Minimising Vehicle Misuse with a Vehicle Tracker Device

Don’t settle for a misused fleet. Vehicle tracker devices and fleet management products can reduce vehicle misuse thanks to Geofencing and Timefencing technology.
company cars need vehicle tracker devices on the road

If you manage a busy fleet, you know it can be tough to keep tabs on vehicle and driver activity. And while you want to trust your drivers, it’s an unfortunate fact that some may take advantage of vehicle access. 

Unauthorised vehicle use by employees is commonplace, and it poses a real risk to your business. Keeping fleet expenses under control is tough enough already without unplanned fuel, maintenance, theft, or accident costs from vehicle misuse. 

In this article, we cover what vehicle misuse is, and how a vehicle tracker device can help fleet managers stop it in its tracks.

What is Vehicle Misuse?

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Vehicle misuse is any unauthorised company vehicle use by employees. This could mean employees using a company van to run errands during work hours, or making an unapproved stop at home. For employees who park a company van at home, it could mean after-hours vehicle use.

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Risks of Vehicle Misuse

Firstly, vehicle misuse poses a liability risk. 

If your employees get into an accident with a company vehicle, your insurance premiums will be affected, regardless of if it occurred during a business trip or not.

Unauthorised trips also hike up your fuel costs. With fuel being the second-highest fleet cost, few businesses can afford to ignore company vehicle abuse. 

And that’s not to mention the strain the additional mileage has on your vehicles. The higher your vehicle mileage, the higher the risk of breakdown. Vehicle maintenance is nothing to sneeze at: it accounts for 15% of the cost during fleet vehicle ownership and is the third-highest fleet cost.

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Vehicle Tracker Devices

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Nowadays there are great digital solutions to help you combat vehicle misuse. Vehicle tracker devices like Fleet Geo can eliminate the problem entirely. 

Without driving trackers, you are left to guess the whereabouts of your vehicles and their driving history.

Fleet Geo fights misuse in three main ways: Live tracking, geofencing, and timefencing.

Live Tracking

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Driving trackers locate your vehicle in real-time, so you never have to wonder where your vans are. Using Fleet Geo’s mobile app or desktop software, you can always access your fleet at your fingertips.

The biggest benefit of live tracking is accountability. With Fleet Geo’s accurate route history data, you can identify problems and discuss them with your staff.

Drivers who know they are being tracked make better driving choices

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Geofencing is a virtual barrier that you can set around any area of your choice. When vehicles cross this barrier, you receive a notification on your mobile app prompting you to investigate further. 

Imagine how much easier it is to get a handle on vehicle misuse with driving trackers like Fleet Geo: set a geofence around your company car park or delivery region, and relax knowing that you’ll get an immediate notification of unauthorised vehicle use. 


Similar to geofencing, timefencing is a virtual time barrier you can set that establishes acceptable working hours. If a vehicle is used outside of your timefence, you receive a notification to your mobile app. Once you receive a notification, you can then determine if any further action is needed.

Armed with data from your vehicle tracker device, you are in a better position to fight vehicle misuse.

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Driving Trackers: the Best Tool to Fight Vehicle Misuse

Vimcar vehicle tracker product and software

How have Vimcar’s driving trackers helped real companies put a stop to vehicle misuse?

Allan Wright, Company Founder of Wright’s K9 Security Services, has nipped unauthorised pool car use in the bud with Fleet Geo.  

“We were dealing with vehicle misuse within our fleet. That’s now been solved! Fleet Geo allowed me to monitor drivers’ speeds and distances: I can see if there have been any discrepancies with employees logging in their working times.”

Kevin Page, company director of KA Page Groundworks, loves the peace of mind that Fleet Geo offers him. 

“It addresses the security of our vehicles: Fleet Geo tells us where the vehicles are all the time and we get notified, should the vehicles leave an area.” 

Make Misuse a Thing of the Past

If your company gives staff access to company vehicles, you hope that everyone uses them honestly and responsibly. While some drivers unfortunately abuse company resources, vehicle tracker devices can serve as your second eyes. 

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By installing a driving tracker like Fleet Geo, you no longer have to wonder if you’re the victim of unfair pool car use. And with the market’s most accurate data, so you can rely on Fleet Geo to have your back.

You have more power than you think to stop vehicle misuse.

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