Vimcar Is Your SME’s Delivery Management Software

Good delivery management software is characterised by high-quality delivery tracking software. Find out what makes Vimcar stand out.
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SMEs that deal with deliveries need high-quality delivery management software and delivery tracking software. This is because processing in-house and external orders as well as carrying out deliveries can become an operational hazard if left unmanaged. Operational costs can add up as a result and confusion can mount.

This is precisely where Vimcar comes in to prevent this with its array of delivery management software. Vimcar provides specialised delivery tracking software, administration automation and driver management solutions. These are specifically designed to ensure that your deliveries run smoothly and your customers remain happy. Read on to find out what you need to know to get going.

Delivery Management Software: Why is It Essential?

Fleet managers have to take a lot into account to properly carry out their delivery responsibilities. Common logistical tasks include:

  • Knowing where exactly their drivers are
  • Identifying the closest driver to the customer
  • Coordinating routes and drop off points with multiple vehicles
  • Factoring in real-time road closures and route obstacles
  • Being aware of completed deliveries instantly

These can all add up quickly, and manually tracking these factors with pen and paper as well as memory becomes an insurmountable task. 

Luckily, Vimcar offers fleet managers the best solutions. It provides easy-to-use delivery management software, specifically designed for SMEs. The solutions are centralised via an intuitive app. This allows you to control your delivery operations via tablet, mobile and desktop via your own personalised user credentials. 

Delivery Tracking Software Solution: Vimcar’s Fleet Geo

Delivery tracking software with Vimcar's Fleet Geo

Fleet Geo by Vimcar is a fleet tracking solution. It works by sending you real-time precise vehicle location data of each of your vehicles. Each vehicle is installed with a specialised Vimcar tracking dongle or battery-fitted box. This transmits vehicle location data as well as all relevant onboard diagnostics (OBD) vehicle information to your Vimcar app. 

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Therefore, Fleet Geo acts as a solid piece of delivery tracking software. By knowing where each of your fleet vehicles are in real-time, you can improve your operations in a variety of ways. 

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo delivery tracking software allows you to be able to send your closest driver to the customer. You can do this by identifying your closest driver in relation to the customer in real-time via the data displayed on your Vimcar app. As a result, you can reach the customer quicker while simultaneously saving business mileage and unnecessary fuel costs. 

Moreover, this piece of delivery tracking software equips you with specialised features to improve your deliveries and operations. These include:

  • Trip completion notifications: Receive confirmation of successful deliveries
  • Accurate ETA updates to update the customer with
  • Geofencing: Be notified every time a vehicle strays off the delivery route
  • Multidrop route planning: Plan accordingly for multiple deliveries
  • Dynamic route planning: Instantly view new routes should a road close

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Delivery Management Software: Vimcar’s API

Vimcar's API is a good piece of delivery management software

The API feature is something that you can acquire as part of Vimcar’s Fleet Geo delivery tracking software solution. You can easily integrate Vimcar’s API into your internal setup. This means that you can broaden who sees your user interface, containing visualised real-time vehicle location information. 

Vimcar’s API is a handy piece of delivery management software. It allows you to increase delivery transparency. It does so by allowing you to give further stakeholders the same visualised information that you view on the Vimcar app. This means that you have greater operational control while keeping more members of the team on the same page – in real-time.

Furthermore, Vimcar’s API also allows you to give the same visualised information to the customer. This drastically increases trust and transparency between company and customer. it gives them a clearer picture of where their packages are and shows them a specified ETA. 

Delivery Management Software Feature: Driver ID With Vimcar

When it comes to your delivery management software, it also pays to know what driver is in control of which of your vehicles. This is where Vimcar’s Driver ID feature comes in. A feature included as part of Vimcar’s Fleet Geo, it gives you a greater operational overview by displaying who exactly is driving which vehicle. 

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This is important as the relation between driver and customer can also be highlighted. Should the client receive particularly fast and well-timed delivery with good customer service, you can know exactly who that driver was. The other case is also true. In the unfortunate case that the customer experiences rude service or feels unsatisfied with their delivery, that driver could potentially also become accountable.

As a result, this increases accountability and transparency within your delivery operations. You can rely on hard, tangible information, rather than depending on guesswork and instinct. 

Vimcar’s Fleet Admin: Delivery Management Software For Your Administration

Fleet Admin complements delivery tracking software

Vimcar also provides SMEs with specialised administration solutions. Fleet managers are aware that their operations don’t just contain physical pickups and deliveries, but administrative logging too. 

Fleet Admin by Vimcar is specifically designed to take care of your administrative tasks within your business. No longer do you have to rely on loose post-it notes and uncategorised excel sheets to record your delivery data.

Regarding your delivery operations, you can use Fleet Admin to book and assign vehicles for your drivers. This information is also stored in a centralised database via your Vimcar app. As a result, your drivers easily know which vehicle they are assigned to and which ones are ready for use. Through this, your deliveries become more efficient and organised, with minimal time wasted. 

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Summary: Stay On Track – Better Delivery Solutions With Vimcar

Vimcar is an industry-leading provider of fleet management software solutions. By acquiring Vimcar’s products, you can allow your business to become more efficient, save money and make it shift up a gear. 

Vimcar’s products, including Fleet Geo, Fleet Admin and Driver Style Analysis (DSA) add together to work as high-grade delivery management software and the customer stays happy as a result.

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