How to Track a Car – A Guide For Small and Self Employed Businesses

Vehicle tracking solutions aren’t just for corporations, but for SMEs too. Find out how to track your vehicles.
Is my car tracker suited to my business?

You might think that car trackers are just for large companies and fleets. But in reality, trackers like Vimcar’s Fleet Geo are incredibly beneficial for fleets of any size. 

Even If You Just Operate One Van, The Solutions A Tracker Provides Makes It Well Worth The Investment

If you’re wondering how to track a car and if fleet telematics will benefit your small business, this article is for you.

How Does Car Tracking Work?

Car tracking is an administrative tool used by business owners to save significant money and time. Their GPS system communicates with satellites to show you the vehicle’s exact location in real-time. 

A quality car tracker like Vimcar’s Fleet Geo records all your data in a handy spreadsheet. Using this information, you can make informed decisions that help you optimise your fleet. More on that below!

Fleet Geo updates every twenty seconds – the fastest on the market – so you always know exactly where your vehicles are.

If you’re curious about how to track a car, Fleet Geo makes it easy. It’s self-installed in seconds through either an OBD dongle or a box that attaches to the car’s battery. And you don’t have to be a tech whiz to get the most out of our easy-to-use software!

My car tracker isn't just for large fleets.

Aren’t Car Trackers Just For Large Fleets?

If you are self-employed or manage a small fleet – even if it’s just one vehicle – don’t be fooled into thinking a car tracker won’t benefit you. Regardless how many drivers or vehicles you employ, your car tracker will save you significant money and time. 

What benefit does my car tracker provide?

Small companies throughout the UK are already benefiting from Vimcar’s trackers. Wondering “what can my car tracker do for me?” Here are just a few of the perks:

Route optimisation: Analyse and improve your delivery routes so you can save on fuel, avoid CAZs, and prevent accidents.

Prevent theft and misuse: Through geofencing and timefencing, be alerted to suspicious vehicle activity. If your vehicle is stolen, Fleet Geo drastically improves your chances of recovering the vehicle. Plus, trackers reduce accidents by holding your drivers accountable and improving vehicle visibility.

Dispatch effectively: Improve route efficiency and track your routes so you can provide customers with accurate ETAs. Plus, you can provide proof of delivery, not to mention better customer service.

Reduce fuel costs: As the second highest fleet cost, petrol can seriously cut into your profits. “How can my car tracker reduce petrol?” Through reduced mileage and route optimisation (more on that below).

Streamline administration: Get automatic reminders for licence checks, insurance renewals, vehicle maintenance, and much more.

Managing a fleet without a GPS actually hurts your business. Nowadays, it’s difficult to meet market and customer demands without digitalisation!

Impacts on your small business

Your business will save money when you learn how to track a car.

You may be surprised at the difference a car tracker can make for your small fleet. The ability to locate and dispatch your vehicles in real time from your smartphone is a game-changer, and the savings allow you to scale faster.

  • For small businesses without a dedicated fleet manager, saving time and resources is critical. Fleet telematics allow you to manage your vehicles with the efficiency of a large fleet.

Quality customer service is especially important for small businesses. Building trust with clients can go a long way in generating new referrals. Providing reliable, accurate information to clients can make the difference between future sales- or not.

Do Car Trackers Rack Up Costs?

You might be thinking that fleet trackers are just another unnecessary yearly expense. But think again: fleet trackers save businesses 15% in overhead costs or £5,000. 

“How can my car tracker save me money?” Decreasing your mileage cuts costs through reduced insurance premiums, maintenance fees, vehicle turnover, and accident prevention.

If you’re wondering how to track a car without spending a fortune, remember that streamlining your administration also means you save valuable time and resources. Plus, with the average company forking out £16,000 annually on average for vehicle theft, OBD GPS tracker easily pay for themselves.

Fleet Geo Offers Affordable, Flexible Payment Plans, So You Only Pay For The Features You Use

My car tracker won't cost me much.

Finding The Right Car Tracker For You

If you want to get started with how to track a car, it’s important to consider your fleet’s priorities. With hidden fees, choosing the cheapest car tracker isn’t always cheaper in the long run.

Wondering “what should I look for in my car tracker?”

  1. Accurate, up-to-date data
  2. Superior customer service
  3. Easy self-installation
  4. Continuous software improvements and solutions
  5. Flexible pricing plans
  6. Trusted fleet security

If any of these are lacking, you will end up paying more over time, not to mention dealing with unnecessary hassle. Here’s why Fleet Geo is the right car tracker for you:

Fleet Geo: The Perfect Pairing With SMEs

Fleet Geo is ideal for small businesses. With no professional installation required, its practical, simple software helps you get more out of your fleet.  Review your fleet’s routes, speeds, stopping time, prevent theft, and much more. Plus, Vimcar’s flexible payment plans mean you can find the right fit for you. 

Not only that, but Vimcar’s agile software development team is continuously improving features and coming up with handy new solutions. Through direct relationships with customers, we tailor our product directly to your needs.

If you want to know how to track a car and “how do I get the most out of my car tracker?” Vimcar’s affordable trackers are a no-brainer. Contact our customer service team today, and see what we can do for you.

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