your employees to determine their location before sending out the person nearest to the call-out. This wastes precious time and can have devastating results for the client. 

This article will explain how to respond to emergency call-outs using a vehicle tracker app and provide tips for making the response process easier. 

How to Respond to Emergency Call-Outs

Vehicle tracker apps like Fleet Geo can improve a business’s response time to emergency call-outs and make for a more efficient process overall. Here are the steps you should take when responding to emergency call-outs, using a vehicle tracker app

  1. Ask for the client’s personal details. 
  2. Using the Address Search function on your vehicle tracker app, look up their address. 
  3. Using the Live Tracking function on your vehicle tracker app, look up the locations of your fleet vehicles. 
  4. Call the driver who is closest to the client’s address and instruct them to head over immediately. 
  5. Provide the client with an estimated time of arrival so they know when to expect your driver. 

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Tips for Responding to Emergency Call-Outs

When utilising a vehicle tracker app to respond to emergency call-outs, there are a few key things to keep in mind to set realistic client expectations and protect your business. 

Provide your accurate ETA with a vehicle tracker app.

1. Provide Accurate ETAs 

By utilising the Address Search and Live Tracking functions in your vehicle tracking system, you can better determine when your driver is going to arrive at the client’s house. By providing them with an accurate ETA, you’re establishing realistic expectations and hopefully minimising any stress in the meantime.   

2. Give an Estimated Cost

If your business responds to emergency call-outs for plumbing or electrical issues — or a similar service — it’s best to give clients an estimated cost over the phone. This way, they aren’t surprised by the higher bill that emergency repairs typically require. It’s better to clearly communicate the costs upfront to avoid possible irritation later on. 

3. Continually Update Your Advertised Response Time

If your business regularly responds to last-minute or emergency call-outs, it will benefit you to update your advertised response time. With a vehicle tracker app like Fleet Geo, your response time will likely improve. 

However, it’s better to advertise accurate response times rather than faster ones. Ultimately, clients will be happier with your service if you respond within the time frame you advertised. 

The Best Vehicle Tracker App for Emergency Call-Outs

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo has the fastest GPS sending frequency on the market. Its Live Tracking function updates the location of your vehicles every 20 seconds. Businesses that frequently respond to emergency call-outs will find this data invaluable. After all, you need to locate the nearest vehicles to an emergency call-out as quickly as possible! 

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