Fleet Administration: From Licence Checks to MOT, The Fleet Technology You Need

The job of a fleet manager can be exhausting, but with the help of fleet administration technology the burden of licence checks, MOT reminders and general vehicle data management can be lifted. See all the ways fleet administration technology can help your business.
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Managing company vehicles requires quite a bit of data management and the organisation of vehicle information. To implement a smooth running fleet administration, companies need to invest in a fleet management technology system. Not only does a fleet management system improve the effectiveness of your company vehicles, but the lack of a fleet management technology can actually be stunting your business growth.

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What is Fleet Administration?

Effective fleet administration, or fleet management, is necessary for any organisation that depends on commercial vehicles to function. If your business uses vehicles then you already have some form of fleet management in place. 

Fleet administration is the overseeing and management of all fleet activity, performance and maintenance in order to boost productivity and keep things running smoothly. 

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The tasks required of fleet administration are often given to a Fleet Manager who is in charge of the day-to-day operations of fleet vehicles. This includes overseeing the fleet expenses, like fuel costs, scheduling vehicle maintenance, adhering to driver license check UK regulations and following up on MOT reminders.

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How Does Fleet Management Technology help?

Investing in a fleet management system means having all your data in one, secure place. Fleet management technology helps you manage your fleet in a smart and secure way. Whether you need help booking vehicles, organising digital driving licence checks or managing fleet costs, a fleet management system can help.

Here are some of the things a fleet administrative system can help with:

  1. Vehicle Data Management
  2. Cost Management
  3. Pool Vehicle Booking
  4. DVLA Licence Checks
  5. MOT Reminders

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Licence Checks

If your company employers drivers it is imperative that you perform licence checks. Your company must be compliant with licence check uk laws or there can be serious consequences. Regular driver licence checks should be a part of your company’s health and safety policy.

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Furthermore, simply asking your drivers about the status of their licences is not enough as a valid licence check. According to a survey performed by RAC Insurance, 25% of the motorists surveyed who already had penalty points did not inform any organisation, and only 13% would tell their employer if they incurred any penalty points. 

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This is why it is extremely important for businesses to perform a proper DVLA license check on all drivers. If you have employees who are driving for work when they shouldn’t be you could be facing legal consequences. It is an offense to drive without a licence.

DVLA licence check

According to licence check UK laws a company found guilty of allowing an employee to drive unlicensed or without a proper licence can face a fine up to £1,000. 

Worse yet, the company could face prosecution under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Luckily, companies in possession of a driver’s mandate have access to the online DVLA licence check system.

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Perform Regular Licence Checks 

A good licence check policy is to carry out DVLA licence checks once a year for drivers who have a clean record, with an increased frequency for licence checks for those drivers who are deemed to be at a higher risk.

This can be an exhausting policy to uphold, but it doesn’t have to be. A fleet management system can also help with maintaining a regular UK licence check policy. This will keep the roads safer and your company away from legal consequences.

MOT Reminder Service

Vehicles that are over three years old must pass a yearly MOT test (The Ministry of Transport test) in accordance with UK law. This test is to assure that the vehicle is road worthy.

Due to the importance of the MOT test it is helpful to invest in an MOT reminder service in order to be notified whenever it is time to retest your vehicles. A fleet management software can help with this annual administrative task.

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What does MOT check consist of?

After your vehicle has reached three years of age, (four years if you’re in Northern Ireland), the vehicle must be tested every year to make sure it meets road safety and environment standards.

There are over 21,000 authorised testing centers across the UK that perform MOT tests. The MOT test involves numerous checks on the vehicle, including the brakes, exhaust and fuel system, light, mirrors, and even windscreen wipers. The whole process takes about 40 minutes to an hour. 

You received an MOT reminder – now what?

If you receive an MOT reminder service your car ahead of time to insure that it passes. Nearly two in five MOT tests fail the first time. You can perform a simple service check by following the list below.

Here are a few things to check before taking your vehicle to an MOT check station:

  1. Clean the vehicle ahead of time. Remove any clutter from the cabin and the boot, and be sure the windows are clean.
  2. Remove any stickers on the windscreen that could be blocking the driver’s view
  3. Be sure the registration plate is not missing or dirty, and follows DVLA rules
  4. Top off your vehicle’s screen wash
  5. Make sure all the seatbelts and the horn is working properly
  6. Check the tension in your handbrake
  7. Address any warning lights that have been lit-up on the dashboard
  8. Check the tyre conditions, including tyre pressure
  9. Assure all the headlights and indicator lights are working properly
  10. Perform a suspension check
  11. Check for exhaust leaks
  12. Make sure all your fuel and oils are topped off
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What Are the Benefits of Fleet Administration?

Fleet management, no matter the fleet size, is no easy task. Data from the Government Fleet’s annual benchmarking survey stated that over 75% of fleet managers rely on a fleet management system or business vehicle tracking technology in at least some of their vehicles to help manage day-to-day operations. Additionally businesses that use a fleet management system on average reduce fleet costs by up to 15% and increase productivity by up to 30%.

Businesses that use Fleet Geo saves up to £5,000 annually

(according to internal estimates) 

Fleet Geo: Your Fleet Management Technology

If your company needs a fleet management system look no further than Vimcar’s Fleet Geo. Vimcar’s easy-to-install, affordable vehicle tracking system helps managers feel secure when their vehicles and drivers are out on the road.

Whether you want to see live GPS updates of where a vehicle is on its route or you’re searching for a way to curb vehicle misuse, Vimcar has a solution. Don’t under provide for your fleet. Contact a Vimcar representative today and see what we can do for you.

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