Tracking Systems – What Makes Vimcar Different?

There are many tracking systems out there for your fleet. But what makes Vimcar stand out? Find out by reading on.
Vimcar is the best tracking equipment which provides a tracking system for vehicles.

With so many tracking systems for vehicles on the market, you may feel lost at sea choosing the right one for your needs. But when you compare key features to other products on the market, we think Vimcar emerges as the clear winner.

So what sets Vimcar’s tracking equipment apart from the crowd?

1. Market’s Most Accurate Data

Fleet Geo has the most accurate tracking systems for vehicles on the market. 

Vimcar’s Software Refreshes Every 20 Seconds, So You Always Know Where Your Vehicles Are

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Many companies offer tracking equipment which hasn’t been updated in years. Without accurate, up-to-date data, what’s the point of installing fleet software in the first place? You need instantaneous data that you can trust.

Data is very important as part of tracking equipment that provides 
a tracking system for vehicles.

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Live vehicle tracking gives you full control of your fleet, and Vimcar’s easy-to-use map with traffic updates makes route optimisation a breeze.

Mike Meyer, Managing Director at Critical Facilities Solutions, uses Fleet Geo’s data to provide great customer service. “What’s great is having a helicopter view of our vehicles at all times, providing customers with accurate ETAs and ascertaining when a driver has arrived and left a site.”

2. Flexible Pricing Plans

Your business isn’t one-size-fits-all, so why should your tracking system for vehicles be? At Vimcar we know that your business is unique and may require different solutions from your competitors. That’s why we offer customised pricing plans. 

Vimcar Offers A Simplified Product With Features You Will Actually Use

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Monthly plans start at just £7.90 with a range of options to suit your needs. And unlike most van GPS trackers, Fleet Geo does not come with hidden costs. 

Many plans that seem affordable at first actually come with steep fees for installation, cancellation, administration, de-installation, service, and shipping.

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Simply create a plan that offers you the solutions you need, and ditch the rest! 

3. Cutting Edge Products

We pride ourselves on solving real problems businesses face every day. Vimcar is continuously working to develop new features for our tracking equipment in line with customer feedback. Learning about fleet managers’ pain points allows us to consistently improve our GPS product. 

Through Direct Relationships With Our Clients, Vimcar Builds The Best Customer-Led Solutions On The Market

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Read more about our team’s unique ability to adapt to market needs here.

4. Seamless Self-Installation

Many tracking systems for vehicles have complicated setups that require professional installation, not to mention costly installation fees. 

Fleet Geo is unique with its hassle-free installation: in fact, you can install it yourself in seconds!

Simply plug the  Dongle into the OBD interface in the top right of your vehicle’s footwell. If you prefer a hidden GPS tracker or one not requiring an OBD port, go with the Vimcar Box which attaches directly to the car’s battery. If you’re a visual learner, watch our instructional video here.

No Hiring A Technician, No Taking Cars Off The Road, And No Installation Fees: It Doesn’t Get Any Easier

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5. Fleet Security & Accountability

Vimcar’s easy-to-use timefencing and geofencing tools prevent theft and minimise company loss. Simply set custom alerts to be notified if your vehicle is driven outside of your designated area or timeframe. Our live location tracking means you can provide a location to police and locate the vehicle before it’s too late. Plus, tracking systems for vehicles also discourage vehicle misuse by drivers.

Fleet Geo’s Tracking Equipment Gives You Peace of Mind Knowing That Your Fleet Is Secure

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6. Superior Customer Support & Free Resources

A tracking system for vehicles as part of tracking equipment should also include good customer service.

Most tracking equipment companies claim to have excellent customer service, but in reality, they don’t come through when you really need them. 

Not with Vimcar. Each customer is assigned a designated Customer Success Manager, and our world-class customer service team is here to learn how we can simplify your fleet management. Plus, Vimcar offers you in-depth tutorials of our product, free videos and glossary, and service support every business day of the week.

With Vimcar, You Can Trust You’ll Be Taken Care Of

Finding the Right Tracking Equipment for You

Vimcar makes it easy to choose the right tracking system for your vehicle. When you look at the features, data accuracy, installation process, and customer service support, Vimcar offers an unparalleled product and consumer experience.

Your tracking system for vehicles will become the foundation of your fleet management, so choose the provider that works with you to build the custom solutions you need. 

Take it from happy Vimcar customer Mike Meyer: “Fleet Geo does what it says: it’s an easy-to-use tool. Simple to install and there are no ongoing costs…From the Account Manager and initial interaction to payment flexibility, everything is dead-easy and simple.”

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