High-Grade Fleet Electronics: A Guide to Vimcar’s Fleet Management Products

Fleets need high-quality fleet electronics to save money and speed up their processes. Find out which products solve your needs.
Fleet electronics: Why Vimcar?

A modern business that operates a fleet of vehicles requires modern fleet electronics. When it comes to bringing fleets into the 21st century, fleet electronics provide the easiest means to make your business more efficient, save costs as well as administration needs.

This is exactly what Vimcar offers. Vimcar is a fleet management industry leader, showcasing tailored products to address specific needs for SMEs. Vimcar specialises in the following with certain products:

  • Fleet tracking (Fleet Geo)
  • Fleet administration (Fleet Admin)
  • Driver management analysis. (DSA)

To get more into detail, what exactly do these fleet electronics products address, and how? Read on the find out how your business benefits. 

Fleet Geo: Fleet Tracking Solution To Give You A Better Overview

Fleet Geo is a fleet electronics solution by Vimcar. It addresses the overarching topic of fleet tracking. This means that you can view where each of your vehicles are at any moment, giving you a greatly improved operational overview

Fleet electronics, such as Fleet Geo, locate your vehicles

Vimcar’s fleet electronics solution, Fleet Geo, also lets you identify which driver is driving which vehicle. As a result, you benefit by gaining a sense of transparency within your business. Should drivers be tempted to use your vehicles for their own personal errands, engage in dangerous driving habits or use them outside of working hours, you will know instantly. 

Fleet Geo also lets you track vehicle data. This includes vehicle speed, route history, information as well as location. You benefit by gaining real-time and pinpoint analysis into many aspects of your fleet. 

Fleet electronics put you in control of your operations – fleet managers no longer have to worry about vehicle whereabouts or easily avoidable costs. Fleet Geo is specifically designed to save you time, money and stress, and it does so by giving you transparency.

What Features Does Fleet Geo Use to Benefit Your Business?

  • Fleet tracking via GPS: Know exactly where your drivers are
  • Driver identification: Know who is driving what vehicle
  • Spontaneous trip co-ordination: Plan trips and save fuel
  • Instant driver dispatch: Send your closest driver to the client
  • Multi-drop route planner: Benefit from improved logistics for deliveries
  • Journey completion alerts: Confirm completed journeys
  • Geofencing: Set geographical boundaries for working zones
  • Timefencing: Set time-based working hours and deadlines
  • Vehicle Analysis: Find out route history and vehicle data

Fleet Electronics: How Does Fleet Geo Work?

By acquiring Fleet Geo for your fleet, you receive tracking devices for each of your vehicles with no installation fee. As a Vimcar client, you can opt between the Vimcar Dongle or a battery-fitted box. Installing the Vimcar Dongle is designed to be as easy as possible. Learn how by watching the video below: 

Read More: A Guide to Self-Installation 

After this, all you have to do is log in with your Vimcar credentials via the Vimcar app – and you’re ready to get tracking with uploaded hardware data!

Fleet Admin: Fleet Electronics to take care of your administration needs

Administration needs within your fleet add up. Luckily, Vimcar’s Fleet Admin solution is specifically designed to take care of fleet administration needs for SMEs. 

What Usually Takes Up Fleet Administration?

When running a fleet, the following can take up much of your time:

Fleet electronics removes the need for spreadsheets

These can prove troublesome, bearing in mind creating various excel spreadsheets or hand-written notes. Moreover, storing and categorising these documents requires extra administration. This means that These tasks often require hiring specific employees to take care of such needs. As a result, you pay more when it comes to manpower, not to mention the time to organise your files. 

How Does Fleet Admin Benefit Your Business?

Vimcar’s fleet electronics solution, Fleet Admin, also comes equipped with special functions and tools to take care of your administration needs. It stores all of your important files and documents in one place. Fleet Admin also lets you easily access them with a visually appealing and easy-to-use user interface. 

Fleet Admin benefits your business with the following functions:

  • Cost visibility and outlier analysis: Manage all your costs in one place
  • Task reminders: Set alerts for important dates and deadlines
  • Automated workflows: Automise your everyday admin
  • External cost exports: Create and manage invoices
  • Vehicle data updates: View mileage data for every vehicle

How Do You Acquire Fleet Admin?

Fleet Admin can be acquired as part of or separately from Fleet Geo. You can set it up in a matter of minutes. Fleet Admin itself is a form of fleet electronics software, with no specific hardware involved. This means you can simply log in with your Vimcar credentials. 

DSA (Driver Style Analysis): Fleet Electronics To Manage Employees’ Driving Style

Vimcar’s DSA tool is a fleet electronics solution, designed to make your employees driver better. Poor driving habits mean additional fuel consumption, speeding fines and insurance premiums.

Like Vimcar’s Fleet Geo and Fleet Admin fleet electronics solutions, Vimcar’s DSA tool also contains specialised features, such as:

  • 1-10 scoring system: View driver style ratings
  • Driver analysis: Analyse acceleration, speeding and vehicle idling patterns
  • Cost-saving identifiers: Gain insight into a full driver style overview
  • Internal dashboard: Communicate how to improve employee driving style

How Do You Get Going With Driver Style Analysis?

Vimcar’s DSA fleet electronics tool is a feature as part of Vimcar’s Fleet Geo. It can be acquired as a bonus to your Fleet Geo plan. There is no specific hardware needed with Vimcar’s DSA, as it is easily integrated into your personal Vimcar dashboard. 

Fleet Electronics Summary: What does your business need?

At Vimcar, we know that different businesses have different needs. This is why we developed our fleet electronics products, Fleet Geo, Fleet Geo and DSA to cover every need you might encounter. Whether you would like to promote trust within your business, improve your administration or simply save time and money: Vimcar has a solution for your business. 

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