Vimcar Fleet Geo – The Best Vehicle Tracker for Your Fleet

Find the best vehicle tracker for your fleet with Vimcar Fleet Geo. Find out what Vimcar Fleet Geo has to offer!
best vehicle tracker for companies

No two businesses are the same, and every fleet faces challenges unique to its industry. When searching for the best vehicle tracker in the UK, look for a fleet telematics partner that offers more than one-size-fits-all solutions.

As the needs of your fleet evolve, you need a GPS tracker that evolves with you. In this article, we show you why Vimcar’s Fleet Geo is the best vehicle tracker not only for today, but for tomorrow, too.

Dynamic Technology

best vehicle tracker which is user-friendly and easy to install

As a young, agile software company, Vimcar has the ability to quickly adapt to changing market needs. 

Our nimble nature is what allowed us to create a product that is exceptionally easy to install and user-friendly. By focusing on client feedback, our products meet consumer needs in ways that our competitors cannot.

Get a Beginners Guide to GPS Fleet Tracking in 2021:

Market’s Most Up-To-Date Products

At Vimcar we believe in maintaining direct communication with our customers so we can customise our products to suit your needs.

Vimcar Updates Our Software Multiple Times A Quarter In Accordance With Customer Feedback

Most fleet tracking companies developed their tracking technology years ago and have not updated it since. That’s why so many products are difficult to use, with inaccurate GPS trackers and slow refresh times! 

  • The best vehicle trackers update their technology regularly.

Real Solutions for Real Life

Our world-class development team analyses market needs to offer you even more hassle-free and money-saving solutions. Our new tools include:

Outstanding Customer Service

outstanding customer service with the best vehicle tracking system

When searching for the best vehicle tracker in the UK, many fleet managers focus solely on the product features. While features are important, without excellent customer service support, you won’t get the most out of the product – even if it’s the best vehicle tracker in every other way.

GPS tracking is more than just real-time location tracking: it gives you actionable data that guides short- and long-term corporate decisions. 

Vimcar’s ongoing relationship with our customers is what allows us to constantly improve our products. Plus, we offer a comprehensive training package and ongoing resources including videos, glossary, and blogs. Our stellar customer service team is here to guide you so you get the most bang for your buck.

Pay Only For What You Need

Why should you pay for products you don’t use? We don’t think you should have to, so we offer customisable packages.

→ Vimcar Lets You Opt Out Of Features You Don’t Need, So You Can Cut Costs And Simplify Your Fleet Management

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Fleet Geo: The Best Vehicle Tracker UK

The best vehicle trackers focus on features vital to your business while still being user-friendly. But to get the most out of your fleet telematics, you need a provider that will build a long-term relationship with your business and update the product to suit your changing needs. 

→ By Centering Our Innovation Around The Customer Experience, At Vimcar We Ensure You Get The Best Vehicle Tracker For You

Vimcar’s agile development team and world-class customer service sets us apart from the crowd. To learn most about how we cater to your fleet’s unique priorities, contact our team today.

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