The Real Cost of a Cheap Vehicle Tracking Software

Is it too good to be true? Don’t get fooled by a low price tag when it comes to vehicle tracking software. What you don’t pay for monthly you often make up for in other ways. Here are some of the hidden costs that come with those suspiciously cheap fleet management softwares.
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Choosing which fleet tracking system to invest in isn’t as simple as comparing the monthly fees. There are many additional features and hidden costs to consider before committing to a specific vehicle tracking software. Although it’s tempting to invest in the cheapest software possible, that’s really not a good idea. We’re all trying to reduce costs whenever possible, but cutting corners can backfire when it comes to fleet tracking softwares. 

In truth, you actually end up paying more when you opt for the cheaper tracker with a lower monthly fee. This article will discuss the hidden fees that come with cheaper vehicle tracking software. 

5 Most Common Hidden Costs of a Vehicle Tracking Software

1. Hidden Cost: Installation Fees 

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One of the main ways cheaper vehicle trackers cost you more money is through pricey installation fees. Car trackers can cost up to £90 to be professionally installed. Those costs add up quickly when you consider the number of vehicles in your fleet. 

Vimcar’s vehicle tracking hardware can be self-installed, saving you money and keeping your vehicles on the road. The Vimcar Dongle can be installed on any vehicle with an OBD interface, and the Vimcar Box is fitted with an adhesive surface for stable mounting and is suitable for vehicles without an OBD interface. 

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2. Hidden Cost: Customer Support 

Have a question about your vehicle tracking software? Cheaper fleet tracking providers may require you to pay for each customer service call. Alternatively, the customer service could be included in the monthly price, but the support could be poor. Either way, you’ll wind up spending money or wasting precious business hours researching your question online. 

Vimcar’s offers expert customer support at no additional cost to you. Our support team knows our software and hardware inside and out and is available at any time to answer your questions. 

Could Vimcar’s fleet management system help your business? Take a look at our brochure to find out:

3. Hidden Cost: Training Fees

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You’ve just invested in vehicle tracking software, but how does it work? There’s no point in paying for all the bells and whistles if you have no idea how to utilise the software and tailor it to your business’s needs. Cheaper fleet tracking software won’t necessarily be easier to use, nor will it come with a comprehensive training guide. 

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When you invest in Vimcar’s vehicle tracking software, you’ll be provided with a comprehensive training package that will educate fleet managers on how to utilise the full capabilities of our tool. If you have any questions about our software after going through the training, you can contact our customer support team — free of charge!

4. Hidden Cost: Cancellation Fees 

It’s crucial that you read the fine print before investing in any fleet tracking system. Cheaper systems may include costly cancellation fees of up to £100. Vimcar has no hidden fees, meaning you can cancel at no extra cost to you. Moreover, you won’t have to take your vehicles to the garage to have the hardware removed since it’s easy to both install and remove yourself. 

Remeber, you often end up paying more when you opt for the cheaper tracker with a lower monthly fee.

5. Hidden Cost: Additional Features 

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After the events of last year, it’s more important than ever that fleet managers have the flexibility to work outside the office. Whether you want to work from home or from a work site, it’s vital that you have access to your vehicle tracking software at all times. Cheaper fleet tracking systems may charge extra for additional features like phone apps, which means you’d have to pay more each month to have the flexibility to work remotely. 

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo app is included in your monthly subscription. The Fleet Geo app stores everything digitally, making it easy to manage your fleet when you’re away from your desk. 

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Want to Get the Most Out of Your Vehicle Tracking Software?   

If you’re ready to invest in a fleet tracking system with no hidden costs, expert customer service and thousands of satisfied customers, contact Vimcar today. We care about your fleet and are here to help take your business to the next level.  

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