Vimcar: Your New Driver Manager

Vimcar is an organisation which makes intuitive products for your business. Learn how Vimcar becomes your personal driver manager.
Vimcar: Your Driver Manager

In these rapidly changing times, one thing has remained: we depend on fleet vehicles. In fact, over the last decade, the UK fleet sector increased a whopping 42%. Driver management has emerged as a lucrative career, and for good reason. Driver managers streamline operations and reduce fleet expenses in a number of important ways. However, many small companies lack the resources for a full-time fleet manager.

→ Fleet Telematics Can Act As A Driver Manager

This article will explain what a driver manager is, and how Vimcar’s fleet management software can fill in the gaps in your fleet administration.

What Is A Driver Manager?

  • A driver manager oversees the tracking, administration, maintenance, and dispatching of fleet vehicles.

Also known as a fleet manager or fleet administrator, driver managers oversee the entire fleet operations.

What Does A Driver Manager Do?

While the duties vary between companies, the job description generally includes:

These are a lot of responsibilities, but don’t be intimidated: Vimcar’s tools automate many of these functions for you.

How Can Vimcar Help?

Vimcar’s line of fleet management products perform all the essential driver manager functions: fleet administration, fleet tracking, and driver monitoring.

Fleet Tracking

Installing GPS trackers like Vimcar’s Fleet Geo will transform your fleet management.

  • With the most accurate GPS on the market updating every 20 seconds, Fleet Geo makes it easy to dispatch the best driver for the job.
Vimcar: The driver manager for SMEs

Fleet Geo automatically records your journeys, taking the guesswork out of route optimisation. You’ll notice immediate reductions in your mileage and petrol. In fact, the average fleet reports a decrease in total mileage of 10% after the introduction of fleet management software. And don’t worry: if you have pool cars also used for private journeys, simply turn on Privacy mode and drive untracked.

Plus, with Fleet Geo you’ll prevent theft and vehicle misuse while providing better customer service– it doesn’t get any better.

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Fleet Administration

Let’s face it, administration can be tedious. But Vimcar’s Fleet Admin takes over the heavy lifting for you, avoiding the hassle of messy spreadsheets.

  • Fully automate your workflow with Fleet Admin’s custom task reminders and notifications
  • Avoid mistakes and fines with alerts for documentation deadlines and upcoming payments
  • Get automated mileage estimates and secure mileage record storage
  • Find all of your documents in one place. Never shuffle through loose papers for your insurance, inventory, vehicle maintenance, risk assessments, and drivers’ licence checks again!
  • Upload and export data your data instantly into customisable tables
Vimcar: Fleet Admin: Your driver manager

And what really sets Fleet Admin apart is its fleet finance management: Fleet Admin automatically analyses your expenses and alerts you to cost outliers. By keeping all your fleet finances in one comprehensive program, cost calculation and fleet reporting is a breeze.

→ Automating Your Fleet Administration Means You Can Redirect Those Resources Elsewhere

Driver Monitoring

Implementing fleet safety policies is one of a driver manager’s most important roles. But without driver monitoring, they are nearly impossible to enforce.

Vimcar’s Driving Style Analysis (DSA) gives you full fleet oversight. It tracks speed, acceleration, braking, idling, and mobile phone use. With automatic driver safety scores and reports, you can share data with your team and improve safety outcomes fast.

→ Plus, Driver Tracking Makes It Easy to Comply With HGV Hours.

The Future Is Digital Driver Management

Don’t have the capacity for a full-time driver manager? With Vimcar, your fleet management doesn’t have to suffer. Regardless of your business structure, Vimcar’s products will revolutionise your fleet management. With automatic cost control, route optimisation, workflow management, and driver monitoring, Vimcar’s products give you the support you need.

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