GPS Tracker App: On The Road to Better Dispatch

What is a GPS Tracker App, and how does it improve your dispatching? Find out how in the blog.
Vimcar: The GPS Tracker App for your company.

Dispatchers already know the importance of using GPS trackers for vehicles. Without the help of GPS trackers, responding to last-minute or emergency calls would take exponentially longer. GPS vehicle trackers make it easier to determine which drivers are available and where they’re located — phoning each individual driver or checking paper logs to figure out their location isn’t necessary.   

However, having a GPS tracker app makes dispatching vehicles even simpler. With a GPS tracker app like Fleet Geo, dispatchers can review the data provided by their GPS vehicle trackers on any mobile device. This way, last-minute and emergency calls can be fulfilled even when away from the office.  

4 Ways Vimcar Fleet Geo Improves Dispatching 

Four key ways a GPS tracker app can benefit dispatchers include: increased efficiency, improved customer service, reduced fuel costs and route documentation.  

1. Increases Efficiency 

With a GPS tracker app, you can see the real-time location of all of your vehicles at a glance. If a last-minute call comes in, you can send the nearest vehicle to complete the job. 

A quicker response time allows you to service more customers in one day. Not to mention that a speedy response is necessary for dispatchers working in the emergency sector.

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2. Tracks Routes 

A GPS Tracker App will improve your routes.

Vimcar Fleet Geo logs the routes of each vehicle being tracked. You can review each vehicle’s routes retrospectively and adjust them as needed to reduce mileage or avoid busy intersections. 

Being able to track and review routes using a GPS tracker app is particularly beneficial for dispatchers who make repeat deliveries to the same customers on a regular basis. Optimising delivery routes will save you time and money in the long-run.  

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3. Helps Reduce Fuel Costs 

Using the real-time vehicle tracking and route optimisation features mentioned above can help reduce your fleet’s fuel costs. 

Dispatching the nearest vehicle to last-minute jobs prevents unnecessary, fuel-wasting trips for other drivers that are further away. Similarly, using a GPS tracker app to adjust delivery routes retrospectively can reduce your fleet’s total mileage and therefore your business’s fuel costs. 

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4. Improves Customer Service 

With a GPS tracker app, you can create geofences. Geofences are virtual, geographic boundaries that can be set around specific areas, such as pickup and delivery sites. You can choose to be notified when a vehicle is driven into or out of a geofenced area.

Dispatchers can use the geofence alert to notify customers of a successful pickup or drop-off. Providing proof of delivery or pickup is an easy way to improve customer service.  

GPS Tracker App for a Better Fleet

This is a GPS tracker for vehicle.

Installing GPS trackers for vehicles is just the first step to managing a fleet. Dispatchers should also be using an accompanying GPS tracker app so they have the flexibility to fulfill last-minute or emergency calls from anywhere. 

In addition to the GPS tracking hardware and software, Vimcar’s Fleet Geo has its own GPS tracker app. The app is included with the purchase of the Fleet Geo hardware, free of charge. For more information on the Fleet Geo app and how it can benefit your business, get in touch with Vimcar today.

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