Tackle Fleet Finance With Digital Administration Software

Improving your fleet finance is made easy thanks to innovative fleet management tools. Find out exactly how your business benefits.
Tackle fleet finance with Vimcar

Managing a fleet means coordinating a number of vendors, deadlines, and ongoing expenses. With all these demands, keeping your fleet finances in order can be complicated. Using outdated tools prevents you from running an economical fleet, wasting resources and driving up fleet costs. 

Did you know that administration software like Vimcar’s Fleet Admin manages your fleet expenses for you? This customisable platform helps you take control of your fleet finances. This article will show you how to manage your finances and save money with the best administrative tool on the market.

Professional Fleet Finance Tracking With Fleet Admin

Vimcar is a professional fleet finance saving provider

Say goodbye to stressing over spreadsheets. Fleet Admin keeps all of your expenses and documents in one comprehensive place, so you can check your outgoings at a glance. Digitising your processes means you can spend your energy on what matters most: optimising your fleet.

This user-friendly platform is designed to be used by anyone and is self-installed in minutes. 

Fleet Admin offers unlimited data access with easy data exports for internal or external use. Compiling reports for tax and insurance purposes is finally a no-brainer!

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Automate Your Workflow

The more automated your administration, the more time you have to focus on other priorities. And with Fleet Admin, you can fully automate your workflow. You get to decide how you want your data displayed and which analyses to run. 

  • Manually tracking and updating your vehicle costs is time-consuming and tedious. With Fleet Admin your cost-related processes like mileage forecasts and insurance expenses are taken care of: let us take on the heavy lifting for you.

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Set Custom Notifications

Set custom notifications to save money with fleet finance

Leave no room for mistakes with Fleet Admin’s automatic task and cost reminders. No more fines and administrative hassle!

→ Fool-Proof Your Fleet Finances With Fleet Admin’s Custom Notifications

Simply select which cost outliers, tasks or deadlines you wish to be notified of, and customise the dashboard to reflect your business needs. 

  • Fleet Admin gives you invaluable peace of mind knowing that the software is managing cost administration for you. 

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What About Cost Outliers?

Keeping tabs on individual costs is an important part of fleet finance, but it’s a pain to analyse each expense. Fleet Admin takes this off your plate with automatic cost discrepancy reports.

→ Fleet Admin Flags Expense Outliers For You So You Can Easily Cut Costs 

This software is continuously analysing your costs and tracking anomalies without any extra work on your end. Reining in fleet expenses has never been easier!

Set Yourself Up For Long-Term Savings

Fleet finance: Secure long-term savings!

Inefficient administration cuts into your profits over time and requires more personnel resources. Not to mention, it leaves more room for costly oversights. When you digitise your fleet finance, you set yourself up for long-term financial success. 

New to digitised fleet finance management? You’ll be amazed at the new cost-saving opportunities Fleet Admin finds for you.

With Fleet Admin’s payment notifications, you’ll keep up with documentation deadlines, saving you money in the long run. Paired with the automated mileage updates, you can note mileage creep and make adjustments quicker.

Automating Cost Administration Allows You To Evaluate How Your Business Is Running, So You Can Make Informed Business Decisions

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Pricing to Suit Any Budget

Vimcar’s flexible pricing packages are unbeatable. Our all-inclusive packages start at just £1.90, with a product guarantee and no hidden costs.

Make Your Administration Work For You

Don’t let poor fleet finance management drain your resources and slow down your business.

Let Fleet Admin do the hard work for you with automatic cost discrepancy reports, cost outlier identification, task notifications, and workflow management. Once you see how easy it is to save with automated administration, you’ll never go back!

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