Fleet Admin Works As An Accident Management Service

An accident management company can be expensive. Find out how Vimcar’s Fleet Admin accident management service makes you more efficient.
An accident management company can be expensive

It’s an unfortunate reality: if your vans spend enough time on the road, accidents are bound to happen. Accident management services can help you handle the claims process and get back on the road faster. However, hiring a professional accident management company is costly. What if you could integrate these services with your fleet software?

With Vimcar’s Fleet Admin, you can manage accidents all while saving serious time and money on your fleet administration. Here’s how:

Fleet Admin As Your Accident Management Service

After an accident with your commercial van, a number of administrative tasks follow. But to keep your fleet productive, it’s important to get vehicles back on the road as soon as possible. 

Fleet Admin is one comprehensive program that manages all of your accident-related documents and tasks. These are just some of the ways your accident management services are automated for you:

  • Customise your data management: Simply create an Accident Management tab and input your desired fields. Find your replacement car provision, loss recovery, personal injury assistance, and vehicle repair paperwork right at your fingertips. Plus, you can modify the tables to show only the information you need. 
  • Track damages: Keep a reliable account of damage assessments and liability. Never sift through complicated spreadsheets again! And because Fleet Admin holds your vehicle check records, comparing and assessing damages is a breeze.
  • Oversee and minimise costs: Automatically track your accident costs and be alerted to cost outliers. With Fleet Admin, fleet finances have never been easier.
  • Organise tasks and data: With Fleet Admin as your accident management company, keeping on top of tasks and data is a no-brainer. Our automated workflow makes it easy to arrange vehicle repairs, replacement car paperwork, and much more.
  • Automatic task reminders: Set custom notifications of upcoming paperwork deadlines. Fool-proof your administration and never worry about important documents lapsing.
  • Upload and export data: At the click of a button, export your data so you can effortlessly share records with insurers. 

Want to save time, administrative hassle, and keep your vehicle downtime to a minimum? Choose Fleet Admin as your accident management company.

Why Choose Vimcar Over An Accident Management Company?

An accident management company is more expensive than Fleet Admin

Unbeatable Pricing

With Vimcar, you get far more bang for your buck. Say goodbye to hefty fees with all-inclusive software that eliminates the need to hire an accident management company. Vimcar’s flexible pricing plans mean you only pay for the features you need. Plus, you get all the additional benefits of fleet management software.

→ With Packages Starting As Low As £1.90, No Hidden Fees, And A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, You Can’t Go Wrong With Vimcar!

Easy-To-Use Products

At Vimcar, we don’t think you should have to be a tech whiz to use our products. We design our software so anyone can install it in minutes. Fleet Admin can be accessed from our mobile app or your computer, so your data is always at your fingertips. Plus, installation is 100% free!

Proactive Support

We know you don’t have time to be waiting on hold with customer service agents. That’s why we assign each customer a dedicated Support Agent available every business day of the week. With our free virtual product guides, Youtube channel, and fleet management resources, you have all the support you need.

Take it from happy customer Mike Meyer, Managing Director at Critical Facilities Solutions. “From the initial interaction to payment flexibility, everything is dead-easy and simple – and everyone is very helpful!”

Prevent Accidents With Driver Monitoring

Trust a good accident management service like Fleet Admin

Of course, prevention is better than cure. If you can prevent accidents from occurring in the first place, everybody wins.

Driver monitoring is one of the most effective ways to encourage safe driving and prevent accidents. Not only does it hold drivers accountable, but it makes your fleet more efficient, reducing petrol and mileage. Vimcar’s Driving Style Analysis gives you scores on each motorist’s driving efficiency including mileage, petrol, speed, and braking patterns. Efficient driving reduces vehicle wear and tear and further prevent accidents.

→ Driver Tracking Helps Create A Company Culture Of Safety

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Accident Management Made Easy

With today’s demands on fleet managers, no opportunity to save time and money can be wasted. But coordinating with an accident management company is time-consuming, not to mention expensive. 

Work smarter, not harder. Fleet Admin does double duty as your accident management service, so you can recover from accidents and get back on the road faster. To learn more about how Vimcar’s award-winning software can double as your accident management service, contact Vimcar today!

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