The Vimcar Box Will Keep Your GPS Tracker Hidden From Thieves

Your peace of mind is just as important for your business. Learn about secret car trackers and GPS trackers hidden from the world.
GPS tracker hidden from thieves: Under the bonnet!

The usage of GPS trackers is on the rise for many SMEs that operate fleets. And this isn’t without reason, too. Tracking vehicles within your fleet is proven to bring many benefits to your company, including:

Good businesses also communicate the usage of GPS trackers too. This is to avoid using a secret car tracker or GPS tracker hidden from their employees. Therefore, many businesses opt for the Vimcar Dongle

However, some businesses like to feel that extra little bit comfortable. Vimcar has catered for this with the Vimcar Box. Read on to find out the benefits of the Vimcar Box as well as how it gives you peace of mind.

The Vimcar Box: A GPS Tracker Hidden from Sight

But First, Don’t Discount the Vimcar Dongle

Although the Vimcar Box is a GPS tracker hidden from sight, the Vimcar Dongle in itself is a secure piece of hardware. It is small and nimble, sizing around that of a keychain. This means that it is a secret car tracker from the perspective of a thief. It is therefore very unlikely that it will show up as an obvious vehicle asset. You can view how to easily install it in the video below. 

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The Vimcar Box Is Just As Easy

If you want extra peace of mind, however, the Vimcar Box is for you. Unlike the Vimcar Dongle, the Vimcar Box is battery-fitted and slots easily under the bonnet. Moreover, the Vimcar Box also acts like a secret car tracker to thieves. 

Removing and stealing the Vimcar Box is a struggle for the thief – especially when they don’t know that your vehicle is equipped with a GPS tracker, hidden from view. 

Luckily, installing it is straightforward. You don’t need to be a mechanic to install the secure, secret car tracker. It is easy to install the Vimcar Box in a matter of minutes:

  1. Attach the red cable (provided in delivery) to the positive terminal of the battery 
  2. Attach the black cable to the negative terminal of the battery
  3. Connect the ground connection to the chassis skrew. (You can find this next to the battery).
  4. After the LED light activates, attach the battery with the adhesive tape (provided in delivery) to the battery. 

Then you’re set!

What Vehicles Does The Vimcar Box Attach To?

GPS tracker hidden in your vehicles is a good option

Whether you operate a fleet of cars, vans, lorries, or all: You don’t need to worry about what type of vehicle you operate. If your vehicles have batteries with positive and negative terminals, that’s all you need. 

This allows the Vimcar Box to be easily installed into every vehicle type. One type of vehicle isn’t particularly susceptible to thieves either. The Vimcar Box acts as a secret car tracker on every vehicle it’s installed into.

GPS Car Tracker Hidden In Vehicles and Machinery

A secret car tracker from the perspective of thieves doesn’t mean car trackers only. If your motorised machinery also contains a battery-type as stated above, you can also install the Vimcar box onto them!

This makes the Vimcar Box a versatile piece of hardware. It can be applied for motorised machinery needs as well as that of your fleet. This factor alone is another reason to consider opting for the Vimcar Box. Simply remove and install onto another piece of battery-powered machinery whenever you need.

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Vimcar’s Fleet Geo Gets Your Business Going, Whether Via Dongle or Box

Although the dimensions and installation process between the Vimcar Dongle and Vimcar Box differ slightly, they are still Fleet Geo hardware. This means that your business still receives the same benefits that Vimcar’s Fleet Geo brings. Examples of this include:

How Can You View Your Data From Your Secret Car Trackers? 

The Vimcar Dongle or Vimcar Box are hardware pieces that beam your vehicle data to the cloud. By acquiring Vimcar, the fleet manager gains a set of personalised credentials to the Vimcar app. 

This is a piece of software that retrieves this cloud data, allowing them to gain an operational insight into their fleet. It also acts as the platform where you can experience the benefits Vimcar’s Fleet Geo brings to your business. A specialised user interface also ensures that Fleet Geo brings fleet managers a user-friendly experience as possible, as it should be. 

Summary: Secret Car Trackers From The Perspective of Thieves, Not Your Employees

The Vimcar Box brings all the same benefits to your business that the Vimcar Dongle brings. Ultimately, it is down to a matter of taste and familiarity. As the Vimcar Box is installed under the bonnet, you can benefit from peace of mind that your GPS tracker is hidden from the world.

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