Why Are UK Companies In Need of Car Trackers?

Looking for the best car tracker for your UK business? Here are 5 ways company car trackers are helping UK business save money and grow.
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Do you think your business doesn’t need to install car tracking software to keep up with your competitors across the UK? Think again. New consumer demands and changes in the fleet industry suggest exactly the opposite.

More consumers are shopping online, and they expect quick delivery and the ability to check the status of their parcels. Not to mention the increased demand for greener fleets at a time when there are fewer skilled drivers for hire. 

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This article will discuss the key trends and concerns facing the fleet industry and will explain why it’s time for UK companies to finally invest in car trackers.     

1. More Deliveries Require a More Complex Fleet

It’s estimated that 36% of UK consumers shop online due to changes related to COVID-19. More and more of those consumers require same-day delivery — or faster.

With deliveries on the rise, fleets must be able to adapt to the changing needs of their customers.

This might mean introducing new vehicles into a fleet, updating or altering routes and onboarding new drivers. 

Fleets that are still planning routes and tracking deliveries using paper logs are wasting precious time and money. By investing in a car tracker, UK companies will be able to digitally log the routes of each of their fleet vehicles and examine them retrospectively. This can help streamline a fleet’s operations and adapt to customers’ needs more easily. 

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2. Customer Service Is Key 

As mentioned above, home deliveries are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, the popular supermarket chain Waitrose found that one in four consumers now buy food and other essentials online at least once a week. 

Businesses looking to grow their online presence need to improve the quality of their delivery services.

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No matter how good a company’s products are, customers won’t return to their site to repurchase items if the delivery wasn’t prompt or the package didn’t make it to their doorstep. 

With a car tracker, UK businesses can provide customers with more accurate ETAs, check on the status of a delivery and provide customers with proof of delivery or pick up. This will encourage customers to continue buying from the same company in the future. 

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3. Digitising Makes for More Efficient Operations  

A 2019 survey by Bobit Business Media suggests that UK companies that have not yet invested in car trackers are losing a competitive edge. More companies want to digitise their operations, including both SMEs and larger corporations. 

digitising fleet management tasks with car trackers

By installing a digital car tracker, UK companies can make their operations more efficient. Car trackers not only show the real-time location of each fleet vehicle, but they also track mileage and routes. When this data is examined as a whole, it’s easier to stay on top of vehicle maintenance schedules and ensure a fleet is running smoothly at all times. 

4. There Are Incentives to Lessening Your Carbon Footprint

Working towards a greener fleet has many incentives, both financially and ethically. Fleet vehicles that don’t meet the requirements to drive through a Clean Air Zone or Ultra-Low Emission Zone will be fined. With a car tracker, UK fleet managers can create digital geofences around these zones and re-route vehicles as needed to avoid them. 

Moreover, it’s estimated that 80% of consumers respect companies that adopt eco-friendly practices. Companies that want to attract new customers and reduce their carbon footprint will benefit from a car tracking software. The best car trackers help reduce a fleet’s total mileage and subsequently lower its fuel usage. 

5. Fewer Drivers Calls for Optimised Routes 

The UK currently faces a shortage in qualified truck drivers — a shortage of 76,000 drivers, to be precise. One report predicts that this shortage could grow to 257,000 drivers by 2022. 

With the number of qualified drivers on the decline, it’s more important than ever that companies optimise their routes and work as efficiently as possible.

As previously discussed, fleet managers can more easily optimise routes using the data logged by car trackers. 

GPS fleet tracker apps on tablet and mobile

Additionally, car trackers show the real-time location of each fleet vehicle. If a last-minute call comes in, fleet managers can dispatch the nearest vehicle to complete the job. If a company is operating with fewer drivers, it’s small things like this that can have a big impact on how a fleet runs. 

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The UK’s Best Car Tracker 

It’s clear that UK companies are in need of car trackers. Between the rise in deliveries, the increased demand for better customer service and the overarching need to run streamlined, efficient fleets, companies simply can’t keep up with the competition if they’re not utilising digital car tracking software. 

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