Fleet Management Technology Doubles As Dispatch Software

Fleet management technology can act as dispatch software within your company. Learn how to set it up, use it and why it matters.
Dispatch Software: How Does It Work?

Effective dispatching is the foundation of a productive fleet. Inefficient dispatching leads to sub-par customer service and wasted resources. This is where dispatch software comes in: this tool helps you schedule jobs seamlessly, keep your drivers happy, and save money.

But you don’t have to settle for a single feature. Did you know that fleet management technology doubles as dispatch software? Let’s take a look at how fleet management technology streamlines your dispatching in addition to so many other amazing benefits. 

What Does Dispatch Software Do?

Transportation dispatch software tracks courier, delivery, service vehicles, and trucking data automatically. View, track and manage your dispatch activities from one central location, giving you the power to make the best scheduling decisions.

This data allows you to seamlessly optimise your routes to avoid traffic delays and Clean Air Zones. By tracking your vehicle locations in real-time, you have full fleet oversight. It’s never been easier to identify the most cost-effective journey.

Dispatch Better With Fleet Management Software

Dispatch software takes care of your dispatching needs

Dispatch software is an amazing tool that will save you significant time and money. However, dispatching is just one of the things fleet software can do.

Why not get other cost-saving solutions in addition to dispatching? Choose multifunctional fleet management software like Vimcar’s Fleet Geo.

Fleet Geo allows you to eliminate vehicle misuse, monitor drivers, set custom geofence and timefence notifications, reduce mileage, and save money. In fact, digitised fleets report a 15% reduction in fleet costs on average!

Fleet Geo As Dispatch Software

Fleet Geo does all the heavy lifting of dispatching for you. At a glance, see your drivers’ locations and availability, eliminating the need to call around. With continuous tracking, you can respond to last-minute or emergency calls, even when you’re out of the office.

Dispatch software comes in handy for your business
  • Better dispatching increases your fleet’s productivity. With a quicker response time, you’ll complete more services in a day.

Choosing software tools that do more than just dispatching means you purchase fewer products. Not to mention, you save administrative time. 

Fleet Geo integrates fully with Vimcar’s other fleet management software products, Fleet Admin and Driving Style Analysis. These products cover all of your fleet management needs, saving you resources in ways you didn’t know were possible!

→ Have Full Fleet Oversight With Fleet Geo: Vimcar’s Data Is The Fastest And Most Accurate On The Market, Updating Every 20 Seconds

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Dispatching on the Go

At Vimcar, we know that you’re not always glued to your desk. That’s why we designed our user-friendly mobile app, so you can track and dispatch on the go. Access your data anytime, any place from your mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Don’t Settle for Single-Purpose Dispatch Software

Assigning the right driver to the right job is the first step of good service. With effective dispatching you’ll better prepare for jobs, impress your customers, and track metrics.

Upgrade your business with dispatch software that doubles as company fleet management technology.

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