How Much Is Tracking On A Car, Van or Lorry? The Benefits Of Vehicle Tracking

How much is tracking on a car, van or lorry? A small tracker for cars and other vehicles saves your business money. Find out how.
How much is tracking on a car? Find out with Vimcar

“How much is tracking on a car, van or lorry?” “Will I save money? “What do I get?”. When it comes to acquiring fleet solutions for your business, you may find yourself pondering such questions. 

Upgrading and modernising your fleet is a great option that pays dividends. However, it is easy to be wary when taking the first steps in doing so. Worries about the initial acquisition and subscription costs are often the biggest reason why some get cold feet, as hidden costs and investment gambles can be on the fleet manager’s mind. 

Luckily, Vimcar offers clear and transparent pricing when it comes to equipping your fleet with its high-tech tracking solutions, with absolutely no hidden costs in the small print. 

What Are The Cost Benefits Of Vehicle Trackers?

A small tracker for cars can save you money

A Good, small tracker for cars, vans and lorries, such as the options provided by Fleet Geo by Vimcar, bring more benefits to your fleet than what meets the eye. The most immediate benefits of vehicle tracking are:

These are game-changing factors that fleet managers and companies alike benefit from. Not only do they provide you with peace of mind, certainty and transparency, they also save your company a lot of money many indirect, secondary factors of vehicle tracking.

This includes:

  • Increased security means lower insurance costs
  • Less vehicle misuse means less time spent out on the road

Moreover, Fleet Geo comes equipped with specialised features to further save you money. 

These are:

These come together to improve your journey efficiency. In short, your journeys become shorter, less fuel is used and you save money on fuel. This is critical for your business costs as on average, fuel costs use 20% of the fleet TCO

When you consider how many journeys your vehicles have to take to carry out your business operations, lower fuel costs contribute to massive short term and long term savings. This becomes more apparent when you realise the cost-effective nature of vehicle tracking solutions.

How Much Is Tracking On A Car, Vehicle Or Lorry? The Prices – Outlined

Vimcar has made sure that its tracking solutions are affordable for every SME. 

A small tracker for cars, vans and lorries is worthwhile.

No longer do you need to think to yourself, “how much is tracking on a car, van or lorry”, as the Vimcar Fleet Geo plans start from the following:

  • 2 Year Plan: £7.90 per vehicle per month 
  • 1 Year Plan: £9.90 per vehicle per month
  • Monthly Plan: £11.90 per vehicle per month

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What Are You Paying For?

With these plans, you are subscribing for access to all the features of Vimcar’s Fleet Geo product. These allow you to make your business more efficient, increase transparency in the workplace, save money and bring your business to the next level. 

The key features include:

  • Live vehicle tracking
  • Route history analysis
  • Customisable notifications 
  • Geofencing
  • Timefencing
  • Dynamic route planning
  • Vimcar support: Award-winning customer service

What Do You Receive?

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo solution works by combining hardware and software to provide you with a seamless tracking experience. 

Vimcar Hardware

The hardware consists of your choice of either a dongle or battery-fitted box for each of your vehicles. The dongle is a small tracker for cars, vans and lorries. It can easily be installed into the OBD interface of your vehicle and takes a matter of minutes to install. The battery-fitted box is fitted under the bonnet of your vehicle and is also particularly easy to install.

Vimcar dongle easy installation best gps tracker for car

Moreover, there are no installation fees, as we’ve made sure that installing the hardware is as easy as possible.

The hardware works by retrieving individual vehicle data as found on the vehicle’s OBD interface. It then beams it up to the cloud, and the software then instantly retrieves it and displays it on your device.

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Vimcar Software

You also receive your own personal login credentials to the Vimcar Fleet Geo app. From this, you can easily and seamlessly use Fleet Geo from the comfort of your desktop/laptop, tablet or mobile. 

There are no installation fees with the software or hardware. All you need to do is install your received hardware, log in, and start tracking your vehicles.

How Much Is Tracking On A Car, Van Or Lorry? Return On Investment

With vehicle tracking, you can be sure that you can quickly make up your investment through saved fuel costs, lower insurance plans and greater business efficiency. 

However, for a more concrete estimate, Vimcar has put together a Return-On-Investment calculator. Entering the information takes only a matter of steps, and you’re already on your way to visualising your ROI. 

Choose Vimcar’s Vehicle Tracking Solutions To Save Money

Whether you want to save fuel, operate more efficiently, increase vehicle and driver security, or all of these – Vimcar helps you do so. With specifically designed tools for SMEs, Vimcar modernises your fleet processes and brings your fleet into the 21st century.

Alongside Fleet Geo, you can also acquire Fleet Admin. This tool, starting at £1.90 per vehicle per month over a 2 year period, is designed to take care of your administration needs within your fleet. 

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Such tasks include preventative maintenance checks for your vehicles, MOT reminders and reports, vehicle information and external repairs – all in one place

Vimcar’s Driving Style Analysis (DSA) tool is a great solution to encourage responsible and efficient driving behaviour. The tool is an optional add-on as part of the Fleet Geo package. It can be acquired from £3.90 per vehicle per month over a 12-month period.

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