Make the Most out of Wireless Tracking with the Vimcar Dongle

How does the Vimcar Dongle work, and how can you install it? Find out how to save time and money with this guide to wireless tracking with an OBD Dongle.
The Vimcar Dongle brings you the best of wireless tracking.

The topic of wireless tracking for your fleet is one which is growing in relevance, and with good reason too. 

Why is this?

Companies in the UK are benefiting from the advantages wireless tracking brings with it, from geofencing, driver dispatching to driver identification. 

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Getting going with wireless tracking couldn’t be easier, thanks to the Vimcar Dongle. Learn more about the advantages of wireless tracking with the Vimcar Dongle in this guide.

How does your business benefit from the OBD Dongle?

In the past, vehicle trackers were fairly heavy-duty and needed to be manually attached to each vehicle’s battery. Not only did this take time, but it also meant that wireless trackers were slow to be installed and detached. 

The Vimcar Dongle, however, is specifically designed to be as easy to install as possible. 

Wireless tracking is made easy with the Vimcar Dongle.

First of all, the device is about the size of a keyring and comes equipped with OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) plugin technology. This means that you can simply plug the device into the OBD interface in each of your vehicles, typically located around the top right of the footwell.

Secondly, the Vimcar Dongle saves you time.

How so?

The device can easily be installed into each vehicle in a matter of minutes, straight into your OBD interface. This also means that you or your drivers don’t need to dedicate a number of hours or require expert knowledge of your vehicle’s mechanics to get going with wireless tracking.

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Moreover, you can swap each OBD Dongle from vehicle to vehicle with ease. You can simply plug the device in and out of the vehicle of your choice. Thus, installing wireless tracking into each vehicle is as easy as plugging a USB into your laptop. 

Download a Memo on How to Communicate Wireless Tracking to Your Employees

How do you install the OBD Dongle?

Installing wireless tracking hardware into your vehicle takes a matter of minutes, and is as follows:

  1. Make sure your vehicle is switched off 
  2. Locate your vehicle’s OBD port (Usually around the top right of the footwell)
  3. Insert the Vimcar Dongle into this OBD port
  4. Wait a brief moment for the Dongle’s LED lights to activate
  5. Wait three minutes to start the engine again. 

Now you’re ready to go. You can also find a visual representation of how this works with the video walkthrough below. 

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Why is Vimcar’s Wireless Tracking the best?

Vimcar has the most accurate GPS Tracking System on the market. As a fleet manager, you can track the exact locations of each vehicle fitted with a tracking device in real-time. This brings your business various benefits, including:

  • Instantly dispatching drivers
  • Dispatching your nearest drivers
  • Planning your best routes in real-time
  • Saving Fuel Costs
  • Preventing vehicle misuse

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Vimcar’s wireless tracking also stands out from the crowd by providing SMEs with tailored fleet management needs. Vimcar is economical, offering wireless tracking packages from as little as £7.90 per vehicle. This means you pay on a use per vehicle basis, saving you many unnecessary costs, and you only pay for the trackers you actually need. 

As a client, you also receive personalised support.

Vimcar’s customer service team is specifically trained to assist SMEs with any fleet tracking issues they may face. Should you run into any issues with your onboarding or fleet management options, you have the option to contact Vimcar directly to help your business drive smoothly. 

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Conclusion: Use Smarter Wireless Tracking

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo provides industry-leading tracking software for your fleet management needs. Whether you want to improve your operations, save money, view your vehicle’s locations in real-time, or all of the above. Vimcar can slot into your business as efficiently as the OBD Dongle into your vehicles’ OBD interfaces.

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