Your Guide to Installing Black Box-Style Hardware For Telematics Data

Easily installable tracking hardware as easy to acquire. Learn how you can benefit from telematics data and how to install hardware.
Telematics data

Fleets are becoming more high-tech these days. Fleet managers have the option of modernising their fleet through a manner of means. One quick, easy and cost-effective way to take your fleet to another is acquiring vehicle tracking solutions that transmit telematics data.

It is easier than ever before to install black box-style hardware into your vehicles. Just as aircraft have black boxes installed to transmit location data, route history and journey statistics, you can do the same with your vehicles within your fleet. 

This post is a guide to fleet tracking hardware that transmits telematics data. Read on to find out what you need to know. 

Transmit And Receive Telematics Data With Tracking Hardware: What Is It?

Good fleet tracking solutions, like Fleet Geo by Vimcar, use tracking hardware and software in tandem. This gives you invaluable telematics data to work with, including:

It works like this: Each vehicle installed with a tracking device within your fleet, whether dongle or battery-fitted box, transmits vehicle data from the onboard diagnostics (OBD) interface to the cloud. The corresponding software receives this data and presents it in a user-friendly way on the Vimcar app. 

You can easily view and interpret this telematics data via the Vimcar app with your personalised Vimcar login credentials. 

Moreover, you have a choice of black-box style hardware to install into your fleet. These comes in the form of your choice of dongle or battery-fitted box.

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Transmit Telematics Data Via Dongle

The Vimcar dongle is the new, intuitive way to transmit telematics data from your vehicle’s OBD interface to the cloud. it is designed to work just like traditional battery-fitted boxes within your vehicle, but with a huge advantage – it is particularly easy to install. and requires no installation professional.

You can easily install the Vimcar dongle into each vehicle yourself. The process takes a matter of minutes, and works like this:

  • Receive your Vimcar dongle in the post
  • Make sure your vehicle is switched off before installing
  • Insert the Vimcar dongle into your vehicle’s OBD port 
  • Start your vehicle, and log into the Vimcar with your credentials

That’s it! After this, you can start benefitting from an array of telematics data. 

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Opt For Familiarity With a Battery-Fitted Box 

Vimcar also offers clients the choice of a Vimcar battery-fitted box. This is beneficial for those who are familiar with traditional means of vehicle tracking. Moreover, this vehicle tracker is installed under the bonnet of your vehicle. This means that it provides a feeling of extra security, hidden from the street.

Unlike traditional battery-fitted boxes that transmit telematics data, however, these boxes are also designed to be as easy to install as possible. It works like this:

  • Receive your hardware in the post
  • Attach the red cable to the positive battery terminal
  • Attach the black cable to the negative battery terminal
  • Connect the ground connection to the chassis screw (located next to the battery)
  • Attach the box with adhesive tape to the battery once the LED light activates 

That’s it! After this installation process, the box transmits telematics data to the cloud, just like the Vimcar dongle. Then you’re ready to use fleet tracking!

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Summary: Easily Install Hardware That Transmits Telematics Data 

Vimcar makes it as easy as possible to modernise your fleet. By opting for Fleet Geo by Vimcar, you can easily receive and install your tracking hardware to start your fleet tracking process.

Whether you want to analyse your vehicle location, keep a close eye on drivers, plan better routes or view driving style behaviour with Vimcar’s Driving Style Analysis (DSA) add-on, Vimcar has the solution for you. 

You can also sort all of your fleet administration needs by acquiring Fleet Admin by Vimcar. Say goodbye to loose post-it notes and excel sheets: Fleet Admin keeps all of your fleet data in one place.

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