What Are Vehicle Inspection Sheets?

Managers need to protect their drivers on the road by law – follow a free downloadable vehicle inspection sheet by Vimcar.
Vehicle inspection sheets are an essential safety procedure.

Vehicle inspection sheets, also known as vehicle check sheets or vehicle safety checklists, are essential to keep you fleet of company vehicles safe.

Did you know that a vehicle check sheet can actually help save you money in the long run? This article covers everything you need to know to get started with your own vehicle safety checklist.

Vehicle Inspection Sheets & Your Fleet

A vehicle check sheet is a checklist to ensure safety conditions are met before operating a vehicle. 

Vehicle safety checklists should be performed regularly.

Vehicle safety checklists are typically completed by drivers or fleet managers. They include both inside and outside the vehicle as well as any trailers attached.  

It’s important to perform checks regularly: ideally, before each time the vehicle is driven, or at least daily if the vehicle is driven frequently.

Employee using a Vehicle Inspection Sheet template

Vehicle Inspection Sheets: Checklist & Template

What Does the Law Require?

UK law requires that employers take steps to ensure the health and safety of anyone affected by their business activities.

A gavel, representing the laws around vehicle inspection sheets

This means you must ensure that your company vehicles and other equipment is maintained and in good working order. To abide by regulations, ensure you:

  • Keep records of your vehicle check sheets
  • Document your driver training and regular preventative maintenance programme for each vehicle
  • Outline your process for reporting vehicle faults and resolution plan

Reporting Hazards

It’s important that your vehicle check sheet includes a procedure for reporting hazards.

So what do you do if your drivers find a potential risk on their vehicle check sheets? 

Vehicle check sheets help you to identify vehicle faults.

Firstly, make sure your reporting system isn’t used to assign blame, so you don’t discourage your drivers from reporting problems. 

Reflect on what would be a simple and effective reporting system for your company. Consider what your backup plan is if the vehicle is undrivable and the best person to report hazards to.

Document what your strategy is to resolve hazards when they arise.

The bottom line is if you have a clear documented procedure for reporting hazards, you are preventing accidents and meeting your obligations as an employer.

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Why Do I Need a Vehicle Safety Checklist?

It’s The Law: Vehicle Safety Checklists Are Part Of Your Due Diligence As An Employer

Vehicle safety checklists are the best way to minimise risk and ensure that your company vehicle is roadworthy.

Vehicle check sheets:

Keep records of your vehicle check sheets.
  • Reduce the risk of car accidents and workplace injuries
  • Minimise undue wear and tear on your vehicles (ex. from low tyre pressure)
  • Allow you to catch maintenance issues early on
  • Discourage equipment abuse and misuse
  • Protect your company reputation and show your commitment to safety to your drivers
  • Demonstrate your efforts to mitigate risk to governing bodies
  • Allow you to assess how effective your safety measures are

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Employee using a Vehicle Inspection Sheet template

Vehicle Inspection Sheets: Checklist & Template

Cut Costs With A Vehicle Check Sheet

While vehicle safety checklists may seem tedious, they save you money in the long run. 

Safety Incidents Can Cost You A Fortune In Compensation Claims, Insurance Costs, Lost Wages, Fines And Damaged Reputation

The few minutes completing a daily inspection is well worth avoiding these disasters.

Vimcar has taken the guesswork out of creating a vehicle inspection sheet for you with our free downloadable checklist. Download it today and get started with your own vehicle safety checklist!

Strategies for a Safe Fleet

Safety sign in place to encourage vehicle inspection sheets

Implementing a vehicle safety checklist is a simple way to minimise risk and abide by UK workplace legislation. Workplace injuries lead to costly compensation claims, lost work time, and reputation damage that few companies can afford. 

Don’t forget that vehicle safety checklists are just part of maintaining a safe and efficient fleet. Fleet tracking software is one of the most effective ways to save money, optimise your routes, prevent accidents and theft. If you’d like to learn how to get the most out of your fleet, Vimcar’s customer service team would love to help you find the solutions you need.

What are the Five Most Important Vehicle Checks Before Driving Off?

The five essential vehicle checks include:

1. Tyres

Inspect the tyres to check for wear and tear. Check the air pressure of every tyre and whether there’s any visible damage. Ensure the spare is in good condition before leaving the garage.

An employee carrying out vehicle check sheets

2. Lights

Check all the lights to ensure they’re working. Ensure all the lights are clear and that the full beam is functioning.

3. Oil, Water and Fluids

When conducting a vehicle inspection, check fluids such as engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, and windscreen fluid. Top up the fluids to ensure your vehicles run at their best.

4. Brakes

Brake pads wear of the more you brake. Hitting the road without checking the brakes may lead to life-threatening accidents. Check the breaks to ensure they are functioning well.

5. Battery

Your vehicle won’t start if the battery doesn’t work. Find out whether your battery needs replacing or recharging before hitting the road.

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FAQs on Vehicle Inspection Sheets

What is the Purpose of a Daily Vehicle Checks?

Conducting a vehicle inspection helps in:

  • Ensuring you reduce accidents
  • Minimise wear and tear
  • Mitigate problems early on
  • Ensure the safety of your drivers
  • Avoid equipment misuse

What is a 40 Point Inspection?

40 point vehicle inspection is designed to offer a comprehensive assessment of your vehicles. You can know whether your vehicles have any safety issues and deal with them early on.

What is a Vehicle Inspection Report?

A vehicle inspection report is a report issued by any authorised person after inspecting vehicles. The report indicates whether your vehicles have passed the safety and emissions inspections.

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