Car Tracker Fitting: Finding Best One For Your Needs

There are many car trackers for sale out there. Which one is the best for you? Find out in our specialised car tracking fitting guide.
Car tracker fitting has never been easier.

If you haven’t yet switched to digital fleet management, there’s never been a better time: fleets with GPS trackers save 15% on fleet costs, increase productivity by 30%, and reduce fleet-related time by 60%. But with the different options out there, how do you pick the car tracker fitting your fleet needs?

Our easy-to-use software lets you instantly dispatch drivers, optimise your routes, locate vehicles in real-time, analyse fleet data, and so much more. Let’s take a look at Vimcar’s different types of car trackers for sale, and how to choose the best one for your fleet.

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Types of Car Trackers For Sale

Vimcar offers two types of car trackers fitting the varying needs of fleets. 

  • Both are self-installed in moments, outperforming other car trackers for sale requiring professional installation.

It doesn’t get any easier than that!

OBD Dongle

Vimcar’s Dongle is plugged directly into the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) interface of your vehicle. All EU-standardised vehicles with a combustion engine have an OBD interface typically found at the top right corner of the footwell.

Pros of the Vimcar Dongle

→ Quick installation: Vimcar’s Dongle is installed with via simple plug in the car’s interior

→ Small size: The device is sleek and light, about the size of a keyring

→ Easy swapping: You can plug the Dongle in and out of the vehicle of your choice, so swapping between vans is a breeze

Vimcar Box

The Vimcar Box is a great alternative for vehicles without an OBD interface. The Box can be attached directly to the battery by you in minutes.

Pros of the Vimcar Box

  • Use on any vehicle: It works on any motorized vehicle, including construction vehicles
  • Hidden from view: Perfect for those desiring discreet tracking

Choosing The Car Tracker Fitting Your Fleet

So which is the car tracker fitting your needs the best? The answer depends on how you use your fleet.

OBD trackers are some of the best car trackers for sale.

If you frequently change out fleet cars, Vimcar’s OBD Dongle is a convenient way to switch your tracked vehicle. Simply unplug from the OBD interface and plug it into your new vehicle!

If you want to keep the car tracker hidden, the Vimcar Box is for you. It’s installed under the bonnet, so it’s concealed from onlookers. It’s also perfect for vehicles without an OBD interface, like construction vehicles or farm equipment. 

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with either of Vimcar’s car trackers for sale. If you’re looking for affordable trackers, Vimcar has you covered with packages starting as low as £7.90 per vehicle

→ We Offer Flexible Pricing Options, So You Only Pay For The Features You Need

Plus, the new privacy mode feature means you can turn car tracking on and off. This is ideal for company cars which employees use for both personal and business use. Track only the journeys you need, and keep personal journeys private!

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Real Solutions for Your Fleet

When comparing the car trackers for sale, it’s important to choose the car tracker fitting your needs best. Flashy features won’t help you if they don’t offer you the individual solutions you need. 

Go with the market leader that develops products specifically for you. Vimcar continuously develops features and improves our product based on customer feedback. With two great tracking options, the Dongle and the Box, you can easily digitise your fleet in minutes.

Plus, with our flexible packages, you can trust you’re getting incredible value. To learn more about which of Vimcar’s car trackers for sale are right for you, contact our customer service team today.

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