Fleet tracking

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Fleet tracking, vehicle tracking, or AVL (automatic vehicle location) is the most effective way to manage and monitor the activity of all business vehicles and associated assets. Fleet tracking utilises GPS technology to track where all your vehicles are in real-time. It can save businesses time and money, plus enhance their operations and client-company relationships.

It’s for all these benefits that fleet tracking in the UK is becoming increasingly popular.

What fleet tracking does

GPS technology for fleet tracking enables you to access real-time stats on all your business vehicles. If fleet tracking is done right it can offer a wide variety of functionalities: 

  1. Mapping out your drivers’ routes (both past and present)
  2. Knowing which fleet vehicle is closest to a drop off/collection point 
  3. Knowing which vehicles are parked at the office
  4. Creating driver alerts based on if they have entered/left a defined area
  5. Creating driver alerts based on if they have exceeded a defined time limit
  6. Notifying managers about potential vehicle theft
  7. Downloading collected data for digital driver timesheets and/or mileage trackers

Fleet tracking for UK businesses:

The idea of implementing fleet tracking into your fleet may sound simple and (if it is done right) it should be. That said, once installed, fleet tracking can offer UK businesses a whole range of advantages and can save you money, time and hassle. It also allows you to go above and beyond with customers.

Save time and money:

Weighing up time and money
  • Optimised routes mean less mileage and, therefore, lower fuel and maintenance-related costs
  • Driver overtime levels can be reduced as a result of more effective route planning
  • Some insurers charge lower premiums to fleets with GPS tracking, meaning lower insurance costs
  • Better planned routes help avoid toll costs associated with Clean Air Zones
  • Knowing drivers’ ETAs allows you to warn customers just before they arrive at a job, making turnaround time shorter
  • Avoiding the theft of fleet vehicles with theft protection helps you dodge large, unexpected costs

Save hassle:

  • Timesheets and mileage trackers that can be created instantly and digitally will lead to a reduction in manual record-keeping and administration
  • Digitalised files will help ensure there are no missing, required documentation – and so no interference from HMRC
  • Employees who recognise that a vehicle tracker is in place will drive more safely which will improve overall driver safety

Improve reputation and customer satisfaction:

  • Time that has been saved out of your driver’s schedule allows them to attend more clients on any given day
  • By tracking vehicles, you can give clients accurate ETAs and updates on ETA changes
  • Identifying which vehicles are closest to an incoming request allows you to respond immediately to high-priority, last-minute jobs
  • You are able to provide customers with proof of delivery/collection, if ever it is in doubt
  • By receiving an alert when a vehicle has arrived at a certain location, you can send clients a delivery/pick up confirmation
Employer using fleet tracking on a tablet

Fleet tracking in the UK does have some costs associated with it. This usually adds up to a monthly subscription fee of around £10.

That being said, with the correct fleet tracking installed in your fleet, savings in the short and long term far outweigh this comparatively small cost. It is little wonder, therefore, that fleet digitalisation and tracking is fast becoming the most predominant trend in the fleet management world.

Find out how fleet tracking in the UK can work for the industry you’re in.

Why Is Fleet Geo the Right Fleet Tracking System for Your Business?

Flexible Pricing

Vimcar fleet tracking price plans

Thanks to our fleet tracking, you can monitor the driver’s actual work hours, identify and stop pro-longed breaks. Fleet Geo offers various pricing packages that start from just £7.90. The packages provide route history, data export, vehicle tracking, arrival and departure alerts, vehicle misuse, and theft protection.

Self-install in minutes

Fleet Geo is made for business searching for a stress-free experience. The hardware takes minutes to install and does not require an expert skill. You can use Feet Geo from any location or where your vehicles are located.

World-Class Customer Service

You can email or call our customer service team if you have any questions regarding fleet tracking. They’ll optimize your fleet by providing in-depth tutorials about our products. They also give a tour of the software, through the phone. You’ll also get your Customer Success Agent, who will offer personal support through brochures and videos.

The Most Accurate Fleet Tracking Data

We stand out from our competitors since we are always updating our products by relying on customer feedback. This allows us to provide the most precise GPS tracking that refreshes every twenty seconds.

Using fleet tracking on a mobile

What Else Can We Offer When You Buy Our Fleet Tracking System?

  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Flexible service plans
  • Free hardware replacement
  • No hidden costs

To find out more about our fleet tracking, download our free brochure below.


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